2018 Ford Escape Interior

2018 ford escape interior - Ford has reset SUV Lite, replacing a Ford Kuga with an improved version of the car that bears the name new-Fly. The name change gave Ford a split second to get sales one of the segments of sales of new cars the hottest on the market. Change of name, from Kuga to escape, even include an update in the middle of a life that is an important point of a small SUV Ford. Stopping back, with a dash of more focus on the instrument panel and having increased sound attenuation are important to get the cabin much quieter, the submission Kuga/Fly has developed a car that is significantly better to increase the number of buyers of a small SUV. 2018 ford escape interior - This also introduces something missing in the range Kuga, model automatic mid-spec, which is dubbed Ford Escape Trend automatically, sold from the $32.990-price point, it looks like the buyers want.

Strength: The Turbo engine of 1.5 liters 1.5 liters/240Nm trendy is greater than the shift of its childhood. Cute, sloppy, and just pushing the front wheels through the car's six-speed, this is the choice of the driveline. The electric parking brake frees up a lot of space in between the front seats to store small items such as wallet, bag, and mobile phone. Space was disguised as cupholders. Despite adding more equipment such as digital radio, machine opener push button and a camera flip with the rear parking sensors, the escape has dropped in price compared to the Kuga. The area now starts at $28.490 for an Ambiente, which is equipped with a cylinder engine on the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine which is mounted on the gearbox six-speed manual.

Mounted on the steering wheel shift replace the selector manual insane which is mounted as a switching switch on the side of the transmission lever Kuga. 2018 ford escape interior - This gives a level of driving pleasure that is new for version Fly-marked. Escape-offers a cargo space of 1600 liters plus once in the rear seat folded down. The floor is uneven – it's a small lip when you open the start, and the rear backrest is stored sitting about one finger higher than the floor in the trunk, but this is a space that can be used. Version All-wheel-drive escape can be interesting to 1600 kg, so it can easily draw a small caravan, boat or float of a horse. The cruise holder has a limiter-function speed can help to avoid fines quickly. This will not automatically slow down to clean up the speed of the road downwards for so long but will make sure you are below the speed set in another time.
2018 Ford Escape Interior
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Weakness: Engine 2.0 liters New turbocharged engine provides 178kW and 345Nm, making it a car engine the most powerful in its class. However, all the results were lost in flight, which feels as though it is a horse and the struggle that is tied up to get its power to that path. The driver's seat on the Fly is very high. Although it is very nice to see a long distance through a window on the instrument cluster and control the multimedia/air conditioning away from the eyes of the driver on the dashboard. Ford has updated the Fly to multimedia system Sync3 latest, but the introduction of his voice sometimes struggled with basic commands though. You like to speak clearly and slowly.

2018 Ford Escape Interior

Emergency braking automatically available on the run, but there is one catch: it is not standard on any model. Ambiente is entry level $28.490 Ambiente does not have AEB at all, while in the Trend that is more expensive (from $32.990) and the model of titanium (from $44.900) The most expensive, this is the option that $1300. On the contrary, wagon Skoda Octavia for $24.690-we buy before the SUV seduce us from passenger car folks-it has AEB that is fitting as standard. Package $1300 also becomes an obstacle to the system that helps the driver of the second one together to it; Warning Lane Departure, adaptive cruise control that will take the car completely stops, monitor the blind spot which also prevents you escaping into oncoming traffic, and tire pressure check.

The only 110kW-no more than 1.6-liter engine Toyota Corolla-manual version Fly 1.5-liter engine that gives a force that is much smaller than it automatically. 2018 ford escape interior - Alloy thick like 19 inches, which is mounted on titanium range-the top of the change a smooth ride is experienced on the bends of the 18-inch Trend-down model next to the in-trial fast car. Go in without a key, where you can leave the key in your pocket or purse, but still open the door, is part of a package of the tailgate for $1200.

Renewed last year with a modern look and sports package new, Ford Escape continues to be one of the best selling SUV in Canada, all categories combined. Currently shopping for a compact SUV? Here are 10 good reasons why Ford Escape 2018 (Start Price: $26.099) should be included in the list of your card:

1. The sports package mentioned above greatly enhances the style of escape, thanks to the black rims 19 inches, some of the trim parts of the other black, color options exclusively for the body (Ruby Red, for example), leather wrapped knob and new Sport-style chairs.

2. Although many of its competitors are satisfied with the supply of one or two engine options, the escape of 2018 offers three: A version of 2.5 L produce 165 hp, Turbo EcoBoost produces power 179 hp, and EcoBoost-2.0 L powerful with 245 horses on the agenda. The latter is perfect for towing, if it is one of your requirements, with a maximum capacity of 3 500 kg.

3. The occupants of the runaway escape with a journey that is comfortable-lure fire-sure. The control is also accurate and direct. A small round wheel will lead to a reaction from vehicles, using a system of vector torque. Intelligent access is available to open the door without a key and start the engine get away just by pressing a button.

2018 Ford Escape Interior

4. Infotainment System SYNC 3 is one of the best on the market. Much simpler and clearer than the previous generation, it is accessed via a touchscreen of 8 inches and its use is very intuitive. The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto feature are also available.

5. Then it is the SYNC-system disconnect, which is connected with the application FordPass; Allows the user to start the car remotely, lock and unlock the doors, check the level of gasoline in the tank and found the car in the parking lot. The Wi-Fi system also includes a hot spot that can accommodate up to 10 units at the same time. Fuel panel panoramic dual-panel option Vista, which spans most of the roof escape, flooding interior with light. 2018 ford escape interior - Even better, especially for passengers who are high, is that it does not affect the space of the head.

6. In terms of active safety, Ford Escape 2018 is ranked spearheaded by most of its competitors. The list of available technologies includes screens blind spots, warning lane departure, Lane Keep assist (which gives the car back to the center of the file if needed) and collision warning further with automatic braking, a system that is integrated with the Adaptive cruise. Control.

7. Not comfortable parking for your car in a place that quickly? You can add to the Help system in the garden is reinforced. Without too much input from the driver completely, escape will be able to park itself or by the site itself, whether parking or perpendicular. And rear seat Fly 2018 down to the bottom to give 1.925 liters of loading are more than Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Tucson, and Kia Sportage. Access to storage also becomes easier with the presence of power liftgate hands-free, which is activated by sweeping with the foot under the rear bumper.

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