2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Specs

2001 ford f250 super duty specs - 7.3 L Stroke Power has yet another unique place in today's diesel world performance. Despite the fact that it has been removed from production in the last decade and is a formidable challenge to get great horsepower out of this factory, a lot of enthusiasts are still willing to give it a go with 444ci V-8. Nathan Sparks is such an enthusiast. He made his mission to make respectable horsepower with a more engine said, can not be altered on a budget.

Once the essentials were out of the way (like rims, tires, 4-inch exhaust, cold air intake, and a kit leveling), Nate must work doubling the truck's power level. 2001 ford f250 super duty specs. Tried-and-true Garrett GTP38R made in Lifter Vale, replacing the turbocharger stock. Then, in preparation for the larger injectors, the high-pressure factory of the oil pump was abandoned in favor of an adrenaline drive of Dieselsite. When the company funds, a set of River City diesel Stage 2 injectors were installed along with a regulated-diesel drive return system. Bind everything together is an F-6 custom-tuned chip from the PD-Tuner.

The transmission was a field where Nathan spent a lot of hard-earned money. Shortly after doing all of the above-listed modifications to the machine, what he thought was a "built" 4r100 soon began to check. For an automatic solid, he contacted the experts at Sun Coast and a local store, Wilson Patterson Diesel, to install it. by screwing in the sun the Slushbox coast didn't jump a beat.

2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Specs

2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Specs
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The best part of what has been done to Nathan Ford Super Duty is that no sacrifice has been made in order to enjoy added horsepower. Thanks for the good tuning keeping boost to less than 40 psi, there is no urgent need for head studs. 2001 ford f250 super duty specs. Also, the truck's 400-425 rwhp keeps in the form of metal powder connecting rods outside the danger zone. And finally, the fully built sun on the coast transmission gives Nathan a worry-free driving experience. It's proof once again that when it comes to 7.3 L power Stroke, you can always teach an old dog new tricks.

Nathan Sparks'' 01 7.3 L Stroke Power benefit from a set of Stage 2 injectors from River City Diesel, a high-pressure adrenaline pump oil from diesel site, and customized PCM tuning from PD-Tuner via a F-6 chip. Besides, 81000 miles-block is completely untouched. A regulated-return Diesel fuel drive system ensures the flow exists along both ends and that the injectors are never deprived of pressure or volume fuel. Adjustable fuel Pressure regulator is located at 65 psi.

Hidden in the location factory is proven GTP38R turbo from Garrett. With smooth infusting features and powerful top-end performance, ball-bearing 66mm charger is a perfect match for stage 2 injectors. To allow the engine to see the Impulse peak, a Diesel driven overboost Annihilator (Fooler boost) has also been installed. 2001 ford f250 super duty specs. It may be old, but it is not so unskilful. Nate can transform 33 inch tires to thank you for the 400 HP truck (which is undoubtedly accompanied by 800 lb-ft of torque). Add in the standard taxi cab configuration to reduce weight, and you have a 13-second-capable rig.

2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Specs

Year/Make/Model:2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty
Owner:Nathan Sparks
Hometown:Lafayette, Indiana
Odometer:81,000 miles
Engine:7.3L Power Stroke V-8
Fuel:River City Diesel Stage 2 injectors, Driven Diesel regulated- return system, Adrenaline high-pressure oil pump
Air:Garrett GTP38R turbo, AEM Brute Force air intake
Transmission:4R100 automatic built by Sun Coast
Horsepower:400 to 425 hp (est.)
Torque:800 to 850 lb-ft (est.)
Tires:305/55R20 Nitto Terra Grappler
Wheels:20x10-inch Pro Comp Alloy
Suspension:Firestone air springs (rear), Tuff Country ladder bars (rear)
Fun Fact:Time flies when you’re having fun. Just three short years ago, none of the mods listed here were on the truck.

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