2016 Ford GT Top Speed

2016 ford gt top speed - Offering the highest production of any EcoBoost ® production engine for the moment, all-a new exceptional Ford GT pair power with impressive active aerodynamic efficiency and advanced dynamics to achieve a maximum speed of 216 mph making it the fastest Ford production vehicle on track ever

Capable of exceptionally high speed, the new supercar Ford is designed and optimized for the performance of the tracks to honor its racing legacy. In 2016 construction testing, with all competitors auctioned through the use of a new fluid, new tyres and optimal suspension settings, under the same conditions and with the same driver behind the wheel, the Ford GT beats both the McLaren 680lt and the Ferrari 458 Special at Calabogie Motorsports Park in no Canada speaks for itself: Ford GT: 2:09.8, McLaren 675lt: 2:10.8 and Ferrari 458 Special: 2:12.9

SAE-rated 647 horsepower and with 550 lb.-ft. torque, the engine power V6 of 3.5 liters produces a new production of most for the previous production of the EcoBoost engines of Ford Power, making Ford GT as the fastest car ever to wear the badge Oval Blue. 2016 ford gt top speed - The Power-band engine produces 90% of the maximum torque of 3500 rpm.

2016 Ford GT Top Speed

2016 Ford GT Top Speed
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"Our hope has always been that EcoBoost V6 will perform very well in Ford GT-both in terms of energy efficiency and aerodynamics," said Dave Pericak, global director, Ford Performance. "We have tested and developed this propulsion system through a Daytona prototype racing car running in the IMSA for two seasons, racing last season with the Ford GT. We are very pleased with the performance, either on track or on the road." The dry weight Ford GT has reached only 3,000 pounds, which puts the super chariot between the two main competitors, the 675lt McLaren and the Ferrari 488. 2016 ford gt top speed - The power-weight ratio of the Ford GT was 4.72 pounds/horsepower.

"Ford GT is about performance," said Raj Nair, executive vice President Ford, world-class product developer, and chief Technology officer. "We have achieved a substantial weight economy with carbon fiber architecture and invested some of these economies in the most important places-performance, especially active dynamics, the result being a faster machine."

2016 ford gt top speed - Active Dynamic system-both for suspension and aerodynamics-is designed to make the machine work with optimum downward force, pull and balance at any speed, creating a faster configuration, regardless of the skill level of the driver. Ford GT, no reason to give, and has often proved a race to take advantage of the class at Le Mans and a number of other pieces from IMSA and WEC last season. The production of Ford GT shares much with the high-performance version of the track, with Aero features and added a sophisticated suspension so it reached another level.

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