2017 Ford F450 Super Duty

2017 Ford F450 Super Duty
2017 ford f450 super duty - The specifications of the 2017 type "F series Super Duty" announced by Ford are amazing. 2017 ford f 450 specs - The new "F - 450" is capable of driving a weight of up to 32,500 pounds (about 15 tons) with gooseneck trailers, he says. Compared with the 2015 model, the total towable weight increased by about 590 kg. Since the body was made of aluminum alloy, we succeeded in a weight reduction of about 159 kg and rigidity was improved more than the predecessor model. The high traction capacity of the F - 450 is due to a more advanced full - box ladder frame. 2017 ford f 450 specs - This frame uses high-strength steel at 95% or more of the structure and has 24 times the strength compared with the current model.

2017 Ford F450 Super Duty

According to Ford, the allowable load that can be pulled by a couple called the "Fifth Ring" of the F - 450 (the connecting part connected to the trailer) is 27,500 pounds (about 12 tons), the largest in the class. 2017 ford f450 super duty - Even with normal towing it's 21,000 pounds (about 9,500 kg), the top level in the class. The maximum loading capacity is 7,630 pounds (about 3,460 kg), which is said to be the class top according to Ford.

The traction capacity of the "F-250" and "F-350" not the "Super Duty" series has also improved to 18,000 pounds (18,200 kg) in class and top level. On the other hand, the rival's 2016 type "Ram 3500 Dury" classified as Class 3 of the classification of vehicles as defined by the US Department of Transportation as well as the F - 350 can withstand up to 14 tons and is lower than F - 450 It is classified as a class, but it is only 1,290 pounds (about 585 kg) less than the maximum load capacity set by Class 4.
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2017 ford f 450 super duty - In addition to a lightweight and high-strength body, the 2017 Super Duty engine also improved its performance. 6.7 liter "Power stroke" The maximum output of the V8 diesel turbo is 446 ps as usual, but the maximum torque has been increased from 119 km to 128 km. For the 6.2-liter V8 gasoline engine, the maximum torque will remain a slight increase from 55 km to 59 km, but according to Ford, this is also the class top. The maximum output is 390 hp, which has not changed from the past. The prices and release times of the new Super Duty that Ford repeated "class top" many times have not been clarified yet. Probably there will be announcements in a few days.

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