New Ford Mustang Bullitt

New ford mustang bullitt - The Mustang Bullitt has returned with several paths. At the Detroit Auto show, on Sunday, Ford introduced the new Mustang caused by the 1 who brought Steve McQueen in the thriller movie "Bullitt" in 1968, which had a shock coming on the step beside him. This is the third time Ford has offered such a car, after the year of Model 2001 and 2008. Version 2018 is based on Mustang GT Premium. Wrap the green Highland paint, black wheels with five chrome-plated borders around the edge and the elegant Bullitt badge on the reticulum of the trunk lid. All the other logos were removed, including the pony in the grid, to give the impression that the car undervalued Frank Bullitt. New ford mustang bullitt - If for some reason you don't want it to be green, it's also available in black.

The new Bullitt also comes standard with Recaro chairs and a GT performance package with suspension, brakes, and tires have upgraded the intake and exhaust system, plus the newly hit 5.0 liter V8 power up to 475 hp while giving voice to all Bullitt Its. In itself. A six-step manual, ending with a point changer, is the only transmission available.

Before the show, the original was outside the public eye for decades. New ford mustang bullitt - The book was bought from an ad on the road and Track in 1974 by Robert Kiernan, who put 50,000 miles on him as the daily driver before parking with a plan to fix that did not pay off before he died in 2014. Her son, Sean finally managed to go not long ago and ended up at Ford to share it to celebrate the 50 anniversary of the film. The second Mustang used as a car stunt while filming was found in a junkyard in Mexico last fall, but did not travel to Detroit.

New Ford Mustang Bullitt
Kiernan said he would never sell the car, although the price is priceless. Technically as well as us, because he didn't say how much it cost when going on sale this summer to start a two-year model.

New Ford Mustang Bullitt

Once again, Ford revived the Bullitt identification plate for the third time in the history of the Mustang to celebrate the pursuit of action machines in a film with Steve McQueen 50 years ago. To create this special edition Mustang, Ford offers Bullitt in this classic green color you see here in the official photo. In addition, the Pony badge was released to all cars and replaced with Bullitt letters.

New ford mustang bullitt - Naming bespoke including Recaro chairs, 12-inch digital screen, Snooker wheel button and 19 inch alloy color that are incorporated Brembo red six-pot calipers. Bullitt is headed on the scene from the Detroit 2018 engine by Steve's niece, Molly. Yes, it's the third McQueen gene in the third Bullitt gene; The last two Bullitts were made in 2001 and 2008.

There's more power? Yes, there is. Due to changes in the ECU and the intake and exhaust collectors, the increase in V8 power of 5.0 liters from 460c. P. fi 475hp. The only performance enhancement that Ford has revealed is a maximum speed of 260 km/h, about 12 km/h higher than Standard Model. New ford mustang bullitt - In addition to the reinforced brakes, there is a Torsen difference with limited glide, the rear panel heat cooler and larger to handle the increase in power. The single transmission option is manual.

Will there be a car on the right? Although the regular Mustang is available in the right hand, for the first time, Ford did not say whether Bullitt will also be created in a format like that. All Ford said Bullitt would be made in limited quantities with production starting later this year. Even so, Thai Mustang fans shouldn't be stopping with such news because Bullitt is a special machine. The only thing you need to worry about is where to get a Mustang that can approach the mark of 10 million baht if it landed on the shores of Thailand taxable correctly.

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