2010 Ford Mustang V6 Horsepower

2010 ford mustang gt horsepower ( v6 ) - Almost five years after the great redo of the last Mustang, a devoted fan of the Pinal seminal car Ford would have been hoping for all-new models in 2010, especially taking into account the Dodge Challenger model and the new Chevy Camaro that would compete with it. instead, Ford has launched a prudent upgrade, improving the area most needs its help.

The number one is inside, which has a retro look but consists of a hard plastic panel that is put together with multiple layers. From behind the rotate, the most obvious change is the dashboard that starts from door to door and from the bottom of the windscreen to the top of the central console. 2010 ford mustang gt horsepower - This thermoplastic olefine mold is feeling slick and looks rich. Double themes the car hood at this time continues, but it is expandable with plastic ornaments and fewer groups, covered with new plastic tools, with a complete rotation, and the navigation system is optional with an eight-inch widescreen and the Latest version of the Ford/Microsoft Sync telematics System.

Outside, the new model is clearly a facelift, rather than a new design, which has a closer resemblance to the 69 than the current car. 2010 ford mustang horsepower - Four-sided grid-the inside of both very large fog lamps-and the rear line, which came straight out of the car in ' 69. If not, inclined sheet metal at both ends, and there is a swelling of the bonnet pronounced-the new model looks more muscular and slightly smaller than the current one, which in some ways looks like clean and more coherent design.

The new skin, combined with the tires in the engine, reduces the obstacle by 7%, and the front lifting of 23% on the GT model we are driving, according to Ford. And in the back, each LED backlight has three separate elements that light up in succession, as well as the signaling signal of an old Thunderbird.

2010 Ford Mustang GT Horsepower

2010 Ford Mustang V6 Horsepower
Below, the model of 2010 is a large shower, with the addition of keys to improve rigidity and improve the driver and maneuverability. Using the car Bullitt current package as a starting point, the new car gets the rear bows 17 percent more rigid and shocks recalibrate with sharper damping compression and damping recoil are a bit stiff. The change is said to reduce the body's bearings when you immediately turn about ten percent.

GT-Powered V-8 now comes with 8 x 18-inch rims (up to 8 X 17s), and standard rubber are summer tires 235/50zr Pirelli P Zero Nero All the time, a further development of the 17 inch N80 GT today. In Ford's testing, this tire works well in the snow and produces 0.84 g of the dry handle. upgrading to 245/45ZR-, mounted on 8.5-inch rims, makes the handle to be claimed at 0.90 G. The last GT tested Drew 0.89 G in all neros seasons.

Ford finally offered the TrackPack, which includes summer tires 255/40ZR-P Zero, more rigid shocks, high performance brake pads, ratio of 3.73 per axle, not the route behind the back connection, with a 3.31 arc, more rigid tower strut buffer , and larger burglar bars (34 mm socket sockets with wall thickness of 5.1 to 5.8 mm and solid back bars increased from 20 to 24 mm). With all these changes, Ford said the maximum adhesion increased to 0.93 g, while the roller shutter was reduced by ten percent.

Larger standard wheels and tires add only 15 kilos to the Mustang, which is a good thing because the power has not grown too much. Due to the cold air system based on Bullitt Mustang, the power increased by 300-315 horsepower, and the couple grows in a simple five-pound redline 325. It also increased from 6,250 to 6,500 rpm, according to the Bullitt years. The cold air system is said to cut 0 to 60 times 0.3 seconds from the traffic lights when the engine was soaked when it is parked in the lights. The transmission does not change with a standard five-speed manual or an optional five-step automatic option.

We spent several days driving the new Mustang and the new GTS around southern California and from Willow Springs Raceway, and we assess that most by far can perceive the two cars, paying little respect to whether blindfolded. Fine structural improvements, re-calibrated suspensions, and better-integrated interiors achieve a noticeable increase in the perceived robustness of the machine. Cars today almost no rattletrap, but in 2010 it feels like granite and completely unaffected by hard driving or sharp bumps.

