Ford Ranger FX4 Level 2

Ford Ranger fx4 level 2 (review and specs) - Ford is proud to tell us that Ranger has been a leader in small truck sales for the past 14 years. Of course, there is a lot of competition in the compact car market, and one does not simply put out the vehicle years. For a stay on top of the stack from last year, the ranger has been redesigned several times since it was launched in 83 and there are many enhancements and improvements in the "02" model, one of which is the FX4 off-road kit.

You may remember that when we tested the younger brother of the larger ranger, F-150, with the FX4 package ("Ford F-150 FX4 2002," April ' 02), these vehicles produced marginal effects. Ford Ranger fx4 level 2 - Luckily, the packaging name of Fanger Ranger and F-150 is the same. Rangers include a richer list of real-time equipment. When equipped with FX4 kits, Rangers receive gear rings and pinion 4.0L v-6,4:10:1 with rear differential limits, Alcoa wheels, tires of BFGoodrich full terrain KO31 inches, Bilstein shock absorbers, and heavy springs. Also included are drag hooks, heavier front skateboards, sports bucket seats, special rubber pads and electrical equipment sets. We are eager to see this new Ranger who has this impressive outfit.

Ranger FX4 carries the Ford 4.0L V-6 engine. Ford Ranger fx4 level 2 - It can provide good acceleration when combined with pinion gear 4.1:1. As our test begins, we see that the gear 4:10:1, the trans-five gears and the 4.0L V-6 produce 207 horsepower and 238 lb-ft of torque, is a sweet combination. Combining this power with a 4.1:1-phase profile means that the Ranger starts and runs when the accelerator pedal threads. More interestingly, the 4.0L peak torque is carried out at a low speed of 3000 rpm/min. Yes, it feels good to step on the ranger pedal because there is a lot of power at low rpm. With 4.0L V-6 meshing well is electronically controlled by a five-speed automatic transmission that always seems to have the right equipment.

The ranger's other highs include its gears and pinion rudders. Although there are some heavy aspects in the effort, the rack gear provides a quick and precise turn. The guidance also gives people a good sense of the road, through the city traffic or winding mountain guide Ranger is a good advantage.

Ford Ranger FX4 Level 2

Ford Ranger FX4 Level 2
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The ranger's interior also scored high on our tests. Although the seats are a bit basic, they are comfortable with all types of bodies and provide good adjustments. Ford Ranger fx4 level 2 - The complete instrument also provides the driver with all necessary information. The only drawback of SuperCab Ranger is that there is not much room behind the seat. However, this is common in small pickups, because there is only a lot of space available; Rangers are no worse than competitors.

On the back of the ranger clear performance of an impressive stock of vehicles. This is combined with the effectively limited slip differential of the rear axle to help the Ranger keep its charms. Our Ranger has an attractive drink lid, opens the front and rear, and is fitted with a central divider line. Although useful, it is 895 dollars to choose when with bedding. Because it does not have a top luxury component, such as leather, GPS navigation system and a heated seat, we often see in the test vehicle the interior of the ranger is very basic. Good. We can do this without it all. More important to us is a comfort.

When Ranger's transmission system and interior were praised, the brakes were not praised by our testers. While the brake pedal drives 60 to 0 mph to make the rails very good and easy to modulate, they provide only a sense of an average stop distance. Load the ranger until it's half 1333 pounds to charge the brakes and lead to a longer stop distance.

So what is the performance of the FX4 encapsulated components? is quite effective on the whole. The core of the packaging is heavy-duty handles and Bilstein shocks. The spring speed is almost right, from cruising along the two-lane highway to various activities. The impact is the effective work of dealing with various scale shocks. Ford Ranger fx4 level 2 - Its efficacy allows Rangers to run smoothly on the freeway, crawling around in a small area, and when it absorbs slower effects, the larger lumps have to absorb the speed of high-speed running. Only the wheels that are not attached to the independent Ranger front suspension are designed to limit the performance of the suspension; Fortunately, the Ranger's back has a good clarity. The rider's ability to bend the road was surprising. The compact pickup is handled above average.

The FX4 package is an important part of the KO full terrain tires 31 inches in the Alcoa hub. This combination means that we don't need to change wheels and tires first, because Alcoa wheels look good, and BFGS gives a lot of glamour. (See Also: Ford Ranger Raptor 2017)

BFGoodrich's 31-inch full terrain KO ban offers excellent traction. A three-story side wall also means we don't have to worry about replacing the tablet with the cutting side wall. The only downside is that tire noise is the smallest increase on the freeway, thanks to its positive footprint, but its performance is worth it compared to the usual car tires we see on the truck. Also helps to attract dirt is a limited rear-end variant. It is much more stringent than we have discussed many other slips, as well as the power switch, is more fast, helping Rangers find our test track loose and rock part traction. The only major drawback on the road ranger was his low stomach, which led him to drag some parts.

Through our exams, we reluctantly handed Ranger FX4 to the Ford Test team. Although we had some small complaints, we were impressed by the F-150 brothers. Delightful engine, good transmission, functional interiors, and a good turn to make the ranger explode. Ford Ranger fx4 level 2 - Combining with FX4 packs a good feature makes it possible for people to look for some clues directly from the factory function of the compact pickup to the good choice of the road. The price has been estimated at $24,830-$ 27,525.

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