Ford Ranger Raptor Kit

Ford Ranger Raptor Kit
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Ford ranger raptor kit - You probably noticed a few Ford Rangers, decorated with exceptional sets for the body. With all things Ranger fans, now you can get that will not void the warranty of your car. It is known as the Fx4.

Depends Fx4 Ranger as quickly as possible from the subject of taxi XLT and highlights a couple of styles of "pimp my ride" that buyers have added Ranger cars through its autonomy (for sellers Ford or Ford). The name comes from the Fx4 pick-up Ford F-Series in the United States.

Dark improvements were added to the grille, lamps with frosted haze, mirrors, roof rails and door handles, and rear deck lid handles. Impeccable 17-inch wheels made in the shade "Dark Panther", so you can avoid, protect, and move the bar.

Ford ranger raptor kit - Fx4 will be limited to only four solutions shading: "Frosted white", "Moondust Silver", "Sea Grey" and "Black Panther". In addition, adding to its elite, you can just buy the Fx4 3.2 litre turbo diesel 4x4. FFS is also accompanied by the Sync3 technology from Ford, which was recently available for some models of the Ranger and Everest. Doesn't sound like the Raptor kits that you see there, Fx4 sold with warranty 4yr / 120 000 km and the project the benefit of the 5yr / 100 000 km.