Ford Bronco in Rampage

Ford Bronco in Rampage
Ford Bronco in Rampage - The action movie star has posted a picture to Instagram from the film series "Rampage" that showed it next year and became co-star Naomi Harris in conjunction with the Ford Bronco concept in 2004. The silver SUV was illegally parked in a handicapped place, but because the film is based on a classic video game about a trio of monsters destroying the city, they could get a breach. Johnson also appeared in an advertising campaign for Ford Service.

The Bronco concept made around car show after its disclosure, but the production version never materialized. Ford Bronco in Rampage - However, Ford brings back the name Bronco to a completely new SUV until 2020. Also, does this sneak a look at the style of a truck that was raised? If you say the answer is yes, I'm sorry. A Ford spokesman told Fox News that "they are not the Bronco of the future than to share the iconic name of Bronco". A name that will surely hope to remember will come in 2020. (See Also: 2019 Ford Bronco Concept)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson posted a self image and Co's Naomi Harris with the silver concept of the Ford Bronco vehicle recently on Instagram. If it looks familiar, the futuristic Ford Bronco SUV is a concept that debuted in 2004. Ford Bronco in Rampage - It will make your debut on the big screen next year's action movie Adventure, Rampage. The film is based on an arcade game from the years 1980 with the same name and three huge mutant monsters destroying cities, while you can guess it's a kidnapping.

Ford finally announced Bronco's comeback after a long absence at the Detroit auto show this year but did not offer a new picture to the concept of the fans. Earlier this year, Ford operations worldwide Joe Hinrichs Honcho said that the SUV would come to be "under inheritance" and will recognize it as Bronco, but he will not confirm whether it will have two or four doors.

Regarding the concept vehicle presented to the upcoming film, Ford told Fox News:"This does not represent the future, in addition to the Bronco Bronco's iconic timesharing." The new Bronco is expected in 2020. Along with the US pick-up spec Ranger to come, the Bronco will be based on the body-to-T6 platform designed in Australia. The film is expected to open in the spring of 2018. Ford Bronco in Rampage - Maybe then we'll see that the concept of Bronco is officially updated from Ford.

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