2014 Ford F 150 XLT Towing Capacity

2014 ford f 150 xlt towing capacity - Model Ford F-150 2014 is a pickup versatile full sized, which can be configured in several ways. With designs that range from work XL up to the luxury limited Trim SVT Raptor special for off-road, the range of the F-150 has a little thing for everyone.

Range 2014 F-150 includes the following levels: XL, STX, XLT, FX2 and FX4, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Limited, Tremor, and SVT Raptor. The power of the group the F-150's four engines. The base engine is V-6 3.7-liter that produces 302 HP and torque of 278 lb-ft. Above these are two V-8 engines, including a unit of the 5.0-liter that produces 360 HP and 380 lb-ft and an engine of 6.2 liters that produces 411 HP and 434 lb-ft. 2014 ford f 150 xlt towing capacity - EcoBoost V-6 of 3.5 liters, with two turbo, the includes the offers engine F-150, which produce 365 HP and 420 lb-ft. All engines are paired to an automatic transmission with six-speed, with a switch mounted on the shifter for manual shifting of speed. The propulsion system in the rear is standard in the majority of the trim levels, available for a four-wheel drive transmission. Models with the V-6 naturally aspirated are valued at the EPA 17/23 mpg / highway, while models EcoBoost with turbochargers are rated at 16/22 mpg in rear and 15/21 mpg with four-wheel drive. Variant of the 5-liter V-8 is rated at 15/21 mpg, while the V-8 of 6.2 liters achieve 13/18 mpg in models with the seat back, 12/16 mpg in pickups with four-wheel drive or 11/16 mpg in the SVT Raptor concentrated on the rough terrain.

There are a number of decks back different, including a differential lock 4.10 to the truck F-150 Tremor sport. The ratings for the cars vary from 5500-11300 pounds, depending on equipment. Are offered three sizes of the bed, together with three styles of cabin. The tremor F-150 is only available as a cabin regular, while the King Ranch, Platinum and Limited are only available in Supercrew. 2014 ford f150 xlt towing capacity - We liked the Ford F-150 enough to call Truck 2012 of the year. During that rigorous program, we told you about two of the testers F-150 on which I tried them: "Regardless of the transmission system, the judges were impressed unanimously by the ability of the F-150 to win the guard. In towing or hauling, the consensus was that both trucks have become more good, the harder they were working ". The EcoBoost engine deserves a special praise for his performance V-8 and economy reasonable fuel for a pickup of large dimensions.

2014 Ford F 150 XLT Towing Capacity

2014 Ford F 150 XLT Towing Capacity
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As the body, the cabin of F-150 can be configured in numerous ways. Models Base XL has a bench seat front and a changer of the columns in the usual format of cockpit, and all the other benefits of the front seats with a console central console. The seats of the textile material, locks, manual, manual air conditioning and an AM / FM radio are standard on models XL. At the opposite end of the model, the model limited defined includes the features of upholstering standard leather, automatic climate control with two zones, a video camera with parking sensors, steering wheel tilted / telescopic steering wheel with memory, front seats heated and cooled, passive entry keyless , remote start, CD-audio system with 10 speakers with a capacity of MP3 playback, USB interface and iPod, the Sync feature with infotainment MyFord Touch and Bluetooth, and a navigation system as standard.

Model Ford F-150 has been designated as a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS, scoring the rating of Good in all categories, with the exception of the new impact test with small impact, which is superimposed (the truck doesn't have tested yet). Ford F-150 2014 has received a note of four stars out of a possible five from the NHTSA.

2014 Ford F 150 XLT Towing Capacity: Q&A

Q: 2014 ford f 150 xlt towing capacity - I just bought a 2014 F150 4x4 super crew 3.5 V6 EcoBoost, 3.55 ratio axle 145inch Wb, 7200 # GVWR package. It is assumed that he will tow 9.600 lb depending on the distribution and documents of ford. I have a trailer, 2015 Titan with the two paths, which I just bought, which weighs 2810 pounds. I picked up the trailer empty up to my hook on my truck currently drop of 3 1/4 inch and my truck sank almost 6 inches. I wouldn't even be able to move the spoon under the trailer. I was wondering if it might be a mistake wrong or I need a fall short. Before you buy a new crash or a concern, I bought the wrong truck to pull this trailer.

The tongue of the trailer says that the RAM USE 2inch Ball has a capacity of only 7000 #. The sticker on the door of my truck says Front GAWR 3750lb, GAWR 3850lb rear, the combined weight of occupants and cargo should not exceed 1361lbs.inch Sticker hooks make it even more confusing for me because I tell the 10,500 that is not a number I was told. I was told the 5000 to the bumper and 9600 from the hook. I am concerned that I can't put two horses in the trailer and pull it with a normal force, because it will be over 5000 pounds. One person suggested that I can pull this trailer without a weight distribution of the weight. Tell me what you think I need.
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A: I looked up the user manual for the Ford F-150. On an engine SuperCrew 4x4 with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost, a wheelbase of 145 inches and an end to 3.55 back, the weight combined will be of 13,400 pounds (for models limited), or 15,500 pounds. If you subtract the gross vehicle of 7,200 pounds, then the maximum that you can tow will be 6200 pounds or 8,300 pounds. Of course, if the gross weight of the truck loaded with cargo, fuel and occupants is only 6000 pounds, then you can tow a trailer heavier.

I'm not sure where that comes into play the 9,600 pounds, so I would have a technician Ford, not a seller, to explain it, because there may be a factor on me missing. However, it is possible to reach this upper limit, you will need to use weight distribution, which would also help with the bending of the back.

You mentioned that the trailer, when you made an empty, weighed 2.810 pounds. The weight of the typical 10 to 15 percent, the weight of the tongue should be from 281 to 422 pounds. At the upper end I'd expect a little height, but not 6 inches! This is a doubt major. 2014 ford f 150 xlt towing capacity - Where are you on the ground, pavement or concrete? If not, could be the reason for that aged or appeared to penetrate so much.

If the trailer was tilted to the front when it was connected, then the weight of the language was probably much higher and could be a factor also. Do you want to tow a level trailer? I have included a link to a help article that explains how to measure for rising or dropping. Until a technician Ford will explain that 9,600 pounds you might say that it is safe to pull 6,200 pounds for sure. I don't know what you weigh the horse's environment (I'm sure a Clydesdale weighs more than a driver Kentucky), but if they are small horses, this limit temporary 6,200 pounds may be sufficient.

So, the first thing you need to figure out is why it is rated the truck and an explanation of why this is so. Secondly, because the bitch tell you that you need distribution in weight for a trailer over 5,000 pounds, then you need to follow. To choose a system of weight distribution, you will need to go up to the total weight of the language. This is calculated by taking the weight of the tongue of the trailer when loaded and ready to tow, plus the weight of anything loaded behind the rear axle of the tractor vehicle. If you can provide all the information that you can provide what you need.