2015 Ford Mustang V6 0 60

2015 ford mustang v6 0 60 - (gt 0 60) A sporty rear coupe weighing less than 25 thousand is a rare and appealing thing. However, ignoring the marketing of Ford for the Mustang base that supports this new four-cylinder EcoBoost releases the V-6 segment for the escape racket. In addition to the latest revised pony car chassis, which includes a new independent rear suspension and overall refinement is impressive, the V-6 coupe is the easiest of the new Mustang that we have tested. At £3588, it weighed less than £100 from the EcoBoost version that I drove.

The reason comes from the abused blue Oval V-6, 3.7 liters, which is tuned here for 300 horsepower and torque of 280 pounds. 2015 ford mustang v6 0 60 - The six-step manual transmission is standard, but our example uses an automatic six-step option, which adds 1195 to the sticker.

With less torque to peak RPM than 2.3 turbo, which makes 310 ponies and 320 pounds-feet, V-6 requires higher legs than drivers to build speed. However, it matches the EcoBoost version of the user at 60 mph (5.5 seconds) and only a few ticks slower than an automatic turbo. The second quarter of the second quarter of the year V-6 is just slightly treading four cylinders. In addition, the V-6 vehicle observed by 22 mpg is almost identical to that of the turbo-charged Mustang that I drove.

2015 Ford Mustang V6 0-60 MPH
2015 ford mustang v6 0 60 - However, Ford will not allow you to add a new Mustang performance package if you do not make money at $1500 for EcoBoost factories or buy GT, which means that to stop the suspension and direction, steering and brakes have been improved. Forbidden: 19-inch alloy wheels with high-performance tires. (See Also: 2017 Ford Mustang Lightning Blue)

2015 Ford Mustang V6 0 60

The compromise for all this is the MSRP V-6 coupe at affordable prices at $24 625, with our car totaled $27.700 with auto box options and several small selections. The new Mustang Cabin is a major improvement over its predecessor, and the standard fabric upholstery provides good comfort and support, so there is no penalty box. But also here, Ford denies buyers V-6 high-quality leather upholstery, touch screen interface and other facilities available on EcoBoost and GT models. Do you have the feeling that Ford doesn't want you to buy a V-6 if you're not Hertz or Avis?

With the new basic carts are intended primarily for fleets and buyers pick Ashes, the focus of punishing the amateurs of Ford EcoBoost Mustang are aware of the price will likely appreciate the movie of the guttural exhaust of the synthetic soundtrack V-6 EcoBoost. This is the reason to be angry on the Ford suit, but at least the Mustang V-6 should be an important competitor if we dare to hold the second car Olympics Hire.

2015 ford mustang v6 0 60 - Goodyear seasons V-6 still offers a solid and adequate silence with a rough surface and a limited sliding difference with 03:55 final unit: 1 Galanta available (test machine had the standard ratio of 3.15:1). But the V-6 model does not have the firmness and capabilities of EcoBoost's optional "God-free" hardware. Lateral adhesion of the 0.86 G down to still respectable, and obstacles to stop 70-0 at 164 feet. Factor in the car I was tactless, automatically, quickly reaching the upper and slow teeth to downshift even in sports mode, and V-6 as unpleasant to other machines.

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