2004 Ford F150 Lightning

2004 ford f150 lightning - Barely any autos enrapture the staff here as fords' elite pickup truck, the SVT F-150 Lightning. When we say captivate, we're not discussing the promoting term a GM executive may toss out to clarify why the Aztek looks the way it does. ("The Aztek's style spellbinds individuals.") No, the Lightning has broken our staff into the individuals who think a superior pickup is more moronic than filtered water and the individuals who believe it's cool.
2004 Ford F150 Lightning
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A valid example: At our 10Best disposals for 2001, where we review every vehicle on a 100-point scale, Patrick Bedard gave the Lightning a three. Brock Yates gave it a 85. We expect the Lightning summons a comparable response from you, and for 2001, the Lightning either shows signs of improvement - it has more torque, a shorter last drive proportion, and unpretentious trim changes, including another grille and front guard, and clear focal point covers for the taillights.

2004 Ford F150 Lightning

Presented in 1993, the first Lightning took a reliable Detroit recipe: Install a major motivation in a little body. Little in pickup-talk implies a two-wheel-drive customary taxi body, into which Ford slipped a 240-hp, 5.8-liter V-8. The execution was useful for a pickup - 0 to 60 of every 7.2 seconds, 15.8 seconds in the quarter at 86 mph - yet nothing extraordinary in Carland. Twelve thousand of those Lightning, estimated at just shy of $22,000, were sold in the vicinity of 1993 and 1995. After 1995, the Lightning went on a four-year break until the point when another model in light of the present F-150 appeared in 1999.

That new vehicle utilized a similar two-wheel-drive standard-taxi format - in spite of the fact that at a higher $31,000-in addition to sticker - and thumped a few of us off our feet. 2004 ford f150 lightning - It could thunder to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds and still tow a 5000-pound weight and convey 800 pounds of stuff. Others believed that influencing a pickup to go quick, in spite of its speed-sucking blemishes, for example, significant weight and a raised focal point of gravity, was a total misuse of exertion.

Ford and SVT didn't attempt to persuade the world that the Lightning appeared well and good and delivered a sum of just 8966 of these dragster trucks in 1999 and 2000.

Because of a 90mm mass wind current meter (10mm bigger than last year's), a bigger admission air opening in the bumper well, and a higher-streaming admission complex, SVT engineers have gotten 20 more strength and 10 more pound-feet of torque from the supercharged V-8. The strength now remains at a huge 380 at 4750 rpm, and torque is 450 pound-feet at 3250 rpm. 2004 ford f150 lightning - The Lightning runs $32,460 - just $1460 more than a year ago's model - and for that cash, you get more drive than in some other generation vehicle sold in the U.S.

For control cracks, the uplifting news is the new Lightning has a shorter last drive - 3.73:1 versus 3.55:1 - and that implies speeding up times have enhanced drastically. Runs to 60 mph now take 5.2 seconds, 0.6 second speedier than in the past Lightning. The quarter-mile now whooshes by in an astounding 13.8 seconds at 104 mph, quicker than a SVT Mustang Cobra and just a couple of ticks behind the $55,675 Mustang Cobra R, which plays out the accomplishment in 13.0 seconds at 111 mph. Top speed additionally crawled up 3 mph to 142.
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In spite of the fact that the brakes continue as before four-wheel-circle setup, our test truck required 12 fewer feet to grind to a halt from 70 mph than did the '99 display, which required 197 feet. Work the brakes hard, however, and they blur more than we like.  Sadly, seven days of snowstorms that harmonized with the Lightning's landing kept us from acquiring a skidpad number. We expect the new truck, which other than a change from Monroe to Bilstein stuns keeps on imparting the suspension and tires to the old one, to hit the same 0.81 g on the skidpad.

Talking about snow, in spite of the fact that the Lightning's smooth throttle tip-in and incredible moving tranny - the best in Ford's steady - do their best to dole out the power easily, the elite tires and forward weight appropriation make it a sheer loathsomeness in the white stuff. Simply stop it when it snows.

On drier streets, the Lightning still has a hardened ride and a substantial vibe, in spite of the fact that it's less cumbersome than each other pickup. Throttle reaction is, well, lightning quick, and just when you attempt to truly hustle it through hard turns does the truck's suspension uncover its primitive pickup starting points. 2004 ford f150 lightning - A considerable lot of us think the sheer excite of the Lightning's pushed puts forth a solid defense for this superior pickup. In any case, that does not answer the inquiry: What do Car and Driver think about the Lightning? That, obviously, relies upon whom you inquire.