Ford B Max Review

Ford B Max Review
Ford B Max Review - Making variants of a supermini-sized car is today a big business: Nissan note, Citroen C3 Picasso, Kia Spectra-all take bones with a small car and build it to provide flexibility for the car, which is much larger. Smart. And what does Ford have to offer in this sector as long as Ford B-Max is new? Fusion is terrible.

However, Uncle Henry pulls his finger and the launch of Ford B-Max-which can actually be supermini the smartest and supermini-MPV who has never been seen in this sector. Ford B-Max is not only a design from scratch, not a fiesta with a steering wheel stocky but also the first two places in this sector: a sliding side Gemini door and not a center post. Ford B Max Review - Right: Open the front door and move the rear up, to the smoke hole at 1.5 blockage m on each side. And if that's not enough to force you to pay attention to Ford B-Max, we don't know what it is.

Ford should not forget the others. How much lately the blue car oval forms, it's what looks neat with the surface is pumped in the side panel, which makes it a little more van than some in this sector. New interior and stylish, and can be packaged with the technology on board Ford, which became known in the United States. (Related: Ford B Max Review Honest John)

Driving: Although mini-MPV is practical, it is also true to Ford: B-Max actually gets the value of the driving method. At the trial, Ford B-Max, we first felt a little tough, but you'll soon realize that it's a firm, not a rigid, and not very likely to make kids Carsick. The advantages for the driver are very fun to drive, much more than most in this sector. How he feels more and more expensive than the same impression.

Duratec engine 1.4 liters, and stupid, um. You'd rather EcoBoost 1.0-litre or better, one of the diesel engines vibrate, but no fuel. Ford B Max Review - We must survive from a box up to 1.5, but the count is: if a small run, the engine EcoBoost cheaper than the whole.

Interior: The sliding stain on the door is very practical. If you've ever tried to free the baby from the parking lot, you know how important sliding doors are without a center post. The interior is dense and very practical, with a large number of operating chairs. And the detail was flawless, though not too revolutionary, all of which, together, makes it a car that is useful for life. We love the front seat belts embedded in the seat itself.

Operating expenses & Clag: Ford B Max Review - Prices start at £13,195, so it's not a refraction of the cheap sell, but it's the best-and besides, Opel Meribah proved that people will pay a higher price for this type of car while it's in the astronomy and focus stage. Advantage B-Max added fuel savings: Diesel claims that more than 70 mpg and even 1.0 EcoBoost can return almost 58mpg, with tax concessions, the CO2 that is derived from it. The light must be a minimal finish, though. The studio is a flat apartment, basic.

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