BMW 8 Series 2018 Interior

BMW 8 series 2018 interior - When BMW E24 Series 6 ended in the ' 80, the company decided that the time had come to bring a luxury coupe, replacing position 6 by 8, based on the 7 Series sedans. Built to impress, the 8 series was initially offered only with V-12. It is also priced so high that many 6-series clients cannot or will not jump. The output of the BMW 8 series reached less than a third of the production of 6 series, and the company pulls the Cork in 1999, which finally released again 6 in 2003. But now the BMW nudging again on the market with two large wide doors.

Styling: The BMW sedan views may have been a bit stale, but the BMW 8 Series concept, which was presented at the Concorso d ' elegance on the shores of Lake Como in Italy this year will probably do in the studio has awakened the Werke design. The proportion that dared to emphasize the longitudinal machine architecture and fork over the bar in the brand signature kidney grid showed the desire to bother with the most sacred design elements, though.

But some can link this concept to the current BMW range. Prominent rear lights recalled the bold aspect of the i8, while the mammoth clippings on the front and rear spoilers reminded the aggressive M2 dințat. BMW 8 series 2018 interior. The 5 series currently bearing trapezoidal exhaust finishes is very interesting. Edge 8er will certainly soften when it reaches production, but the concept provides a clear indication of what will happen.

BMW 8 Series 2018 Interior

BMW 8 Series 2018 Interior
Although it will stand next to the 7 series above the row, 8 will not be far from distance. It is comfortable, with a large center console and a low position to make the interior feel much smaller than this one. There is nothing about the control aspect or details that indicate a revolution of the interface, although the iDrive controller and the gear selector are made of Swarovski glass. Watching the jewelry company in Crystal Jewelry has reached the S-class headlights from Mercedes-Benz, it is not surprising that BMW uses it in the production model. However, planning products in Munich often occur in Stuttgart and vice versa.

Chassis: Although there is a designation that indicates that this is a 7 Series coupe, 8 will retain the current 6 Series association with a series 5 sedan. While the largest BMW sedan and a strange given some components, the display ranges of the new coupe feel more like a series of five than 7. It will be a few inches shorter and weighs 200 pounds lighter than the current. Series 6. The bodywork and chassis consist mainly of a mixture of steel and aluminum, with some selected parts of magnesium. Like the current steering wheel 5, optional. The 8 series will replace the range 6 series is full, so if you need more space (and more than the door), there will be a series Gran Coupe 8. And if you're okay with fewer rooms, they'll be convertible, too.

Drive system: Generation 8 will be easier than the first at BMW: there will be a 840i with a 3.0-litre turbo engine with six and 850i are powered by a twin-turbo of 4.4 liters V-8-although even the sixth, which is completed up to 335 horsepower in BMW days this will exceed The power of the first cylinder 850i 850i. BMW 8 series 2018 interior. Despite the fact that we have to seduce BMW for tracking the Mercedes-Benz S65 model, we estimate that the very low S-12-cylinder retrieval rate will make the BMW disgruntled. And we expect the prestigious position to hinder the hybrid model offerings. Europe will get diesel, but no. The eight-stage automatic ZF will be the only transmission option, and all 8 base cars with six cylinders will be an integrated transmission.

Arrival and Price: The 8 series will be released on sale by the end of the year 2018 as a model from the year 2019. The price will slip north of the 6 series depending on the first 8 positions. The six-cylinder car will start under 100,000 dollars, but the V-8 probably will not. BMW 8 series 2018 interior. Competition is thin. Porsche did not work overtime with rumor with the Panamera rumors, leaving as the main rival Lexus LC and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. But I have heard that Daimler will leave the latter and, like the BMW 6-way-8, it will lead the next class E Coupe class. Both can learn the same lesson at the same time: get the right price and package and you can call your type. The big coupe as you want.

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