Ford Ecosport 2018 UK

Ford ecosport 2018 UK - Since its launch in 2014, it has been hit by critics in terms of questionable quality and more questionable styles. Do not be afraid, because it has been offered a review of three years of style, modernized indoors and a number of machines that are updated to remain competitive with a competition barrage in one of the fastest growing sectors in the business. Is that enough, though? Let's talk about the style below.

The high growth of EcoSport, which is higher than normal means it looks like a small and rough SUV for any. Fortunately, Ford has altered the old Sunshine beach shark, with which it is more suitable for other SUV models. Ford Ecosport 2018 UK Release Date - It seems certainly more coherent than before, and the ST-Line models with a striking body and contrast contrasting colors but so was the Renault Captur, the Arona SEAT, and the MINI Countryman, among many others, are also available with a variety of combinations of colors.

And while EcoSport now looks easier on the eyes, the proportions are still a little strange on this eye. Still seems a little too big, a little too cramped and a little too tight at the back, but you can't deny that the changes brought to the exterior style has improved the overall appearance of the car.

What's under the hood? At launch, there are two already known EcoBoost petrol of 1.0 liters-versions 123 and 138 hp and a TDCI engine of 1.5 liters of 1.5 liters. Ford ecosport 2018 UK - Blending in 2018 is the new EcoBoost 99bhp and the 1.5-liter Ecoblue engine with 123bhp and the Ford's Intelligent AWD system. It is expected to contain only a small percentage of EcoSport sales (5%), but this is a new car and we think it would be very rude not to try it.

Ford Ecosport 2018 UK

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Positive initial impression-this is a unity of free revs with a considerable boost to keep traffic moving fast and to accelerate the hills (after a down change or two), since the 256lb ft of torque. In fact, it is the fastest ecosport from 0 to 62 km/h with a time of 10.9 seconds. Okay, it's not that fast, but it's like going and not being too ugly if you don't really push it, and we can't imagine that many EcoSport owners will.

And what about inside? A great improvement. The inside of the fiestas inside the EcoSport feels dated and fragile, and maybe one of the most disappointing things about it. Fortunately, Ford has bitten something from there from the new Fiesta, so there's a new set of infotainment fast screen, Touch-screen is the receptive and high perch on the top of the dashboard, the new air con controls, and the touch wheel. This is a much more pleasant place to sit with high-quality materials used as ever, although there are still some clearer examples that are harder to find around the cab. But this is also the case of the Fiesta and SEAT Arona so we won't spoil much.

Ford ecosport 2018 UK - The rooms were suitable, if not stunning. You feel like you're sitting with a very large (especially if you are a passenger without an adjustment to the height of the seat), which helps to visibility, but then it was canceled little of the pillars of a very high limit your frontal view at the intersection.

Are you driving a Fiesta scene? With the Ford badge on the front, it's very much expected that EcoSport will go well and, fortunately, it's good to keep you entertained while you're moving. Not at all as good as the Fiesta, but many other crossover sites like this one can feel dull and make you feel separate; There is not much involvement in Ecosport. The fast and direct direction, with a decent amount of nuance (but not tons) and adhesion, in turn, is also quite impressive. We're not hard enough to feel that AWD systems come forward, but those with an active lifestyle sailing, skiing, climbing, biking and running in a heartbeat could use more than most.

No one can escape the tall and narrow body. You will see the body around, and the ST-Line model with large wheels in every corner of the car is a recipe for anxious journeys. Around the city does not really calm down and can become tiring-it is never uncomfortable and not as it looks at speed. It feels more balanced than other small SUVs.

Verdict - EcoSport is now much easier to recommend than ever. It looks better than this, it has a nicer interior and comes with a good line of cars. However, it is not enough to push it to the top of the leaderboard. SEAT Arona feels much fuller, while Hyundai Kona offers the same car (and managed to look weird and pretty cool at the same time) and Aircross C3 looks more cohesive as a high and narrow SUV. It's better, but it's still not the best.

Ford Ecosport 2018 UK

Okay, so we know that this is only the beginning in 2017 and we are already talking about next year, but from the beginning of the new 2018 Ford EcoSport will be available with the redesign and the mantra "go small and Big life". Ford ecosport 2018 UK - Inspired by the idea that "many people choose to spend their time and share their experiences with friends and family, rather than buying more things," Chantel Lenard, executive director of Ford's U.S. marketing says "new EcoSport Ford is in accordance with the lifestyle of this burgeoning. This is our smallest, full-featured and personality SUV. "

With the new Ford EcoSport thought, taking into account the design concepts of the new Ford Kuga and the new Ford Edge, it will fit perfectly for a life full of surprising possibilities. What you need, when you need it. It will be agile and ready for anything, and jam-packed with technology that will keep you in touch with the world around you. Eventually produce the daily fun, capable, and well-connected SUV.

The new Ford EcoSport 2018 offers a technology that makes leadership more comfortable than ever. Blis ® (on-the-spot information System) with warning alerts on traffic using sensors to inform you about your vehicle. In the unseen area. SYNC Ford 3 with Apple CarPlay ™ and Android Auto ™ compatibility provides enhanced speech recognition capabilities and an 8-inch LCD touchscreen (with access and push capabilities). Ford ecosport 2018 UK - Furthermore, Auto Start-Stop technology helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The redesigned EcoSport 2018 is comfortable and surrounded by a lot of rooms and a standing room. By adding a technology that makes you smarter and connected, then you have a ride that will not winery your style.

Performance and Specification - The next Generation Ford EcoSport 2018 will be available with two engine options. The 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder EcoBoost standard engine is coupled with the six-speed automatic transmission. Alternatively, the available 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine equipped with a smart automatic transmission and six standard gears.

You will be surprised by what Ford technicians have succeeded creatively and efficiently in the new Ford EcoSport, including: Cargo management systems on the back of the vehicle with moving floor tiles. Fold both rows of seats to provide a flat loading area to carry larger objects. A total of 30 storage bags, boxes, hooks and electric plugs help maximize space. Two USB fast charging ports. Median front Bin with the 12-volt socket. There is an outlet of 110 volts and an optional 12-volt socket is positioned behind the central console for rear passengers. An available 8-inch floating touch screen that works like a smartphone or tablet. Available in the SYNC 3 connectivity system with the Apple CarPlay ™ driver and Android Auto ™ capabilities.

Ford ecosport 2018 UK - By using the Ford pass SYNC connected with mobile apps, the new owners Ford EcoSport will have the ability to start, lock, unlock, and find their car from anywhere. This application also allows owners to see important vehicle information such as fuel level and meter readings.