Ford B Max 2013 Review

Ford b max 2013 review - This is Ford B-Max Compact at Fiesta, which is designed to steal Daricitroen C3 Picasso sales, Honda Jazz Danvauxhall Meribah. I don't think B-max supermini swell, though much more intelligent than that. The most unusual, in the car, was not the main support, and the back doors had a panoramic slide in the salon, two Ford times more than the Opel Meribah. All of this makes the B-Max model be autonomous.

How's Ford B Max 2013 inside? B-Max 12 longer and higher than Fiesta Didasarinya, but it is a unique system, a door that really distinguishes B-Max with brother Supermini. Ford b max 2013 review - Without the main pillars, dividing the salon into two parts, there is an opening, a hole size of 1.5 meters, when both doors are open.

Sliding doors and the absence of a central rack to allow easy access to the salon-the rear access is unlimited, of course, because the front seats are still in place, you can expect to find it. However, the safety-belt is integrated into the back of the chair to minimize the mess. If you are in a multi-story parking lot and are busy trying to make the baby in the seat of their rear doors, Slide B-Max will be the grace of the Absolute.

You get in the salon and you find places for four adults, and you get the position only directly, with a lot of travel in the living room, more support to adjust the rudder, and two to you. The dashboard looks like funky, too, though it took a little time to see the pros and cons of the menu on the screen. The dashboard is like a Ford Focus-most of the materials on the slash view, especially the version of Titan that we were driving. We're still going to have to keep the studio car at the entry-level level, and it will be interesting to see if B-Max is similar to the fiesta structure from the village, which is cheaper than the entry-level version.

Ford B Max 2013 Review

Ford B Max 2013 Review
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Ford b max 2013 review - In 318 liters, the boot provides a number of useful space, and you also get the half of the load that can be adjusted to increase flexibility. What he said, while the back seat of the Meribah is broken, folded and folded into three parts, respectively, the rear B-Max base is fixed and rear 60/40 split. At least when the rear seats were folded, they were lying flat on the cushion and releasing 1386 liters of cargo space.

B-Max It's fun to drive and drive comfortably-from a security point of view, the B-max door is reinforced steel with the ultra-high power to make the car, at least a blow-hard as a traditional means. Ford b max 2013 review - Electronic stability control and seven airbags, including curtains all the length and a bag for the driver's feet, are also fitted.

How's Ford B-Max 2013 how to drive? If you think deleting something is not a constructive integral, because in the center of the column sounds like a prescription for a large dose of colloidal, think again. When the B-Max door is closed, the roof hooker and the side thresholds lock them in place to help keep the body rigid. As a result, B-Max was completely unworried; He goes through the angles with precision and feels brave to plant at speed. B-Max runs with a scale and has a sequence of weighing all of its elements, which makes it very fun to do.

Travel is appropriate for carriers; Comfortable enough to frame the stings of the curves and bumps, but controlled enough to prevent the body from indiscriminate bulging. Roof and door panels are reinforced to help maintain the rigidity of the body and to protect the good influence-this is the same story on the road our English is tougher. B-Max has a structure that is more rigid than the rivals, helping to keep the navigational characteristics great, but simply a big hole, and the surface of the Voom is actually exposing itself. Ford b max 2013 review - Initial level engine petrol power 89bhp 1.4-litre. The power of uninterrupted delivery and the engine works fairly quietly, although there is no sixth gear to rotate enough to speed on the road.

Ford states 98-8 The horsepower of the three-cylinder engine EcoBoost combines the power of 1.6 with the economy 1.0 liter. Government figure 57.7 MPG and 0-62 miles to 11.2 seconds will appear in support of this claim. However, Ford's focus is bigger, with a more advanced version of the same engine not able to reach the approaching figures to test true miles per gallon in the real world.

This petrol unit EcoBoost with three cylinders the new Ford is one of the cars on the road, the car is pretty powerful, and although it has a three-cylinder exhaust husky, there's almost no vibration. The only significant drawback relates to the measures expressed in power, when the machine is working, up to the range of revolutions, along with a little lag in the turbo. If the economy has become a serious problem for you, then 70.6 miles per gallon 1.6 box is the version that suits her. Ford b max 2013 review - The same home in a city or highway with sufficient torque to feel comfortable in motion more quickly.

Do I have to buy it? B-Max isn't that easy. The version of our beloved 98bhp 1.0-litre finishes lights you're 16,195. The Honda Jazz, which is equivalent to 1400 cheaper, while Citroën C3 Picasso has a similar price of 1895 less. However, in every other case, B-Max represents Ford with the best quality. If you think the dealer is almost certain to be willing to negotiate a price, there is no reason why B-Max should not be included on your short list.

Ford B Max 2013 Review

The SUV can be very fashionable at the moment, but those who search for practicality in a package a small car should not ignore the Kompaktvjena format for long, especially if your preferences for family recreation and parking are easy. Beginning in 2012, Ford B-Max began offering a blue oval in this class. This is based on the underlying model of the company that is sold, Fiesta, but slightly higher and slightly larger. Interestingly, B-Max has sliding side rear doors and not the main pillars that leave the hole wide in large enough to facilitate small children and the load is divided on the inside and outside of the vehicle.

