Ford Figo Aspire Interior

Ford Figo Aspire Interior
Ford Figo aspire interior (video, 360 degree view, ambiente base model images, trend view) - Ford has started the test cycle with a newer/second-generation small modification of Figo, the first of a recent espionage campaign in Brazil. For starters, both the Ford Phillips and the Aspire were conceptualized and the South American countries (with + called Ka and ka) ushered in its world premiere.

What do we expect? Ford is expected to get rid of the old Sync 1 system currently available with Philip and aspire. It may be replaced by the latest touch-based SYNC-3 system. SYNC 1 Not only looks like many buttons and a small screen of primitive, but also makes a stroke tedious. The dashboard of the test well is completely covered, indicating the overhaul of the upcoming ecological movement.

The Figo two are probably 6.5-sync-3 systems (see above), which are available in the low version, in Brazil and in China (and possibly in India) ecosport-cosmetic surgery. EcoSport's standard décor is the same as endeavor, 8 inches. All two devices are equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. While the test mule was camouflaged, it was clear that Ford kept the Figo and Aspire grille intact. The bumper is expected to vary subtly and with updated headlights and taillights.

Ford Figo aspire interior - In terms of machinery, for India, Ford can adjust or modify the 1.2-liter petrol engine, which may be the weakest point in its packaging. Although it has competitive numbers on paper (88PS/111NM), it is sensitive to the city's asteroids. On the other hand, diesel itself is a rocket! A 100ps/215nm engine with 1.5 litres of petrol (112ps/136nm). Newer models are expected to be introduced next year, and the price is expected to be the same as the current order of magnitude. An updated version of the sporty "S" is expected to be introduced.

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