2001 Ford F150 King Ranch

2001 ford f150 king ranch - Cowboy and pickups running like blue jeans and boots. There is no need for an advertising genius to dream a marketing tie that uses rough and rough images prepared to sell a durable utility truck. But today, so many full-size pickups has left the dealership fully clothed, with a price of over $30,000, a niche has opened even more interesting, more typical and, for the carmaker, more profitable pickup. Lincoln Blackwood is such an example, and Cadillac Escalade EXT is on its way. GMC has a new luxury truck, Sierra Denali.

Ford has taken another path to this luxurious environment, using the co-marketing experience of the Explorer and Expedition version of Eddie Bauer. 2001 ford f150 king ranch. This time he literally applied a King-Ranch fairy tale on his F-150. The Iron brand also leaves its mark on the flames, two leather-plated consoles, four chrome wheel hubs and four captain seats. King Ranch may not be famous in the Yankee region, but this is a great success story like Texas. The 148-year deployment in southern Texas, between Corpus Christi and Brownsville, is larger than Rhode Island. 825,000 hectares of coastal swamps of varied terrain, rich black farmland, pastures, Mesquite dried and wrinkled, improve cattle, business and agricultural horses Some historians credited with the development of growth of modern animals.

Today is not just a working farm, but also an agribusiness company and a family holiday destination. There is a visiting center, guided tours, museums, souvenir shops, luxury clothing catalogs and furniture and a complicated website. But you won't see many farms in the King Ranch F-150 at King Ranch, which mostly use large trucks. The rifle truck belonging to the farm has 231 or 250 of horses, pumped with a 4.6 liter V-8 or 5.4-liter engine. Automatic four-step transmission.

2001 Ford F150 King Ranch
2001 ford f150 king ranch. I led the model SuperCrew 2001 with four full-size doors. For the year 2002, the SuperCab version was also offered, with two full-size doors and two and a half dimensions. At a price that usually comes with $34,670 to $295 by 37 for SuperCab and SuperCrew, this is one of the most expensive Ford pick-up, with cabins suitable for the bovine king. However, the truck will likely attract most Dallas bankers, Atlanta developers and Nashville cowboy boots and pharmacy jeans of fresh ostrich.

There is a skin modeled from brown, shiny leather on a chair, a backrest of a chair even has a lid like a saddle bag and a plush rug on the floor. If riding a backpack would be dull, a flip-down video screen equivalent to 1,295 USD could allow the rear passengers to capture a movie. (Suggestions to see: "Giant," "1956 epic about the Clash of a Texas Jett Rink oil baron, and Benedict's Farm cult.)

SuperCrew can be big enough for Texas, but the cargo bed isn't. Its length is only 5.5 meters, indicates that this cruiser will not wear hay bales. Gun-Rack is not an option, and there is no rack cover for Stetson. King Ranch is not the only co-branded cage at Ford Stadium. 2001 ford f150 king ranch. The Harley-Davidson edition is a dream of a pig lover with black and chromium, with reduced suspension and a flat exhaust drum. It starts at 36,495 dollars. The idea is to catch some sales that could go to Chevrolet, GMC or Dodge. For my taste, a large GM pickup, repeated in 1999, is walking easier than Ford, whose design is twice as old. Ford will produce about 800,000 F-150 models this year, but only 19,000 King Ranch models. This wouldn't be enough for all the cows in the west, but it shouldn't be a problem. This is a pickup for dude breeders, not for real farms.

2001 Ford F150 King Ranch

It seems almost unbelievable that there is an unexpected gap in the truck world. Especially the full-size pickup truck. Think about it. There are no other kind of vehicles that offer a wider range (or more confusing): two-wheel drive with full traction, short bed, long bed, standard extended cabin cabins, V-6, V-8, Shrubs AX report, a large number of load ratings and elements of Convenience and convenience enough to qualify for anonymous Shariah. It is very clear that today's truck can be adapted to a wider range of destinations and tastes than ever. But until last year, somehow, somehow we don't see what's missing, a pick-up with four doors that are able to accommodate three full-size adults in the backseat without changing their feet.

Luckily, this kind of intelligent marketing and product planning sees this sad void in the product horizon. And as you would expect, Ford, the main supplier of pickups, was the first to come to rescue him. In fact, the company unashamedly pressed the word according to "first" to F-150 new SuperCrew, although the crew of the Nissan Frontier and Dodge Dakota Quad Cab was released on stage a little earlier. How did that happen? Simple. The model F-150 SuperCrew is the first average-sized crew cab with a total vehicle weight (GVWR) of less than 8500 pounds. See? Dakota collects a lot of F-150 grass, both powerless ethics and professional ethics, but small enough to qualify as compact. Ford likewise accomplishes something in the four-entryway minimized pickup division, in spite of the fact that advertising powers call Explorer Sport Trac a donning utility that happens to have a join. It's good that this difference is explained because it looks like a truck to us.

Be as it is, the key to the F-150 SuperCrew resume the Frontier crew cabin and the Dakota Quad Cab is very simple: to match the extra style set the USA sedan, the cabin stretched. And to keep the total length of the check, the Steel cargo box, the exterior composite, the first industry has been shortened. 2001 ford f150 king ranch. However, with the western country of the Mississippi pretty much set, fewer people need anything that can wear drywall and other building elements that are in pieces of Four-on-eight legs.

So, designers extend the F-150 cabin with one leg, reducing the length of the cargo box in a 67.2-inch (standard 78.8), and ends with a truck whose length is equal to the F-150 Super popular Fibol (which is how you say "Extended Taxi" if You work for Ford). Both trucks have the same wheelbase of 138.5 inches and the same baseload 1765 kilograms. In contrast, the traditional crew cabin Ford F-350 has a length of 15.5 inches longer for the ensemble, driving a 156.2-inch wheelbase and almost as maneuver it with the Zeppelin. And as a member of the Super Duty Ford line, these are different trucks on different platforms.
The choice of the SuperCrew engine is limited to two air cameras Triton V-8 is offered elsewhere in Ford Truckdom: Standard Edition of 4.6 liters (220 hp, 290 pound-feet of torque) and upgraded 5.4 liters (260 cp, 350 lb-ft). Unlike the Dakota Quad Cab (the closest competitor of this truck currently), which provides a manual transmission with five steps, SuperCrew is only automatic. 2001 ford f150 king ranch.Its four-wheel drive system is the same switch actuator system provided on other F-series trucks. Other options include a video entertainment center with VCRs for rear seats and extra bed extensions. The 4.6 liters V-8 has an average employment, yet we lean toward all the more additional punch of 5.4 liters, which expanded the rating in 1900 pounds payload and towing trailer limit to 8000 pounds in two editions of the wheel. Now, the cynics could argue that Ford already has an F-150 with four doors, a SuperCab that doesn't sacrifice the capacity of the cargo bed. Why create another version?

2001 ford f150 king ranch - Two reasons. First, the SuperCrew has a hinged door and a door of different sizes, after the SuperCab rear door, and a larger SuperCrew door, facilitating the entry and/or exit of persons and/or goods. Secondly, the upper SuperCrew cabin offers more space once people and/or goods are in it. Whatever you think about this new pickup phenomenon, Ford believes it's interesting enough to order some very sumptuous prices. The price F-150 SuperCrew starts from 26,755 dollars for basic XLT base model in two steps and runs up to four wheels with four wheels attached to $31,790.

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