It is available in four picks, with four petrol and two diesel engines, and its competitors are Citroën C3 Picasso and Opel Meribah. Read further to find out how well B-Max is getting older, and if the refinery style of the old is still able to carve it up with the youth of the SUV. We also received recommendations for the finish level and the selected engine.

Disk - Ford is famous for the production of cars drive and pen well, B-Max is no exception. These grips are very good for a reorder because the body is tilted in the corner to a minimum, and there are many handles. The steering control is also accurate. However, the main Trump is its path, which, while it is on the side more comfortable, effectively combat heap speed and traffic injuries less.

There are six engines of choice, including two versions equipped with the EcoBoost engine on a 1.0-litre three-cylinder, with 99bhp and others with 123bhp. Ford b max 2013 review - Our choice for a private buyer is a unit that works. The are is rather low to move to B-Max with better, combined with a five gearbox, and although it may be a small, three-cylinder engine is not typical.

Four-cylinder gasoline engine with a power of 89bhp 1.4-litre offers a little more power and fuel savings, worse and CO2 emissions than the EcoBoost engine, so it doesn't seem reasonable. The engine 1.6 liter, which works in the upper one, which is available only with an automatic gearbox six boxes powershift, and, though fairly smooth and fast enough, the CO2 emissions are the highest of all B-Max series machines.

There are two versions of a 1.5 liter diesel engine, a version of 75ps and 95PS, as a reduction of CO2 emissions below 100 g/km. However, the hypothesis that the less powerful, less fuzzy, and the second machine might be noisy, especially on an alignment where the lack of a sixth broadcast means they're not quite satisfied with the desert cruise. The sound of the engine on the side, B-Max is largely exquisite, with little wind noise irritating, although some road noise is clearly visible on the surface rough.

Interior layout - B-Max has a driver's seat very good. The chair is convenient and supportive, while there is a lot of driver adjustment and adjustable steering control for achievement and height. The dash is crowded with a large number of shapes, curves, and buttons, although the primary tool is clear and easy to read. You may find that some buttons have a small and central console that are quite cluttered, so you need to concentrate to find what you're looking for, although all the controls are logical, intelligent.

All versions are equipped with a radio and USB connector, and everything except the entry-level studio is equipped with Ford Sync, Bluetooth devices with voice control, allowing you to connect to music and phone calls. There's a digital display at the top of the dashboard, but it looks a little out of date now, because the competitor is a new offering of much larger screens with higher resolution.

There cannot be the main support, but a door frame that will meet there instead of creating blind spots that are not noticeable in B-Max, especially at the intersection of the Scythe. If not, you're sitting high, so the front and back are good. Front and rear parking meters are available in all finishes as a payment option, and the rearview camera is available as an option in the picking Titanium and Titanium X.

Space and practicality - There's a lot of room in the front, from a few storage areas, including the living room trash, good-size trash, four cupholders, and a point above the rear-view mirror.

Access to the back seat is very nice because there are no bases, and each rear door is folded, so the abandoned, abandoned width 1.5 mm, which makes it easier for little children in and out of. There is also more than enough room for two adults in the back, because there are a lot of heads and places for Nog, and three in short trips. Unfortunately, the rear seats are not needed, as some competitors do, slipped forward or backward to increase the space in the trunk or to add a back seat to your feet. In general, there are seven combinations of upholstery different and the length of the maximum load of 2.35 m from all passenger seats.

The shoe itself is in a good state and quite deep, and while the lid may not be electric, these lamps are easy to use and comfortable with the handle. A low lip makes it easier to get weekly shopping, and while openings in an area, fewer tasks for loading and unloading are larger or more awkward than baggage or stroller. With the trim, the floor of the trunk is flat and adjustable to the height, which means it can be reduced to add depth if necessary.

Cost and sentence - B-Max feel good to make and most of the materials on the high-quality dashboard, especially on high-performance versions, that we have to go. The plastics at the top of the dashboard are pretty soft on the touch, although there are some plastics that are stronger and more fundamental, which proved to be lower, especially at the lower level of the finish.

All versions, starting with a division base studio, are well equipped. Ford b max 2013 review - This is happening with radio DAB and all electric. Our choice is the finishing of the light, which is located right at the top and added by the disc, the air conditioner, the alloy discs, the windshield, the warmth and the system of loud Ford Sync. In addition, Titanium and Titanium x in trims are extravagant, but they begin to look expensive.

We do not expect Max to have a reliability problem, but because of the fiesta that laid the B-Max base, the average of mechanical reliability in the survey of the JD power. The cost of services should not be too expensive, and a standard three-year guarantee and 60000 miles could be extended for a relatively low of five years and 100 000 miles.

Ford b max 2013 review - B-Max has additional reinforcement in the door and roof to overcome the absence of pillars-the center, and this helped to obtain the euro NCAP five stars maximum. In addition, the stability control system is standard across the entire range, such as front, side, curtain and driver safety airbags, and the location of anchorages. Active braking in the city this is an available option for two picks, the top uses sensors to detect if the collision is inevitable and the brakes are the vehicle, respectively.

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