2004 Ford F150 XLT 5.4 Triton Towing Capacity

2004 ford f150 xlt 5.4 triton towing capacity - A Hardy Pickup is dependably an appreciated increment to our long haul test armada. Not exclusively does it offer ability that different vehicles don't at the same time, not at all like the no frills utilitarian trucks of the previous, a cutting edge pickup is a tolerable place to spend extended periods. The F-150's inside encapsulates that logic: Materials are eye satisfying and superb, calfskin is quelled to the touch, and clamor drastically decreased for the 2004 model. Our FX4 long-termer, which joined the armada out of appreciation for the F-150's win as 2004 Truck of the Year, accompanied an Audiophile sound framework with six-plate changer and commander's seats.

2004 ford f150 xlt triton - Venturing up into the SuperCrew brought positive early introductions that this cutting edge, etched inside has propelled the arrangement of all half-and three-quarter-ton insides. As it were: Its lodge design wowed the individuals who moved on board.

2004 Ford F150 XLT Triton

2004 Ford F150 XLT 5.4 Triton Towing Capacity
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The seats might be consonant and the atmosphere control responsive (even in the burning desert warm), however the genuine test was the means by which this short-bed half-ton performed at work. Spells to and from the workplace uncovered one side of this truck: The three-valve 5.4-liter V-8 didn't feel like it had enough squeeze at expressway speeds and needed fervor when passing on a two-way street; the transmission didn't make the best utilization of the motor's energy; and driving the F-150 emptied, with the suggested 40 psi in each tire, made for a gut-wiggling background on everything except the most sympathetic Southern California roadways. It must be assumed the suggested weight depended on a completely stacked bed. When seven psi of air was taken out from the tires, the ride turned out to be substantially more pleasant. The new outside plan brought a taller bed with expanded payload volume, and with it more trouble picking up behind the truck. 2004 ford f150 xlt triton - Glad to state, our long-termer accompanied the discretionary switch detecting framework, which a few editors felt ought to be standard hardware.

The opposite side of the F-150's identity, however, quickly turned out to be clear: It's worked to work, and its ride recognizably enhances when it's pulling. Truck Trend supervisor Mark Williams watched that adding 1000 pounds of payload to the bed helped settle the rear end and significantly enhance taking care of. What's more, the half-ton awed with its extraordinary undercarriage and casing. The F-Series demonstrated tight and calm, and nary a shudder was felt. Strong form, exceptionally skilled move on-the-fly four-wheel-drive framework, skidplates, and solid edge and suspension prepared the truck for workaday action. 2004 ford f150 xlt triton - Passage included basics that made hauling freight simpler, including a few secure snares in the payload zone and a standard rear end help highlight. Close this rear end with single hand and no battle, and you'll never need to backpedal to the old way.

2004 Ford F150 XLT 5.4 Triton Towing Capacity

Ford added the substance to the new look with a more profound two-inch load box guaranteed by the car manufacturer, giving F-150 limit of 8300 times bigger than its adversaries with a case of a similar length. Ford does not sing about particular towing, but rather guarantees to be belligerent. It will offer four pivot proportions from 3.31: 1 to 4.10: 1, with everything except 3.31 accessible with constrained slip.
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While in our armada, the F-150's obligations included errand-running, end of the week getaways, and work-week street trips. One proofreader made the silver SuperCrew his vehicle of decision when helping companions move and furthermore while toting his bike 200 miles south (that activity required utilization of the $195 aluminum bed-extender). Another editorial manager jumped into the half-ton to prerun sister distribution Truck Trend's first yearly Ultimate 4×4 Challenge, an overwhelming week-long test over landscape in Hollister, Hungry Valley, and the rises close Pismo Beach, California. The F-150 got past everything without a scar. Months after the fact, the F-150 again filled in as trail Prerunner, investigating the best form for the occasion where we'd pick the Ford's substitution, the 2005 Truck of the Year.

Expeditions to the merchant were sans show, going for standard administration at 5000-mile interims. On the principal visit, the nearby administration division examined the dash-mounted CD player, which wasn't legitimately stacking plates, even so, as dependably is by all accounts the case, the player didn't misbehave at the dealership.

At 10,000 miles, the brakes were getting uproarious; another arrangement of cushions was introduced, and front and back rotors were machined under guarantee. At 15,000 miles, the dealership supplanted (under guarantee) a grommet that had come loose from the bed extender. Additionally, a cover of the transmission shifter, which holds the trigger-style discharge set up, had fallen off enabling it to slip into any apparatus whenever; it was supplanted under guarantee too. The specialists likewise made an invited change: Because of a discernible throttle-reaction slack, they reconstructed the PCM. 2004 ford f150 xlt triton - The update inhaled new life into a motor/trans combo that some had already depicted as appalling and "not having much crap left to die."

Our long haul trial of the F150 endured over a year, for more than 16,000 miles, with an extreme workload. Best case scenario, mileage was in the 20s, and we cruised about 400 miles out of a tank; at the rattling least, it was down in single digits. Through it all, the F-150 demonstrated that a truck can be edified, without breaking up the measure of work it can deal with. There's no reason you can't have cushy calfskin situates and warmed mirrors while towing a trailer or pulling payload to the landfill. The F-Series, a perpetual blockbuster for a considerable length of time, keeps on remaining focused in a rapidly changing area and demonstrates that Ford still knows how to influence an incredible pickup to the truck. 2004 ford f150 xlt 5.4 triton towing capacity - Wish despite everything we held this one around.