2001 Ford F150 Crew Cab

2001 ford f150 crew cab - It seems incredible that there were gaps unexpected in the world of trucks. In particular, trucks of large dimensions. Think about it. No other type of vehicle does not offer a wider range of options: two wheel drive, four-wheel drive, short bed, long bed, standard cabin, the cabin extended, V-6, V-8, reports, a lot of the ratings for payload and sufficient advantages of comfort and convenience to qualify for the Sybarites Anonymous. It is very clear that the trucks of today can be adapted to a wider range of purposes and tastes than ever. 2001 ford f150 crew cab - And yet, until last year, I was wrong somehow to perceive what was missing a pickup with four doors able to accommodate a trio of adults of large size on the rear seat without changing feet, in a package tidy enough to avoid the need for permits anchor during parking maneuvers.

Fortunately, the smart models of marketing and product planning have seen this goal miserably in the firmament. And, as you would expect, Ford, the most important supplier of ships from China, was among the first who came to rush to the rescue. In fact, the company pays no doubt that word is exactly the "first" of the new F-150 SuperCrew, even if the cabin crew Frontier Nissan, and Dodge Dakota Quad Cab they rolled up on the scene a little earlier. 2001 ford f150 crew cab - 2001 ford f 150 xlt crew cab sb f150 4x4 mpg parts reviews rocker panels running boards seat covers specs Harley Davidson lariat supercrew short bed 4d 5.4 l v8 automatic - How can this be? Simple. Model F-150 SuperCrew is the first cabin crew of normal size, with a total weight of the vehicle (GVWR) less than 8500 pounds. See? The Dakota crowds F-150 turf, both in power and work ethic, but is just small enough to qualify as a compact. Ford do something and in the department of a compact pickup with four doors, though the troops of marketing call Explorer Sport Trac, a sport utility that happens to have a claw grafted. It is good that this distinction was explained, because it certainly looks like a truck for us.

Be as such, the key for the model F-150 SuperCrew for cabin Frontier of the crew and the Dakota Quad Cab is simple: to cover your extra set of doors in the style of the sedan, the cabin was stretched. And to keep the total length under control, the steel in the steel sheet in the interior, the composite on the outside, an industry was first shortened. After all, with the country west of the Mississippi pretty much set, fewer people will need something capable of pulling the drywall and other building materials, which comes in pieces of four-foot by eight-foot.

Thus, designers have expanded the cockpit of his F-150 with a leg, have reduced the length of the box cargo 67.2 inches (from the standard 78,8) and ended with a truck exactly the same length as the popular F-150 SuperCab is what you say "cabin extended" if you work for Ford).

2001 Ford F150 Crew Cab

2001 Ford F150 Crew Cab
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The two trucks have the same wheelbase 138,5 inches and the same payload from the base of 1765 pounds. In contrast, the cabin traditional crew Ford, model F-350 add a length of 15.5 inches to a total height, riding on a wheelbase of 156,2 inches and is almost as maneuverable as a blimp. And as a member of the line Ford Super Duty, it is a different truck on a different platform.

The options for engines SuperCrew are limited to the two trucks Triton V-8 offered elsewhere in the Ford truck: a standard version of the 4.6-liter (220 horsepower and a torque of 290 feet) and the upgrade 5.4-liter (260 HP, 350 lb -Ft). Unlike Dakota Quad Cab (the nearest competitor of this truck), which offers a five-speed manual transmission, the SuperCrew is only automatically. Its propulsion system with four-wheel drive is the same drive system with switch offered on other trucks in the series F. Other options include an entertainment center video to a VCR from the back seat and an extender for the beds.

Engine V-8 4.6-liter does a decent job, but we prefer the first additional 5.4-liter, which raises the volume of the utility to 1900 pounds and towing capacity of the trailer to 8000 pounds in editions with two wheels.
Now, cynics may argue that Ford already has a F-150 four-door SuperCab which does not sacrifice the capacity of the bed of the cargo. Why create another version?

Two reasons. First of all, the SuperCrew's doors with full size, front, distinct from the demi-doors SuperCab with hinges in the rear, and the doors of his SuperCrew are higher, making easier the people and / or other things in and / or out. Secondly, the cabin's SuperCrew offers more space once the people and / or things are inside. 2001 ford f150 crew cab - No matter what you think about this new phenomenon pickup, Ford thinks that it is convincing enough to command the prices cheap enough. Tariff F-150 SuperCrew starts at $ 26.755 for a model XLT with four-wheel drive and moving up to a loaded Lariat with four-wheel drive to $ 31.790.

2001 Ford F 150 Supercrew Cab Configurations

What do you get when you cross a utility vehicle sports large size with a truck? When it comes to a team Ford Expedition which is combined with a F-150, you get a model F-150 SuperCrew 2001, which comes in dealerships in February. It is something we'll see more, because the auto industry is on the verge of send consumers on a new journey with the combinations that Mother Nature would never have wanted you.

