Ford Pantera 2015

Ford pantera 2015 - Of the numerous introductions to the SEMA 2015 event, few attracted more people than the newly designed 1971 by Tomaso Panther Chip Foose unveiled at the Magnaflow booth. The beginning of Foose's engineering partner, Chris Jacobs, presented the car after giving a short speech, then shooting the cover of the Painted Panther in vivid and weak colors. "This is a typical Foose job," Jacobs said in a voice of optimism, "bigger shells, but it's a version with Panther peels. It has a delicate touch as the parking lights and the door handle button and has a Cleveland 351 engine. He wanted to maintain the integrity of the car, "Jacobs added.

Powered by a Ford engine, the panther was built by De Tomaso in the period 1971-1992 (although sold only in the U.S. until 1974) and used a mid-engine design with a monocoque steel chassis. Ford pantera 2015 - Early models came with Cleveland 351 and 302 used even in the period 1990-1992. The motivation for Pansa Foado from 1971 comes from the Ford Cleveland 351 engine, which Jacob says is massed for a lower power. The Ford engine is powered by a five-stage zax transmission, which has also been rebuilt and detailed in detail. The elegant Panther has an Italian sports car with an American V8 valley, and they certainly have strong followers.

The Foose version captures the authentic spirit of the Ford sports car while hitting the volume in the right place. Ford pantera 2015 - The Cleveland motor has been reconstructed and completed with shocking blue paint and the most recent Performance Valve cover, and the auto plate has nothing aside from the 351 and ZF gearbox. The custom Foose wheels show consistent with the Panther, have a periodic display but have many modern talents. The combustion gas builder, Magnaflow, even hit, built an exhaust drum using modern materials and technologies, but shouted with a warm noise.

Ford Pantera 2015
Surprisingly, Foose left the interior and exterior of most of his stocks. He added the steering wheel to his own two dispute, then finished the interior with black leather and left the chrome quadrant and the neck changer to speak for himself. Ford pantera 2015 - As far as the body is concerned, it is left clean and only appears with a perfect paint of red paint that fits like a machine. With more to see, we look forward to, we will come back with a lot of cool and amazing Ford stories. You can get Foose and Jacobs on the Overhaulin, which begins tomorrow 's new season in speed with two back-back scenes.

Ford Pantera 2015

A few weeks ago, I learned that the brand of sports cars Italy de Tomaso sold to a consortium in China priced over $1 million and that the new owner would likely be slapped badges by Tomaso in a sedan built in China, unlike a car a new Sport built in Italy. It was a sad ending for a brand that once made exoticism that could be achieved as mongoose and Panther, but worse are investors who are interested in rebuilding the legacy of the sports car of De Tomaso.

Since last year, one of these investors has tasked the German independent designer, Stefan Schulze, to come up with models for the modern Panther. Schulze began immediately to work on the project, but was forced to stop when De Tomaso was sold consolidated the Ideal Team venture, the Chinese consortium. Schulze has now published some of his drawings. It is important to note that this is merely a preliminary project, essentially a collection of the original idea, but Schulze to show them as a tribute to Tomaso and about 900 former agents, many of them looking forward to resuming the work at the old Factory near Turin.

Schulze's objective is to create a middle-engine sports car inspired by the Panther, but with a modern look that shows how a panther develops four or five generations after the current model of the years 1970. The power in the Schulze concept is considered to come from a V-8 twin-turbo engine, with a power of about 550 horsepower.

De Tomaso was founded in 1959 by the Argentine rider Alejandro de Tomaso and in his first cycle of Formula 1 teams, and even has the Italian brands Maserati and Ghia. But De Tomaso fell on hard times after his founder suffered a stroke in 1993 and his last car, Guara, which debuted in the same year, ceased production in 2004 when the company is liquidated. Ford pantera 2015 - Since then there have been some attempts to revive the mark, but so far have all failed.

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