Ford Ranger Airbag Recall

Ford ranger airbag recall - Ford Motor Co. Said on Thursday that it confirmed a second death in an older pickup truck because of the faulty airbag of Takata Corp. And demanded 2,900 owners in North America to immediately stop driving until they can get the pieces Exchange. The second largest automobile manufacturer in the US said in late December that the 2017 accident in West Virginia at Ford Ranger 2006 was caused by a faulty in factor Takata. Similar deaths previously reported occurred in South Carolina that occurred in December 2015.

Ford said that the two deaths occurred with the Takata inflatable built on the same day the Ranger pick-up installed in 2006. Ford ranger airbag recall - At least 21 worldwide deaths associated with the inflatable Takata, which can shatter and send deadly metal fragments into the driver's body. The wrong inflators have caused the greatest recall in automobile history. The other 19 were held in Honda Motor Co., most of them being in the United States.

Ford issued a new recall for the car that was collected in 2016. From 2,004-2006 Ranger 391.000 vehicles, a new recall announced on Thursday that affects 2,900 vehicles. Ford ranger airbag recall - This includes 2,700 in the United States and almost 200 in Canada. The new recall will allow the identification of 2,900 owners in the maximum risk group.

Ford Ranger Airbag Recall
The spokesman of the Mazda Motor Corp said on Thursday that the company will perform a recall and dismissal similar warnings for several Mazda B-Series trucks in 2006, which was built by Ford and is similar to the Ranger. The provision of Japanese machines Takata intends to sell its eligible operations for Key Safety Systems, an affiliate of the Chinese company Ningbo Joyson Electric Corp., for the sum of 1.6 billion dollars. Ford ranger airbag recall - Takata did not immediately comment on the Ford action on Thursday. (See Also: Ford Ranger Raptor 2017)

The National Security Administration of Highway traffic urges owners to pay attention to Ford warnings. "It is vital that all high-risk airbags are tracked and replaced immediately," said NHTSA spokesman Karen Aldana. Ford said it would pay for the vehicle to be towed to the dealer or to send a mobile repair team to the owner's domicile and provide a free loan if necessary. Takata said in June that he recalled or is expected to recall about 125 million vehicles worldwide by 2019, including over 60 million in the United States. About 19 cars around the world are affected. The Takata swelling can explode with excessive force, triggering metal shrapnel in cars and trucks and has injured more than 200. Defects that cause Takata filed for bankruptcy protection in June.

In 2017, Detroit prosecutors charged three former executive executives, Takata, by falsifying the test results to conceal faulty defects. No one came to the United States to face the accusations. Last year, Takata pleaded guilty to fraud and was fined $1 billion in U.S. courts in connection with the retreat. Car manufacturers have endeavored to obtain sufficient parts for the massive retreat. A NHTSA report in November said that about two-thirds of the vehicles in the US mentioned were not repaired.

Senator Bill Nelson, a Democrat, said in a statement Thursday that the latest death was evidence of "the definition of a failed recall" indicating Ford's death previously in 2015. NHTSA should do more, he said, to make the retreat a priority. Ford ranger airbag recall - In November, NHTSA dismissed a petition from Ford to delay the postponement of 3 million vehicles with potential airbag failures to carry out additional tests. In June 2016, NHTSA warned the airbag inflation device on more than 300,000 models that were not repaired in the 2001-2003 years. Honda vehicles pose a considerable risk of breakage and urged the owners to stop driving until I stay awake. NHTSA says they have a 50% chance of rupture in an accident.

Ford Ranger Airbag Recall

Ford recalled other 2900 Ranger trucks, including 190 in Canada because they were linked to two deaths caused by an inappropriate inflation due to inflation. The automobile manufacturer called on Thursday to bring the landlord to stop driving the truck shortly after he learned a July accident in West Virginia involving the Ford Ranger in 2006. The driver of the accident was killed. It was the second death associated with the model and the same year after another accident in January 2016. Ford ranger airbag recall - Both Rangers were equipped with an inflatable Takata airbag that was built on the same day. At least 21 deaths around the world are linked to Takata's swelling device, which can break and send dead metal fragments into the driver's body.

"Ford feels saddened by this tragic loss and offers genuine condolences to the driver's family," the company said. Ford has previously attracted around 391.000 Rangers model for different years, but vehicles in the new retreat are the model of the year 2006, which was built in the Twin Cities assembly plant in Minnesota on August 10, 2005, until December 15, 2005. The withdrawal involves about 2902 vehicles that are located in North America, with 2712 located in the United States and 190 in Canada. The company has created a website where drivers can check vehicle identification numbers to see if their trucks are included in the recall. If so, their instructions are pretty clear: stop driving now.

"We consider this subject very seriously and we advise the owners of this Ford Rangers 2006 to stop their vehicles so that dealers can do improvements now," Ford said. "Dealers are ready to receive vehicles right from clients, to make permanent repairs that address safety risks and provide temporary free vehicles to borrowers if necessary". Takata said last summer that he recalled or expects to remember, airbags around 125 million vehicles worldwide until 2019, and 19 car manufacturers from around the world were affected. The malfunction prompted Takata to file a protection against bankruptcy in June, but the company still faces several lawsuits. (Ford Ranger Airbag Recall)

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