2002 Ford F150 Lightning

2002 ford f150 lightning - Another shade of True Blue Clearcoat were added to the exterior palette Painting 2002 Lightning fast and beat each other with shading from Black. SVT Lightning continued to draw wave surveys of the media as one of the truck-excavator that had it all: speed, braking and caring, able to make circles on the track, running errands. At the same time, a built form created by the SVT engine with the supercharged Lightning has opened its way in the statement Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson 2002 on the fame of the truck, and it instantly helped him in two deals compared with a display truck F-150 Harley last year.

2002 Ford F150 Lightning

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The "blue oval" was very popular this year with three light lightning of the second age. 2002 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning is no stranger to the rivalry with the execution, as he spoke on various occasions of the autocross, including the Good Guys, American Auto-X, and SCCA, where he took second place in its territorial class. 2002 ford f150 lightning - Overloaded V-8 Lightning equipped with an additional lift from Zus framework nitrous, SCT tuner, custom dynamometer tuning by Amazon Tuning Solutions in Mooresville, North Carolina and the depletion of Flowmaster. The truck made aluminum driveshaft, oriented to the rear 9.75 in from 3.73 proportions. The suspension is all business with front 2-inch bonnet springs Ground Ground, lights, Bilstein HPS 1000 front control panel Hotchkis and driven by the collapse of the NAPA. Outback, the truck pulls 4-inch shackles Ground Force panel effect Hockin, stand bass Lakewood, QA1 stun and stun Belltech. The elastic meets the street with tires Nitto NT05 295 / 45-18.

Ford Thunderbird - New Thunderbird style Ford Thunderbird cut off two years later, that is, at the Detroit North American International Auto Show in 1999, Ford opened a new two Thunderbird concept car veil. And in May 2000 announced in 2002 will release this concept car production version. Like the Thunderbirds over the years, the biggest feature of the new style is the slender high-rise low-rise body, as well as round front and rear lights, as well as the oval-shaped front face of the network. The new Thunderbird comes standard with a 17-inch 21-spoke aluminum alloy wheel, and the open-top 1955-like detachable black cloth canopy, with the same color as the car's top-of-the-box paint, 60 years the shape of the car. In order to avoid the roof, the cover is open when the fold and increase the wind resistance, the new car antenna with a hidden. In the 02 new generation of Thunderbird who, we can easily find its 1955 models of inheritance: high-rise front, low rear, but impetuous high-tail fins no longer exist, but this does not prevent the new Thunderbird Exactly like the wind and waves to advance the speedboat.

2002 Ford F150 Lightning

In the interior, the new Thunderbird maintained with the appearance of classical style echo. White dashboard, embroidered with Thunderbird LOGO's perforated leather chair, leather-wrapped gearhead, handbrake, door, and large curvature of the center console to pull the aluminum panel of the embellishment, so that modern style and retro charm coexist The In the design, the new Thunderbird designers to start to strengthen the airtightness, large windshield and carefully designed tilt angle can make the car in the open state to make the air flow from the head of the head and effectively reduce the wind noise, Not to disturb the crew feel comfortable. And open the door when the window glass will automatically drop a length, and automatically closed when closed.

Power New Thunderbird engine from the Ford Group's Lincoln, displacement of 3.9L, V-8-cylinder 32-valve, the maximum output power of 185kW, with the advanced 5-speed automatic transmission. Ford engineers in the process of adjustment, in order to deliberately imitate the 1955 Thunderbird exhaust sound, specifically the new models of the exhaust pipe, silencer and resonance area and other parts to be adjusted, and strive to restore the sound. Allegedly, this sound performance between Lincoln LS and Mustang GT. The detailed Ford engineers also designed high-rigidity body and sporty suspension for the new Thunderbird.

Electronic equipment standard ABS + EBD + ASR + ESP, the security is not ambiguous. Expect Ford to hope that the car can help them revive the Thunderbird brand, to the new Thunderbird set sales of 25,000 per year, but Ford once again disappointed, although some fans of the classic convertible two-seat Small sports car also reluctantly, but after all, they are only a small part. In addition to selling 19,000 vehicles in 2002, the new Thunderbolt did not sell less than the previous year in 2005. After 2005, no new Ford will launch new news came.
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2002 ford f150 lightning - Ford Thunderbird can be described as the spirit of the American sports car symbol, its resurrection marks the rise of the retro trend. And the 2005 Thunderbird has become a farewell version of this model, Ford decided to dust the classic model again, for the future of the complex recharge your batteries.

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