Ford Lobo 2018 Interior Design

Ford Lobo 2018 interior design ( Mexico Precio ) - As an American brand, which is fine and take advantage of the local role in Detroit, Ford presented Lobo 2018 the new one as a new thing for North America International Auto Show 2017 (Naias 2017), a truck that gives the 40 as a bestseller pick-up the United States has become One of the big surprises at this Detroit Auto Salon. These images do not lie, and the new Ford 2018 Lobo beyond the facelift, but without the ninth generation, because this is the evolution presented in 2015, which praised the aluminum construction and EcoBoost engines. It now receives new aesthetic details, more technology, and help for handling, as well as new engines, including Power stroke diesel.

Ford lobo 2018 interior - Beginning with the aesthetic innovation, the new Lobo, or F-150, which is as well known throughout the world, except in Mexico, highlighted by the front of the new grid, headlights, and Fascias, depending on the version in question would have a different ending. In this version of the entry trim of the couple that runs along the chrome grille on the most equipped version will be the color of the body and is also a version of its shortcomings and, instead accommodate the honeycomb grid, with inputs to provide A more sporty look.

As far as the headlights are concerned, it is also a prime design and can have full LED lighting in the most complete version. Ford lobo 2018 interior design - The rear part does not have a significant change in the front, the new skull has been observed and the trunk lid has also received the aesthetic connection. The lateral portion remains unchanged and you can count on the wheels moving from 17 to 22 ". In the design and pickup equipment remained virtually unchanged, only newly added color clothes that can go from the dark Marsala Navy Pier and applications with the appearance of carbon fiber, King Ranch, as is the custom. He's going to have a special place called Kingsville.

A smarter choice - Ford has placed a special interest in improving the technological level of pick-up and can now rely on elements such as Start & Stop, Cruise control adaptive, pre-collision assistant with pedestrian detection, assistant conservation tapes, warning The security of the system, the blind spot to the higher, because it works even when the trailers are connected and, finally, hot spots with Wi-fi and the ability to connect up to ten devices. 3 The infotainment Sync system is compatible with Apple car AutoPlay and Android and touch screen located in the center of the border can design a picture of the new camera at 360°.

Ford Lobo 2018 Interior Design
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Diesel-transmission Betting and 10 accelerations - The upgraded Ford Lobo 2018 engine is also an important part of this update. First, there is a 3.3-liter V6 new entry version that fuels a V6 3.5-liter engine that offers the same power of 282 hp and 253 Nm torque. On top, there is a new generation EcoBoost of 2.7 liters has been revised to improve efficiency and sustainability and will comprise the ten-speed transmission, in which case the official figures of power and torque, this will be communicated later.

Ford lobo 2018 interior design - The cherries will be a V8 of 5.0 liters that was, also used in the Ford Mustang GT and a new thing that was great was the diesel Powerstroke V6 of 3.0 liters, where there are no official figures, but the promising ability to draw higher and a couple are not Never seen on the truck F-150 and also the best fuel consumption contributes greatly to the same 10-speed transmission used on other machines in this field. The engine movement, which will arrive in Mexico, has not been confirmed so we will try to obtain information from our own hands at the Detroit Auto show, as well as the attempted arrival date of the new truck in this country. For now, the only thing known is to start sales in the United States in the fall of 2017 as a model of the year 2018.

Ford Lobo 2018 Interior Design

Ford Lobo 2018 Interior
With just three years of existence on the market, the current generation of Ford Lobo has received aesthetic and technological updates that have attempted to maintain it in a comfortable position within the high takeover segment. Since its management in sales in the United States, Wolf is committed to giving luxury and off-road capabilities in versions of sale in Mexico.

For XLT, whether there is a normal or double cabin, either with a single or full, wolves, with V8 engines of 395 horsepower and torque of 400 lb-ft. end-Lariat and Platinum-replaces it with an EcoBoost V6 of 3.5 liters, capable of developing a couple of 375 hp and a couple of 470 lb-ft. All versions have a 10-speed automatic transmission with manual mode and five driving modes: Normal, Eco, tow/Haul, Snow/Wet and Sport.

All versions are automatic transmission 10 SPEED. XLT present with 5.0 liter V8; Lariate and Platinum with EcoBoost V6. Ford was responsible for turning Wolf into more than just a working vehicle. With a close dose of equipment, dress your pick with the luxury of an SUV. In all versions, I found the infotainment SYNC 3 compatible with Android Auto and CarPlay, with 8-inch screen and Bang & Olufsen sound with 10 speakers. Platinum also integrates subwoofers, adjustable steering wheel, pedals and mirrors, memory functions and massages for front seats.

Ford Lobo 2018 interior design - As regards safety, as the standard has four ABS disc brakes, anti-tipping CSR system, traction control and stability, electric hand brakes and six airbags. The upper range adds rear rubber side belts, spot monitoring to blindness, movement alerts, and expandable trailers.

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