Ford RS200 Evolution For Sale USA 2017

Ford rs200 evolution for sale USA 2017 - (ford rs200, rs200 kit car, specs, evolution 1986) As one of only 24 done, Bonhams estimates about this legendary group B had changed hands to become a price no more than 320,000. A bargain if you ask us. As recently revealed his newest toy, is Ken Block which is none other than car BFord RS200 own Ghia. In addition, car blocks are based in Ohio is one of only 24 original models of evolution, the other will be under the hammer for a week in London. Do you want to run the Lord Block?

Life won't be boring around RS200, that's for sure. The son of the head of Motorsports Stuart in Melbourne, this car was a prototype B that makes Ford from the United Kingdom. Ford rs200 for sale eBay Canada. Designed by a team led by John Wheeler, the project was started in 1983, with the plan including 200 for the purpose of road machinery is homologous. The design of the Tony Southgate beginning turned into a coupe Center-four wheels, powered by Cosworth BD 1.8. It is set to produce 250 horsepower on the street, and up to 500 in groups. The styling is done through Ghia, with the production of glass fiber and Kevlar bodywork made at Gaydon factory owned Aston Martin Tickford. The task of the Assembly has landed with its own power.

As shown by Bonhams, the RS200 was first exhibited publicly in 1984 and was occupied in February 1986, after 200 examples needed to be built. The World Championship is the Rally Sweden's first year when the car is driven Kalle Grundel occupies third place in General. After that, the RS200 expand to reach a total of 19 WINS and 32 podiums international before the end of the year, securing some national championship along the way.

Unfortunately, the next chapter, including the end of the Group B, followed by the Ford RS200 and 120200 took off to rebuild it as a supercar. The car is referred to here is one model of "Evolution" which then directed the year 1987 and equipped with car BDT 2,137 cc that much more beautiful. Developed around the block cylinder with thick wall engineer United Kingdom, Brian Hart, a machine with higher capacity, this could only be accommodated with a modified chassis and firewall.

Ford RS200 Evolution For Sale

Ford RS200 Evolution For Sale USA 2017
Under the legislation, Ford wants to build 20 car Evolution in addition, but the Group B was canceled, Evos have to run 200 nature. In late 1986, one of the cars used Stig Blomqvist to follow Guinness World Record, setting a time of 0-60 mph 3.07 seconds. The record stayed for 12 years. This car, the chassis ' 00105 ' sold by the Ford Contest in Boreham on 30 April 1987 in Mikal Nordstrom, who used to climb the Hill and cross-rally car before returning to the original spec. Except for the car, which was built by Geoff Racing Page, and generating more than 600 horsepower, this car is connected to a gearbox in the race.

Bonham waits for this miracle grow between $240,000-320,000. We wouldn't be surprised to see it even larger again. Other noteworthy stone for Bonhams Bond Street sales including Ringo Ringo Star, Elton John Bentley Continental, Aston Martin DB7 Zagato, Ferrari 288 GTO has always sought, and Bristol is indeed rare because of not a lot of money. A blue collar heroes prepare to hang out in a white collar auction currently in Bonhams Bond Street Sale took place on December 2. It's not unusual seeing that rare sports car signed in to hammer, but Bonhams sale to see Ford's blue oval badge in the middle of a crowd of stars, which is somewhat unexpected, it turned out that the car in question could be a little more special

Ford RS200 "Evolution", a limited version of an already rare RS200 Street. Ford only manufactures 24 models of Evolution and repackaged over 600bhp Cosworth 2137cc signature BDA. This particular example sells Mikal Nordstrom in 1987 by the Department of the Ford Contest and compete in Rally Cross and climb the Hill in Scandinavia. The car is currently registered in Norway and is equipped with original factory equipment and all the necessary documentation.
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Ford rs200 evolution for sale USA 2017 - Estimated to sell between £180,000 and £240,000, is clearly a major influx into the Ford property, but as a part of the history of the Ford RS, it sounds almost like a good value. RS200 not only interesting car in Bond Street Sales Catalog, scroll down to see some of our favorites in addition to sales. Generally considered stylish and sophisticated Ferrari, the steering wheel right 330 GT 2 + 2 coupe is one of the 37 RHD vehicles. By car to display icon iconic V12 GT 330, generating more than 300bhp ' and generate a top speed of 152mph, making it the fastest Ferrari when it launches. Seen from here, in the classic combination of Rosso paint which comes with beige leather trim, this example has a complete maintenance history and was considered fully recovered. It is estimated to sell for between £220,000 and 280,000.