2001 Ford Escape Reviews

2001 ford escape reviews - Of course, Ford needed a vehicle to fill in the resource Manager of the gap, we suspect it will be ridiculously competent Suzuki Grand Vitara or may be interested in the single-minded target population produce XTERRA with.

Then, we learned that Mazda will be actively involved in the design - the company is not, after all, to get the so-called tribute version, which we in the May issue preview - and Ford will offer the escape to the more powerful two people in the Taurus 3. 0-liter V-6: 200 HP, 24 valve Duratec. We stopped yawning for.

2001 ford escape reviews - But we did not imagine so good vehicle to escape, this is shaping up to be a car 2000 a surprise although this focus 130 HP, 2.0-liter Zetec four-cylinder afford basic front-wheel-drive escape, at least cheap. But with the optional V-6 and 200 HP and 200 lb - ft of torque, you have our attention. XLT Escape uses a sharp, comfortable, airy and rigorous design of the interior design, as well as the speed reached 16. 8 seconds in the quarter mile, at speeds of 83 miles, may be on the market the most intelligent of the SUV.

Size feels good, although the ratio of the two major regions of the Honda CR-V is shorter. 103.1-inch wheelbase“the Escape”shortened 10 inches and 173-inch Overall length is shortened by 4. 6 inches. But escape the feeling than the CR-V more. 2001 ford escape reviews - The rear seats are very spacious, but the CR-V's rear seat also has a cubic feet. On the rear there is 33 cubic feet of storage space;seats folded down, up to 63 cubic feet and the CR-V 30 and 67. The rear window is raised, or the whole of the hatches are raised. This is a great little SUV.

In fact, our XLT escape test and did not give us much to complain about. There is more wind noise - as if coming out of mirrors, a Sunroof, a roof rack, and you can move the bar out - than it should have, and radial P235 / 70TR-16 Firestone wilderness HT, but certainly competent in the sector traction, generating a bit road noise.

2001 Ford Escape Reviews

2001 Ford Escape Reviews
Although with a manual transmission vehicles equipped with floor shift, but the automatic transmission is a four speed Fox, a mandatory V-6 uses a strange traveling column shift mechanism. And in this shift, the ignition key slot is hidden and hard to find touch, but the owner needs to be able to adapt to it.

Although we are aware of the fact that the Escape is available with wheels 15 or 16 inch, which is a bit annoying is that the spare wheel is located in the rear under the floor is a temporary 17-inch tires and wheels, taking up almost as much space, the original non-provisional reserves, we provide an extra spirit point, but for trying to include the right tire and wheel as a backup car. In fact, there are three tire and wheel combinations available with this Escape, it will be a bit of a challenge here, but seems to be insurmountable.

There are a lot of good things. The unique shape, handsome and a Ford truck again wrong, although from a Nissan Xterra without rough appearance. It should be: on the body, based on the frame of the truck XTERRA for the Rubicon trail a more logical choice, but the thin, hard taking process so that it is more than one formula escape driving on the road the Rubicon is not too convenient.

Compared to traditional independent suspension, the escape provides a smooth travel and a clear process between a very good compromise. Escape no drunken nuances and the steering wheel has long suffered from explorers;the steering, although quick, never seem to suddenly. With Frank·mark the test personnel of the words described, the brake is“extraordinary”. Equipped with ABS front-wheel disk, a 3550 lb the rear end of the drum binder from the 171-foot 70-mile escape, incredible - all of our other production of the SUV have been testing. We test and finally a Nissan Xterra took 199 feet, we believe that this is one of the shortest acceptable distance.

Off-road, the Escape is a bit challenging. Is basically rear-wheel drive part-time front-wheel-drive vehicles see page 7, escape means there is no low gear, not lock in four-wheel-drive device. This does not mean that it can't handle the majority of the majority of the SUV owners of recreational off-road need, in many cases, isn't it. A tight turning radius and minimum ground clearance is quite generous - not to mention the guts down low from the torquey V -6 - escape the owner will let go cow trailing and dirt roads to their heart's content, but if you do a lot of climbing and pond driving, there is a better choice.

This is the All-wheel-drive control Trac II system allows the exit of a front-wheel drive runs on until the system senses wheel slip, it will be stopped until the slip torque of up to 100% transfer to the rear wheels. There is a“4x4 on”switch, rear wheel drive faster, which for the harsh conditions better. In the gravel on the most simple of full throttle standing starts, there are very few, very short wheel slip the system in automatic mode, almost no slippage with the system switch to“four-wheel drive on”.

Powered by 2. 0-liter Zetec four-cylinder and five-speed manual transmission for the basic model XLS front drive models starting at 18, $ 160. It also includes AC, AM / FM Stereo with CD Player, Remote Keyless Entry, steering wheel rudder, Electric locks, window and mirrors - and not what you expect of the release model.

To 19, $ 710 price, XLT make you on the highway to feel the anti-Lock Brakes, aluminum wheels, cruise control and fog lamps, etc. the annoying driver nic nic. 3.0 liter V-6 adds$a four hundred years, to 1480$for the XLS and the XLT which has more high-end console, and the control system of the Trac all-wheel drive adds$ 1625. An for the XLT with the V-6 and all-wheel drive, and automatically get the$ 350 Class II trailer towing package is 2000 pounds where a maximum towing capacity of 3500, which may not be enough for some SUV buyers - even the V-6 the browser can be selected to pull 5800 pounds.

Bright red clearcoat metallic, escape XLT equipped with, as we ordered A - V-6, leather decoration$ 870, with Sunroof, Electric glass$ 585 Chapter, front row Side Airbag$ 345, the audio MACH two systems 585$, with a 6-disc changer to replace the CD Player, the disc machine is also built-in, does not require additional space. For$ 25,750, we get a full-function SUV, which will ensure four six-footers and their Luggage, to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 8. 8 seconds, processing all types of weather, and on the highway 24 miles.

The Escape and Tribute will absolutely is a small SUV set a new standard. Instead, you will use symbols Dashboard notifications, the Ford Outfitters sellers, and even Ford's press materials, the control system Trac II provides the Escape is not fully locked four-wheel drive. On the contrary, this on-demand all-wheel-drive configuration only the front wheel skid when the rear wheels of the power supply. This is how it works:

In the“Auto 4x4”mode, 100% torque is transmitted to the front wheels until wheel slip. When this happens, the rotary vane clutch(RBC)generate enough pressure to activate the multi-plate clutch, because it is in the automatic transmission found in, the latter will torque up to 100 per cent backward pass. RBC core is one with the three blades of the“fan”in a world filled with the Silicon oil in the space, such as a viscous clutch used on the kind. Fan-shaped type, such as radiation warning signs. The current roller Derby movement, the fan in the liquid, rotation, temperature expansion, resulting in pressure to start the clutch. Then the clutch - not the viscous fluid - subjected to torsion transfer of the burden.

2001 ford escape reviews - When set to“4x4 On”, electromagnet to provide a small clutch Assembly of energy, the ball ramp is locked in the input shaft. Now, the current rotation of the wheel, they will be a fairway away, this overrides the RBC and to the same multi-plate clutch Assembly is pressurized. In the“4x4 open”mode, the rear axle faster and more secure. However, in addition to the front wheels to slip outside, the front and rear axles not locked together. As if, there was never any stretched or binding things looked very tight, also does not require a Central difference. Using an infinite differential, you can - for example, completely sagging and the air in the opposite perspective - can escape, which really stuck. This is why this is not true of four-fifths of it.

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