Ford F450 Dump Truck

Ford f450 dump truck - 1999 Ford F450 Super Duty Dump Truck. 2wd Diesel Automatic Crew Cab. This outstanding truck has a solid motor with a 7.3 Powerstroke. This is the best motor Ford, which they put in their trucks in the most recent decade. The truck has a considerable measure of energy and dependably begins the first time.

Ford F450 Dump Truck

Ford F450 Dump Truck
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The truck is furnished with a 10-foot Rugby dump is electric over pressure driven. Ford was utilized as a cultivating truck as long as I can remember. This is a southern truck without rust. The dump fills in as it should, rises and falls easily. As the model 450, the truck can pull and tow a huge number of pounds. We had 2 beds of turf on the bed, and he was driving like it was nothing.

It has 2 new interstate battery introduced a month ago. Ford f450 dump truck - The truck has 2 sets of sides - set of sides with a tallness of 1 ft and an arrangement of sides with a stature of 3 feet. Set of chrome test systems truck doing like costly chrome wheels.

Ford f450 dump truck - The truck has low miles (103 547), and it works uncommonly. It has ordinary wear from a work truck, however being a scene truck, the work was not all that substantial. The truck has a mark in the side of the driver's entryway for the tire with the controlling, I think. Warmth functions admirably and the A/C blows chilly air for these hot days. Generally speaking, the truck is fit as a fiddle and everything acts as it should. The paint is brilliant and clean.

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