BMW 8 Series 2018 Specs, Interior, and Release Date

BMW 8 series 2018 specs (price, interior, release date, engine) - Looking at a peek at this forum Bimmerpost shows how similar the upcoming 8 series will look to the latest BMW 8 Series models-shown above. Sure, the headlights are slightly larger, and the wider concept of air intake has been reduced slightly for production, but undoubtedly the 8 series still seems rather aggressive. Many folds sweep the road on the long ridge of the car, while the high hole (borrowed from the latest series 5 and 7) went on the edge of the car just behind the front wheel.

Take a walk behind you. BMW 8 series 2018 specs (price, interior, release date, engine) - And you'll find that the back of the 8 series also inspires the concept. It may not be so contoured, but wide brake lamps, chrome exhaust tip, and soft brush spoilers seem to survive from the motor podium to the dealer's lists are virtually unchanged. You can again expect the M Sport model to look sporty again, while the M8 car will almost certainly come with a wider wheel arch, with a higher exhaust tip and a greater depth to get out.

BMW 8 Series 2018 Interior

BMW 8 Series 2018 Specs, Interior, and Release Date
The Interior Series 8 (as shown above in the form of the concept) will look as luxurious as other BMW luxury cabins. It will get a lot of high-tech gizmos from the ultra-luxurious 7 series, including a huge widescreen infotainment system and an elegant digital display driver. It should also be equipped with a futuristic control of the movement and a series of steering features that will make the 8 series one of the most futuristic sports cars sold.

BMW 8 Series 2018 Engine and Control: The 8 series must also divide the engine with the 7-door series. The car at the entrance can come with a six-cylinder, 6-barrel, 3.0 liter, 6-liter engine and each produces 261 hp and 326 hp enough to run from 0 to 62 km/h in about six seconds. If you are looking for something faster than the average hot hatch will be a 4.4-liter engine with a 4.4-liter V8 turbine with more than 600 hp, while at the top of the BMW performance tree expects to provide a M860 model with a range of 6.6 liter V12 and full thrust. For the coupe owners who are more aware of the environment, it may exist again a hybrid model plugin using the high technology from the current 7 series.

BMW 8 Series 2018 Price and Release Date: The full 8 series is not expected to officially close until the end of the year 2018. BMW 8 series 2018 release date - Will go on sale at the beginning of 2019, but if you want to get your hands on the one you put aside from about 70,000 pounds.

BMW 8 Series 2018 Specs

The series 8 series has grown from luminous droplets to permanent currents, and Munich itself releases the correct information about the new GT machine. After months of photos of spies and conceptual vehicles, BMW launched the first teaser of the new 8 Series coupe and revealed details about the test phase to start. Along with a teaser from the back end of the 8 series, BMW hit a red one during its test at a sample field in Aprilia, Italy. BMW 8 series 2018 specs (price, interior, release date, engine) - We can't really collect anything from the official photo of some spy photos that have already come out.

Testing in Aprilia was of crucial importance to make the new 911-as sharp as it would have hoped for Munich. BMW tests the high speed of the new 8 series, but will advance to acceleration, braking and slalom later. "Processes in the most severe conditions show that we are on target with our concept for the new BMW 8 Coupe series," said Klaus cheerfully, a member of the management Board of the BMW AG, Development and Research. "The value of the vehicle dynamics that has been achieved is truly impressive. Our customers and fans can wait at the original sports car. "

Although the official image of this test has another car disguised, you can still see the proportion of the BMW 8 models that are now familiar, sporting and sporting. Although not present in the Aprilia studies, BMW says the M8 GT performance-oriented and a well-developed M8 GT were developed in tandem with the new 8 series, the latter making the race debut on the Daytona flight for 24 hours in January. 2018.

Farewell, the 6th series welcomes the latest BMW 8 series. Yes, Munich gave up six in favor of eight and a new spy photo we captured the new Convertible Series 8 on a winter test in a cold, Swedish scene. This is the family reason: the nudity numbers to reflect the high movements and hopefully push the price up to boot. But this is not just a cynical rebranding of this 6 series. The new eight game will have very different goals, understand the CAR.

We expect a series of nine new series to be launched by the end of the year 2018, UK sales starting in November or December. It's too early for price, but a starting fee of about 70,000 pounds seems probable. The Range 6 Series starts today around £ 61k, but the Coupe is not currently listed on the BMW UK website (only Convertible, Gran Coupe and Gran tourism Sixes are sold). BMW 8 series 2018 specs (price, interior, release date, engine) - The Spike in figures reflects a wider change in the delivery of this machine. The great concept of luxury-GT will be altered to turn it into a more sporting sport, with four places. Previously, the 6 series faces the S-Class Coupe and convertible groups, as well as the MasMaseratid Bentleys-but with the 8 series, BMW wants to continue the Porsche sales.

Insiders talk about smaller footprints, a higher proportion of sports and a modest decrease in weight levels, which means that the 8 series will compete with the Porsche 911 range, as well as the Panamera. BMW 8 series 2018 specs (price, interior, release date, engine) - The Model 8 new series will use the architecture of the large car BMW Group is already known, so a lot of hardware shared with the series 5/7 Brigade, which refers to the selection of rear-wheel drive and xDrive and various six-and eight-cylinder machines in Different states. The V12 can be added, if the market needs it.

BMW 8 series 2018 specs (price, interior, release date, engine) - What about the GranCoupe 8 series? Not anymore, according to the CAR sources in Munich. I've heard that the four-door style will continue as the 6th series, because BMW focuses on a two-door coupe (G15 code) and convertible (g14r) for Eight. To really feel how the car looks under the guise of these prototypes, see the 8 Series BMW Concept series that looks very official look (above), is shown in the D EE d' a competition elegance in Italy in 2017. The CEO of BMW Harald Kruger 8 calls "the next model in expanding our luxury car offerings and will raise the standard for the coupe in the segment." The new model series see the latest BMW 8 Series coupe for the first time on the show Paris since September, with UK sales since this autumn; The 8 Series convertible will make its world debut on the show in November 2018, with the right transport unit pushing back to spring 2019.

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