2019 RAM 1500 Rumors

2019 ram 1500 rumors - The new Ram 1500 ramp seems to be able to divide. Prototype images of the truck captured 2019 being tested on public roads show a new design of the tailgate that is divided into two parts for the purpose. It is the realization of a patent filed in 2013, which describes a similar setting, although the original design represents a 50/50 rupture, while the door on the truck in the photo looks more like 66/33.

The patent describes a system in which the sides can be tilted sideways as the doors of the valves or descended like traditional truck beds, either independently or together. This allows for closer access to the bed and the ability to carry longer objects on one side while retaining the items secured in other places by closed trucks.

( 2019 ram 1500 rumors ) It seems only to the completely enclosed position in the photo, but the folds cover the space between the tailgate and the bumper, and any mechanism is hidden underneath, indicating that each side has the ability to fold. The only factory-equipped pickup with the current one is Honda Ridgeline, which has a single piece of the tailgate that can be opened or out, the latter facilitating the use of the bag built on the bed floor, due to the fact that the Ridgeline platform is About the one used for the Honda Odyssey.

Body-On-frame new Ram seems to have none of it, but other prototypes look with the unique future bed RamBox compartment that is currently available and is likely to be brought to 2019 models. 2019 ram 1500 rumors - A sister company of Ram, Fiat, making the compact pick-up called Toro, who had a different idea about the tailgate split idea, in which the door opens sideways and the panel is folded out of them to create a bed that was prolonged, but there are no plans to sell them in the St The United States. While the new Ram goes on sale, we need to find out at the Detroit Auto Show in January, where it's scheduled to be officially announced.

2019 RAM 1500 Rumors

2019 RAM 1500 Rumors
In many respects, the recent emergence of RAM Ram 2019 is the opposite of the last. While most of the body is covered by one or two layers of camouflage, the grille is left almost empty. The grid removes the same vibrations as the Laramie Ram model. Instead of a big cross in the middle and a mesh somewhere else, it has some horizontal rods. There are two thicker items that hold the hidden RAM logo, which also aligned with the lights running during the day, which has doubled as signaling signal now.

But if you don't like this version, maybe there will be other models for the front. The model 2019 Ram 1500 should turn out one month from now at the Detroit Auto appear in 2018. In any case, regardless we don't have a clue about every one of the subtle elements. The previous photo also presents a new hood, more sculpted and slanted. Rumors show that it's pressed from aluminum to save weight. However, Ram still hanging on steel because it is more rigid and more comfortable to use.

The back changes are also evident with the LED rear lights that are higher than ever. The choice of Rambox will even make a comeback. Ram worked on a new type of design of the tailgate, which not only is down but also divided 70/30 to the side, as a door of a wagon. But thanks to the camouflage, we don't know if this particular prototype has this configuration. (See Also: 2019 Ram 1500 Redesign)

2019 ram 1500 rumors - Completely ignoring Ford EcoBoost, RAM will provide RAM 2019 with 3.6 liters Pentastar V6 or Hemi V8. A little later, they'll drop 3.0 liters of EcoDiesel under an aluminum hood. Rumor is they're discussing the hybrids of four turbocharged ships, but we'll trust him when we see her. It's Ram, not the Prius! In the meantime, you can buy the model 2017 with a special blue paint.

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