Depending on how you drive it, this new model is calmer and tougher than its predecessor. At low noise and easy acceleration, the engine noise is bent, and the noise reduction in the wind and on the road produces a quiet cabin. Listen to the engine, and you get a V-8 rap with high fidelity, thanks to something called "Induction Tube Sound", which connects the way of the intake of the engine into the passenger cabin. There is a tube set in the tube to transmit the selected sound frequency without actually allowing airflow.

In the path of a warm canyon in California, the new Mustang feels well-arranged and planted. There are a lot of handles to move on the road, which is fast enough and low to push the load into corners and hard exits. Although the feedback on the front tire is largely absent, the direction itself is very weighted and very precise.

On the track, the differences between the three wheel packs quickly become apparent. In all cases, the new Mustang understands somewhat on the edge but can be easily rotated with a quick lifting of the throttle. But the speed at which this happens goes with an optional 19-inch nonsense. Switching to TrackPack results not only increases adhesion, but also the chassis that changes much harder and reacts faster to the entrances at its limit.

For the first time, the Mustang provides stability control Ford calls it "AdvanceTrac" and it's standard. This system allows for substantial shenanigans before deciding to close the fun. Sports settings are even more permissive. The system on the TrackPack becomes special tuning and becomes inactive, the system can be stopped. Unfortunately, there is no switch for larger brakes. Even with the track pack tiles, there is not much to do before the stopper starts to fade.

We didn't get a chance to drive V-6 models, but they come with a lot of change similar to that given to V-8, standard stability control and standard wheel Magnifier with 17 and 18 selections. 4.0 Liters V-6 does not change with a torque of 210 hp and 240 Nm torque and a manual transmission and the same with five automatic speeds.

2010 ford mustang gt horsepower - As always, there are many options, but it should be noted that the prices are abundant inflated for this new model. A Mustang base V-6 from 2010 will sell for $21,845, up from $620, while the GT will cost 28.845 - 840 $, which is not bad for a machine that covers most of the hardware in the package $3300 Bullitt. Wait for the faithful Mustang to queue when the delivery starts in March. The new convertible will arrive shortly thereafter.

2010 Ford Mustang V6 Horsepower

2010 Ford Mustang V6 Horsepower
2010 ford mustang horsepower - West V-6 Mustang 2010 can be redesigned, but the specific output makes it look like a relic. In this segment, both models Coupe Chevrolet Camaro and Hyundai Genesis offer a lower V-6 displacement, so keep generating more power and a bigger torque. The Chevy receives 304 horsepower and 273 kilograms of feet of 3.6 liters; Hyundai receives 306 and 266 from 3.8. Ford manages only 210 horses and 240 pounds of feet of 4.0 liters.

Probably because Mustang's V-6 came from Bush's first administration. Ford reframed Six in 1997, redirecting the Valvula from the hub to the top of the head. 2010 ford mustang v6 horsepower - The result also has 210 horsepower. In 13 years, don't you think Ford should find it-we don't know-another 10 ponies?

In this Mustang of 3421 pounds, 210 horses produce a time of 6.6 seconds from 0 to 60 (V-6 accords will unfold on this car bangs). Genesis and Camaro are both faster on the mark, respectively at 1.1 and 0.7 seconds. And although the light Mustang 386 pounds, he stopped nine feet slower than the Camaro, with a height of 182 feet. We have 19 mpg for both Americans; Koreans are 18 years old.

The GT model, equipped with the Track package, effectively hides the Mustang rear axle, solid. 2010 ford mustang horsepower - The base suspension on the V-6 sometimes resembles John Bonham's solo drum, because it works to keep the tires in contact with the road. When you push the Mustang to its limit, the initial return is preceded by a change of healthy height, then by the change of a vector. The fact is we prefer those operations in reverse order. 2010 ford mustang v6 horsepower - Starting at $21,845, the Camaro Mustang cut about $2000 and the Genesis Coupe 3.8 almost $4000. And it makes the Mustang in a great value for demographic groups interested only in appearances. We're not included in it.

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