Ford GT 2017 Top Speed

Ford gt 2017 top speed - Ford Motor Company [NYSE: F] has finally revealed certain performance specs for his latest supercar GT. We can ensure that the V-6 of 3.5 liters twin-turbo installed on the machine makes 647 horsepower power at 6,250 rpm and a couple of 550 pounds-feet at 5900 RPM, with 90 percent of the couple figures reached 3,500 rpm. We also know that the car is through the EPA returns 11 mpg city, 18 highway and 14 combined, which is worse than the fuel economy of a V-10-powered Dodge Viper.

The half-mounted engine has a compression ratio of 9.0:1 and is coupled to a 7-speed clutch. Drive only on the rear wheels through a limited differential. Ford gt 2017 top speed - The maximum speed is 216 mph, which makes the GT the fastest production machine in Ford's history. We don't have the figures for acceleration, but most cars in this class will reach 60 mph in 3.0 seconds or less, and we have no doubt that the same will apply to the GT.

Ford GT 2017 Top Speed
Dry weight is 3, 053, 84 pounds, slightly higher than 2.712 lb dry weight 666 HP 666 HP, although in testing Ford itself, GT has proven to be faster around the track.

Ford GT 2017 Top Speed

During the testing, the Ford GT pitted against the 675LT and Ferrari [NYSE: RACE] 458 in a special race against time in the Calabogie Motorsports Park Canada. Ford gt 2017 top speed - With the same driver for each car, the GT has reached 2:09.8 around the track 3.1 miles. The time of McLaren is 2:10.8 and Ferrari 2:12.9. This is not an independent test, so the figure should not be considered nominal. However, they provide a reference point in which future tests can be measured against it. We are confident that Ford is not willing to send GT to test some of the owners. (See Also: How Much is A 2017 Ford GT)

Oval Blue appreciates the aerodynamics and the active suspension of the car as it helps to ensure higher hours of travel. This system, which is made on a racetrack, is designed to make the machine operate with optimum force, to draw and balance at any speed. This can be adjusted by machine modes Selector, which includes tracking mode.

Ford gt 2017 top speed - In Track mode, the suspension is tight, the fuel flow is high and the car is lowered to 50 millimeters. Active reactivated aerodynamics, with air ducts in the front, is sealed so that more air is fed to the high-pressure line at the back of the body. The rear wings are also spread, adding force and ser n air brake during heavy maneuvers. GT production is managed by Multimatic Canada in Markham, Ontario. The cars are built at a rate of 250 a year and the first example was sent.

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