Ford Focus RS500 Specs

Ford focus rs500 specs (wiki, 2018, rs 500 mk2, for sale, specs 2012, 2010 rs500, ford, specs, 2012 2011 price, 2017, mk3, engine mk1 dimensions, 2 door focus) - RS focuses on additional attitudes if such a thing is possible when the standard RS is probably the strongest hot pumping route of all time. Black rims and matte black paint (actually, the film is applied to the standard black paint) a very scary thing to do. Of the 500 products, only 101 came to the UK, each worth £35 750, which, as we see, is somewhat academic.

Technical highlighting - Because the only thing that's been changed is the car, it's the spotlight. Block and head were abandoned, Ford has just added a larger intercooler, air filter box and silencer exhaust diameter higher bore, to allow the engine breathe more air, faster and more efficiently, then get rid of it. Ford focus rs500 specs - There is Also a fuel pump can be set to ensure that the air has enough gas for the combustion process and the ECU have also been optimized. The goal is to provide better power from halfway to the highest Rev. By adding 44bhp and 14lb ft over standard Ford RS claims 0-60 mph fell half a second to 5.4 sec.

How would you like to drive? The problem for Ford is that the standard RS, is very crazy and just change the device basically does not change the driving experience, simply by giving the front rates, the more work needs to be done. Ford focus rs500 specs - At low engine speeds, the highest additional power is not detected, although the exhaust looks faster when you take off. But once the AC swings past 3500rpm, you are aware of the extra pressure on the back, the engine feels more frantic because it accumulates. There are also several volumes of exhaust and a larger list of songs, bangs, and whooshes. It's really fun and very fast.

Ford Focus RS500 Specs

Ford Focus RS500 Specs
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During drying, Focus is devastating. Yes, the wheels were interesting but easy to set up (if you're not in the second position and deliberately accelerating), diff did a very good job to get the lion's share of the 339 floor feet on the floor. But in the wet part of the same is not true and RS500 will be happy, it is easy to break the traction in the third position. However, work and learning and Focus is able to produce very fast progress. Never dull, not a moment, but not polished and remains a difficult car to drive smoothly. But for all that is not a hot hatch like explosions that need to be driven, and in the final analysis, that is important.

How to compare it? The problem is that you get all these capabilities in the nearest rival RS500, RS standard Focus. Ford focus rs500 specs - Which, if you want, can upgrade with the correct change package for £1995. Add to a new car and you will still get change from £30.000, which means that Ford charge more than £5000 for a matte paint, and RS500 actually is a limited edition. A little naughty if you ask us. Of course, you don't have to go on the path to Mountune. I was pushing £435 Graham Goode Racing Focus RS with the ECU cheats and 340 hp and very well. If you have £35.000 and need to blow warm, when you come out of the eggs, you can choose two other very different way. Ford focus rs500 specs - Go hard and watch Honda Mugen Civic, or go soft and investigate VW Golf R. Anything else I need to know? You can't have it. It probably cost 7000 pounds more than the RS standard, but all 101 UK cars have already been sold.

The world was awakened by the Ford Focus RS hatchback and now it can be lost a sense of the rumors about RS500, which is more effective in its work. The trainer informs that Ford Performance almost approves the single Euro Focus RS500 product router years ago. Unlike its predecessor, the model RS500 from 2015 will undoubtedly lend a new Focus RS system with full thrust and expects to produce approximately 400 horsepower from a four-cylinder turbocharged engine of 2.5 liters. If you receive an official sign, remove the strongest brand from production, it will reach the assembly line in the spring of 2017.

Clearly, the main obstruction to supplanting RS500 is the proficiency of creation. Albeit just 500 units are arranged, adding to the Focus generation line in Cologne could be an issue. Ford focus rs500 specs - If possible, RS500 will be the last "Super Focus" before the model comes out of production in the summer of 2017. The next-generation focus will begin to be mounted in the fall of next year.

If Ford applies the same 15% increase in power as the previous RS500, then this new model will produce 396 horses with a ratio of 172 horses per liter. In the hatchback class, only the Mercedes-AMG A45 AMG which produces more power per liter (177 hp/ liter). Applying an additional ground power should not be a problem for the new RS active differential back, which can send up to 70% of the engine torque on the rear wheels. And yes, wait for the Drift mode to be standard.

With greater power, better performance, Focus RS500 is expected to cut RS sprint to 60 mph, from 4.7 seconds to about 4.2 seconds, while the maximum speed should increase to 167 mph or more. Ford focus rs500 specs - The coach suggests that RS500 can reach speeds of up to 60 mph even faster, but Ford's commitment to manual transmission (Bravo!) and therefore to encourage faster engagement, will limit its stats a bit. It is unclear whether Ford will sell this generation RS500 outside Europe, but given how easy it is to accept the standards of RS, hopefully, we will see some of the 500 units proposed. (two 2008 2.0 duratec engine, mk2 facelift, mark 1, sale usa, autotrader, cosworth ebay)

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