Ken Block Mustang V2

Ken block mustang v2 - "When I say that this is the scariest ever I push it, I'm not exaggerating. Words, women, and men, a good friend of TG, Ken Block, has today announced the iterative improvement of a fast-paced, four-wheel drive, 1965 Hoonicorn Ford Mustang RTR.

Meet Hoonicorn V2. By adding two turbos to the Roush Yates V8 6.7 liter, the team Blocks have been successfully released 1,400 bhp at the crank. The original car, which is used for Gymkhana Seven and of course, bring home the host TG TV Matt LeBlanc in a good visit to London, makes 845bhp. And that's pretty lairy. Let the new number of sinks for a moment.

Ken Block Mustang V2

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If you already completed? Good. Ken block mustang v2 - Here's a little bit oily. Setup the twin-turbo custom this prompted 21 the eight stimuli in the V8 - complete with the methanol added - with, the words of Hoonigan Racing, 'pumping Toyo Block Toyo immediately'.

More to Ken. "We got approval for the concept of the new video using the Hoonicorn, but I need more power for what I need to do," he explained. "So, I expand the concept to a general idea about what I want two turbos that affix the hood - and hand it to my team.

"They come back with a way that works to make it happen and add methanol to get set up to produce the power I want. We ended up with 1,400 horsepower! "Obviously, they are quite overpowering, but Ken is very happy with it.

And how to put 1,400 of the horse? Ken block mustang v2 - "The motorcycle is drained and rotate the Toyo my tires to destruction so fast that I can't change gears quickly," he said. "It's really an experience that is smart, crazy to try to drive this thing. It's great."

Together with the engine raised, team Hoonigan also renews the heart, it should be said, one of the custom cars ever built. This theme was the theme of the stars-n-strip that we first saw in the Escort MkII of Blocks, blended with a pattern of reflective (as in Fiesta from the Gymkhana Eight), finished with fading grey-to-black from bonnet to tail. You don't have to wait long to see the things that have been done, whether the matter. On October 18, Block said we will see 1,400 bhp Hoonicorn V2 in action.