2016 Ford Explorer Recalls

2016 ford explorer recalls - Ford draws 251 vehicles from North America, including Ford Explorer 2016 Ford Taurus Lincoln MKS in 2015 and 2015, due to the possibility of a fuel leakage could pose a fire hazard, the builder said on Wednesday. Vehicles withdrawn due to "potential problems with the screws float fuel tank, which was not properly consolidated," Ford said in a statement.

Add: "As a consequence, the fuel tank strap could break after a long time, causing the fuel tank separately from the vehicle, causing a fuel flow in the appearance of an ignition reference It can cause a fire. " Ford does not tell any knowledge of accidents, accidents or fires related to withdrawal. 2016 ford explorer recalls - The affected vehicle was built on 24 July 2015 at the Ford factory in Chicago.

2016 Ford Explorer Recalls
The Ford dealer will tighten the fuel tank screws correctly. The recall will begin on Sunday, October 19th. Owners can contact Ford customer service at number 1-866-436-7332. There is no information about the recall, which was published on the National Traffic Safety Administration Website, which oversees the safety of vehicles in the US. Edmunds says: The owner of this vehicle should schedule service meetings with their Ford dealer as soon as they receive their official warning notice. But if you have immediate attention, you should contact your dealer. Right now. Or you can go to the following URL.

2016 ford explorer recalls - Ford issued a recall for more than 200,000 trucks F150 and Explorer SUVs, of which over 177,000 are sold in the US. Recovery is a problem with the seat that can be adjusted to the front power. A bolt in the adjusting system will probably detach and allow the swabs to change during an accident. This can lead to the uncontrolled passengers of the seats, which leads to an increased risk of injury.

Models affected by over 200,000 models Ford F-150 and explorers 2016 were built between January and April of that year. So far, Ford has not reported any injuries to this withdrawal.

To fix this problem, the Ford Distributor will check the screws and will repair, if necessary, without cost to the customer. 2016 ford explorer recalls - If the screw is determined not to be possible for long-term use, it will be reassembled only as a temporary improvement while Ford develops a final replacement component. As always, if you want to check and see if your vehicle is on. Is affected, click here and find an open recall.

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