2018 Ford Expedition EL

2018 ford expedition EL - I've been waiting for Ford 2018 Ford Expedition when the aluminum-plated automobile manufacturers expand strategic weight savings of pickups for SUVs to share their base. The result is an eight-seater SUV that runs a new frame; Extending the wheelbase by three inches, the total length of about an inch and an inch wide; throw more technology, And it still produces 300 pounds lighter. Ford will unveil the SUV to an event in Dallas, and they'll be exposed this weekend at the Chicago Auto show.

The expedition debuted for the model of the year 1997, and although you have to upgrade, this is essentially a second-generation full-size SUV competing with suburban Toyota Sequoia, Chevrolet, future Jeep Wagoneer, and Nissan Armada. 2018 ford expedition EL - Ford said he added 40 features and driver-support technology for the year 2018 model. The builder does not need to stop the Kentucky sport vehicle in Louisville to retool the body shop to switch steel to an aluminum body, which is good for commercial vehicles of all shapes and sizes are still current Hot.

In fact, 44% of today's automotive industry is an SUV. That up to 33 percent in 2009, with the millennium and Baby Boomers encourage switching from car to usefulness, said Michael O'Brien, the marketing director of the Ford SUV Group. 2018 ford expedition EL - Globally, the SUV has grown by 80 percent in the last five years, to 1.7 million in 2016. In it, an SUV-sized segment in the increase of 22 percent in 2016. The new expedition was put on sale in the fall and will be offered at XLT level, Limited and Platinum for ordinary customers and XL for fleets. There is also an expanded Max expedition that is about 8 centimeters longer.

The model 2018 carries a 3.5 liter V-6 EcoBoost with auto start-stop, but has been optimized to squeeze more power and is coupled to an automatic 10-step Ford transmission operated through the play button. 2018 ford expedition EL - Performance and fuel economy will be slightly improved, but Ford has not released specifications. Executives do not talk about a hybrid or diesel choice at this time, but it is powered or planned motor thrusters for the F-150. Available with full traction and electronic differential sliding of the rear differential is much easier to adapt to the conditions of the road and the expedition also added an Explorer land management system.

2018 Ford Expedition EL

2018 Ford Expedition EL
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Expedition 2018 has a new, more rigid frame and maintains an independent and continuously cushioned rear suspension, which was originally exclusively Lincoln. The expedition is the only Ford brand product to get an active shock. There are 18, 20 and 22-inch alloy wheels and 17s is an option for fleet vehicles. Because 58 percent of buyers say that the important pick-up, Ford upgrade from current £9200 to make sure it is the best in this segment-but Ford has not provided figures. The expedition also received backup aid for the F series trailers, making it easy to launch the ship.

Visually, the beltline is bigger. Not only for aesthetics, but also to give the vehicle a safer look, especially with the new C-pillar design, which gives the impression of higher power, which support the roof. The headlights are well integrated into the grate. Engineers say that the 2018 model offers the ability to set things up, such as the third entry, which is made easier by the second row of chairs are manually discarded, Glisiera, and can perform actions that fall even with a car seat in it. I sell an independent rear suspension, the third seat is low-and for the year 2018 the seats are closed. It was nice for a re-defined family carrying three productions often requiring eight places, said Craig Patterson, Ford purchasing director for a big SUV. Xers Generation is the best purchaser of the shipment after moving from Explorer.

Ford had given an expedition a panoramic roof over the first two rows and a flat floor under it, which could keep a piece of 4-legged plywood by pressing a button to fold both the flat rows. The cargo management system creates the bin with the Recycle Bin below and the above shelf for the equipment, and the lips keep the objects from running when you open the back cover. Above, the well-disguised time under the cover shelf is ideal to get over the rope to tie a Christmas tree.

Inside, there are two cubic rooms, the main storage area, two glove boxes and 17 cup holders. The vehicle's Wi-Fi operates up to 10 devices, and the signal extends to 50 meters-perfect at the campsite. Passengers can fill all places; The vehicle has four 12-volt electrical outputs, six USB ports, 110 volts and cordless charging. The expedition comes with Sync 3 and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also offers Sync Connect to use Fordpass on your phone to start, lock or locate the remote vehicle.

The screens parked on the front seat carpet distracted them in the second row. 2018 ford expedition EL - Those who are in the last row can either use their own devices or see live broadcasts through their partnership with a sling. The 360 degree Camera provides the ability to provide detection of horizontal spots, cross-time alerts, tape guard and adaptive cruise controls with the ability to stop and go. Ford added five new SUVs up to 2020, including the introduction of EcoSport in the U.S., the return of Bronco, electric vehicles and a few Lincoln models.

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