Ford Focus ST 2019

Ford focus st 2019 - Based on this spy shots, it should be very close to the Ford Focus 2019. The original you see above wearing disguises at least, and this not the type of basic black and white-but-effective. This is an impressive, colorful wrappers that make it broke out a few lines but doesn't leave little imagination. It even has a hashtag. A hashtag! It's like trying to see.

However, because of the minimal investment, you'll get a clear look at the new hatchback body style. Compared with the current Focus, the body is much cleaner and with fewer wrinkles and surface. There are a few of the more protracted the curve highlights and accentuates the wheel arches, giving the look of more sporty. Ford focus st 2019 - They are curves that would not look completely out of place in the Mazda3. Tracks differ significantly and clearly made with the same pen as the new Fiesta, with a wider section approaching the top from the bottom. There are also a number of interesting from the surface of the plain between the hole and the triangular fog lamps.

Although Ford has not given a specific date when it will fully unveil new Focus, we may not have to wait long. As we mentioned, the fact that this car has only one wrapper and there is even a hashtag that shows that Ford is ready to show her car. The show car l.a is coming soon, so maybe there won't be there. Instead, the show Detroit in January is a more likely bet.

2019 Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus ST 2019
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Ford focus st 2019 - As you can see, the digital effort to rub all the unpleasant coverage of next-generation Ford Focus which produced: the results are quite interesting. That stand out when compared with the spy shots is light, which has a more aggressive look than the current generation Focus. In addition, obtain the signature of the new DRL looks very similar to the headlights "Hammer Throw" from Volvo.

Unlike the informer spotting prototype, which appears as a caregiver, the car provided by our artist was the model ST-Line sporty. It can be recognized thanks to the presence of the glossy black mesh that has inspired more aggressive forms of rendering version of St. Glossy black trim can also be found in the elegant front bumper, which merged with fog lamps with a lower rail. Wrinkles on the sides of the body see the spy prototype is present, giving emphasis on a more assertive attitude.

In 2019, the Ford Focus must offer much more interior space thanks to the dimensions of a slightly increased, so that the space behind the back room increases. There are no instructions for the design of the cabin, but the quality of the interior is expected to be increased, allowing car Ford C-segment to compete with VW Golf. (See Also: Gas Monkey 34 Ford)

As for the engine, the range will include a turbocharged EcoBoost petrol engine 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine, offered with manual transmission and dual clutch. 2019 Ford focus st - New 1.5-liter Turbodiesel will also be offered, in addition to the standard power series triggered by petrol and diesel units. Like the current Focus, his successor will offer an all-electric version of the model and the model of the ST and RS high performance. Ford will continue to offer the sedan version in markets such as China and the United States. A new focus is expected to be debuted at the beginning of 2018.

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