2017 Ford Shelby Truck Price

2017 ford Shelby truck price - If you are so murky sauce so that the blood is red, white, blue and a donkey? Do you need a truck that magically emits pure water eagle eye? Well, if so, all you need is a true blue 2017 Shelby F-150 Super Snake, because this is the only time the color of the FACE goes a very fast one-quarter mile.

Only 150 Ford F-150 this artificial to be produced as a collaboration between Shelby, Ford Performance, and Borla, Motor1 reported. I also offer 300 cp more than the Ford Raptor for a bullet weighing 750 pounds. If there is a great tradition of Muria far better than the other, younger brother? No. No, no. (See Also: 2018 Ford F150 Limited)

Shell F-150 Super Snake is available in two and four wheels, but everything has a supercharged 5.0-liter V8. 2017 ford Shelby truck price. An evacuation of a modified Shelby Borris with stainless steel tip, there so the terrorists everywhere tremble when contemplating the sound trucks. The Shelby F-150 Super Snake driving 22-inch chrome wheels are lighter than sweet, the lighthouse that is America itself, independently and the suspension has been lowered and modified to improve handling.

His body has been optimized to make it look more aggressive everywhere, with a new hood, new bumpers, roofing, custom spoiler and more. Blower intake and coating paint powder coated in Ford racing blue. While you can choose between six Ford factory colors for the truck itself, stripes, red brake caliper Shelby and logo on the grille to tell people.

2017 Ford Shelby Truck Price

2017 Ford Shelby Truck Price
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Do you want to hit a real fear in neighbors Tundra? You can select one of these pickups for $96.880. Of course, this is almost double the cost of the Raptor and no doubt less capable of sandblasting, but a small price to pay for a truck that is very similar to freedom.

Sad if Ford is no longer selling the F-150 Fulger? I would like a full size truck with Dodge Hellcat rival with strong? Shelby American has answered these questions and many more. For a little under $100,000, Shelby will sell F-150 Super Snake, a truck with a capacity of 750 cc V8 5.0 liter supercharged.

2017 ford Shelby truck price. Unlike the Ford F-150 Raptor, Super Snake is designed for use on the road, as shown by the air gap and side sills that are very low. Fair enough, the Super Snake wears a striped twin white stripes and the lack of grooves, Shelby-don't forget who built the truck. Shelby also threw a new canopy, rear bumper, interior badging.

Shelby said it intended to improve the handling of F-150 Super Snake, and to work with Ford Performance and Anesi for its development. Super snake is available either with a rear wheel or four wheel and each truck comes with a warranty of three years/36,000 miles. The price is $96.880 and each of the 150 examples of the Shelby plan will be built will be sold through some specific Ford dealers. Fans of the old Fulger will surely be interested to get it, if the price essentially balanced can seriously.