2019 RAM 1500 Concept

2019 ram 1500 concept - The popular RAM worker RAM, 1500, will come to redesign the model of the year 2019. The next generation of the full-size pickup truck, which is named after the DT code, will be released at the beginning of 2018 (Detroit Auto Saloon in Detroit) and brings with it a more modern face. The cross-grid is intact, although it is weakened. In addition, headlamps have a larger shape and are visible showing some new LED elements. The veil is now a name for sports engines and more sculpted than on today's model, a theme that continues throughout the body.

Inside the cab, Ram left with a familiar look, although there is a large screen at the top of the central stack and a large rotating dial that is underneath. 2019 ram 1500 concept - The vehicle also stores a transmission dialer programmer, possibly at an automatic speed of 8 steps. Judging by the size of the cab on some of its prototypes, it also resembles a Ram that will offer the Mega Cabe option on the redesigned 1500s.

In the propulsion system, expect to see the option V-8 3.6 liters already exists V-6 and 5.7 liters, probably with the oversupply available for the first. And despite the recent problems of the Fiat Chrysler automobile engine, we still expect the burning with the torque oil in the next gene 1500 at some point. The V-8 options are larger, also may occur, including competitors Ford F-150 Raptor is possible, and we Heard that moderate hybrid technology is also being considered.

2019 RAM 1500 Concept
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The vehicle is a new platform on the frames. And the body will be mainly steel, but it will combine some light materials, namely aluminum, in some parts to save weight.

The sales of pickup trucks are one of the bright spots for the FCA in 2017, so the redesigned 1500 is the launch vehicle should run smoothly. Sales of Ram trucks increased by 5% in the calendar year to date, compared with the same period of 9 months in 2016. And this number is all the more impressive if you think that the entire market of new vehicles in the US has diminished in the same period

2019 ram 1500 concept - Competition does not rest. By 2019 1500 They arrive, they will face the latest version of the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and Ford F-150 models. Note, the body-on-outline stage created for the upgraded display 1500 will likewise be utilized for the new Wagoneer Jeep and the Grand Wagoneer. SUVs initially due in 2018, but now will not be until 2019 or 2020.

2019 RAM 1500 Concept

Ram did a good job of hiding his truck generation of people, but one of our spy photos finally saw a pick-up with a little camouflage. A truck even uses its factory paint. From what we see, this Ram will be the greatest departure of the current generation. In Front is the most important change. Ram trucks since the mid-' 90 have been distinguished by the emergence of their large platforms consisting of headlights mounted down, and the height of the pendulum's creaking. The grid was also more prominent with the way the center of the bonnet meets the upper grille, while the side of the bonnet and the headlight meeting wing.

Most of these traditional posters are gone. The headlights are raised at the top of the diaphragm. Now, the grid goes down Under the lamp. On the hood, there is still an old style, but it looks very different. Hood and the front bumper are also more sculpted and detailed to emphasize the toughness of the truck, and the hood now has a badge with models of trucks and motors. The dark red truck in the photo has a V8 of 5.7 liters. The grid seems to miss the classic viewfinder as well, and vice versa only a horizontal bar. Perhaps it is only for this level trim because at this time the Ram has a variety of sans grid crosshairs.

2019 ram 1500 concept - Going around the truck, the changes are less radical. The Ram Pandul is still impressively clean and tidy, providing a simple organic curve. The rear lights are more detailed now, and the back and backlight signals have a few bumps in them. The trunk is also very clean, and various holes on the back show that there will be no shortage of badging and garnish options on the back. We look forward to seeing all the details in the near future, in time for the model year 2019.

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