The passenger compartment of his SuperCrew - with a compartment completely for rear passengers and four-door full size - it is significantly higher than the cabin extended and is offset by a bed of transport less, which helps to keep the vehicle maneuverable. The idea has already been prescribed for Nissan Frontier Crew Cab and Dodge Dakota Quad Cab. But these are the pickups lower. This makes the SuperCrew to be the first pickup of large dimensions, which adopts this concept to reach the market.
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It is also the only truck on the market with adjustable pedals power, which makes it a very flexible and a freight carrier. 2001 ford f150 crew cab - 2001 ford f 150 xlt crew cab sb f150 4x4 mpg parts reviews rocker panels running boards seat covers specs Harley Davidson lariat supercrew short bed 4d 5.4 l v8 automatic - Not later than April, will be available a cover tonneau hard, which can be ├«ncuiabil for the bed of the transport, which will keep cargo safe and dry. Vehicles purchased before that time may be retrofitted with the lid. Prices start at 26.755 $ for a XLT with two-wheel and 29.975 USD for an XLT with four-wheel drive. Models high Lariat start at 28.335 $ for the traction on the two wheels and 31.790 $ for four-wheel drive. (Prices include a destination of 665 USD and the delivery fee.)

F-150 genes and jeans - With a total length of 225,9 inches and wheelbase of 138,5 inches (model with all-wheel drive) or 138,8 inches (model with all-wheel drive), the SuperCrew has the same length as the model cabin extended called the F-150 SuperCab. But the SuperCrew has been extended to 12 inches on the length of the interior SuperCab. That means not only doors of large dimensions, which makes it easier to get in and out, but a room of 4.6 inches longer than the SuperCab. SuperCrew only has a room two inches lower than the one you have in the second row of the utility sporty Ford Expedition.

This impressive amount of room means that the driver is male of 6 feet that I had in the car be able to sit in the driver's seat and then to move on the rear seat and still have the long head and legs. Also, Ford has tilted the rake of the rear seat, so that passengers do not stay in the upright position. Ford claims that the SuperCrew will carry six persons with the seat in the front, but I prefer seats optional of the Captain, with a configuration of the center console mounted on the floor, which has two seats.

In the case in which there are no persons to be seated in the rear seat split 60/40 fold, increasing the versatility of the interior. The rear seats are equipped with three anchors for fastening to seats for children. They provide a place for attaching chains, which are available through the manufacturers of chairs for the kids. Linking the upper part of the seat safety anchors from the grip, it keeps a child seat from being thrown forward in an accident. Manufacturers have added these anchors to comply with a new regulation of the government. A power point in the rear is a pleasant feature, that allows the use of electronic equipment ranging from mobile phones to computer games.

Seat six - In the front, Ford tries to accommodate different sizes of drivers with adjustable pedals power, which moves forward and back with three inches simply by pressing a button on the dashboard. 2001 ford f150 crew cab - One advantage is that it allows drivers short to reach the pedals and to be as far away as possible from the airbag.

The lift bed of 5.5 meters on the SuperCrew is designed for a larger load or more complicated than anyone would like to carry inside a sport utility. The bed used on a SuperCab would be 7 meters in length or eight feet in length. An option of $ 195 on the SuperCrew is an extension of the bed extendable. Expander bed is a unit tubular steel, curved, which is attached to the back of the bed of the pickup. With the tailgate down, the drive spins and hangs in the position to extend the floor of the cargo at seven feet. When the extension cord by the bed is inside the box, it is a convenient area for storage to keep the objects around the bed in the bed. And with the closing lid tonneau, the cargo area is assessed to 44.2 cubic meters, according to Ford.

With a V-8, 4.6 liters, the bed of the traction on two wheels can carry 1765 lb. However, opt for four-wheel drive transmission and the payload drops to 1585 lb. Go with the V-8 of 5 liters and the maximum payload is 1900 lb for the four-wheel drive and 1715 lb for the four-wheel drive. The mechanical package of the base is the same as that of the F-150, with a few exceptions. One is that the rear brakes are more powerful to compensate for the additional weight of the cabin large. In addition, the shock absorbers of the rear suspension have been staggered to improve the travel comfort for the rear passengers.

Engine V-8 4.6-liter is rated at 220 HP at 4500 rpm and torque of 290 lb-ft at 3250 rpm. Engine V-8 5.4 liter engine is rated at 260 HP at 4500 rpm and torque of 350 lb-ft at 2500 rpm. The maximum weight for towing recommended for the engine 4.6 liters with all-wheel drive is 6,600 lb, and for four-wheel drive, 6300 lb. Buy a engine of 5.4 liters and you can tow 8000 lb four-wheel drive and 7700 lb with a model with all-wheel drive.

The only transmission is automatic with four speeds. Ford has made a SuperCrew with a wonderful V-8 4.6 liter available for a test short. It is not surprising that it behaves much like ordinary F-150, which is a good thing. The trip was comfortable, even for a rough ride. Its handling is competent and predictable, combined with feeling a good feeling of the brake pedal, do as the roads twisted, as well as the Ortega Highway, to be simple and carefree. SuperCrew seems to be a concept of the terrible that was executed cleverly. 2001 ford f150 crew cab - Should help Ford to keep up the pace of evolution of the trucks in the F series, offering families greater flexibility and more options.