Ford Transit Custom Sport 2018

Ford Transit Custom Sport 2018
Ford transit custom sport 2018 (New) - As I said, Ford has updated Custom Transit for 2018-and, in fact, we are going to drive a revised version of the most popular UK pickup in November 2017. But this is the first sight we get from Facelifted Transit Custom Sport Van. And it came to us in an unconventional way, through the brochure images that appeared in some of the forums of the owner of Ford Transit's club. As a result of unofficial nature, the image is slightly opaque and can be taken with a pinch of salt. But give us a few more things to go on.

2018 Official information for Ford Transit Custom Sport Van. Official information about the new Sport Transit is somewhat limited at this stage, although Ford has previously revealed that the brand Hood line is set for redesign, which this promotional image hopes to confirm.

Take a good look and you'll see hooded lines in orange here. In addition, take a closer look and you will see another line stretching along the side of the wagon, ending just below the rear side panel. I have also heard rumors from third parties that Ford can plan this time sports performance sport, Van. Following an additional investigation, our understanding is that the 2018 model will retain the standard TDCi EcoBlue engine of 2.0 liters 170hp/405Nm from the current version. Ford transit custom sport 2018. So you have to switch to the aftermarket if you want to offer VW transporter 204 hp for money. Manual transmission and six-speed transmission will be offered.

What else do we know about sports Custom Transit 2018? You can see from the picture that the 17-inch alloy wheels are the same or at least very similar to Sports today. You will also notice the wheel extension and the backrest of the lower bumper, as we would expect. The picture of the double Cabin-in-Van (DCiV) matches the expansion of Ford from the Sport trim line at the beginning of 2017, so there is a surprise there. Ford transit custom sport 2018. Dotto redesigned front-end with a high grid and thin headlights, corresponding to the general changes revealed during the summer. We can't see the inside in the sports Van picture, but it will have the same upgrade as the other custom. As shown above, this bit feature borrowed from the latest Ford Fiesta will make it more modern, while a better upholstery and additional storage will make it more practical.

Is there anything different from the Ford Transit Sport 2018? The truck in the picture seems to be sitting with a very small suspension. But this reflects an additional increase in the sports chassis, which already benefits from springs, silencers, and anti-retouched rolls or just a marketing ploy to make it seem more attractive, remaining to be seen. I bet on the latter, unfortunately, but the increased comfort of the journey and the least puzzling end will be beautiful. And when will the Ford Transit Sport go on sale 2018? We expect the maximum price during the piloting of model 2018 in November 2017, which should also mark the opening of the order card-although customizing the Transit facelift should not reach the dealer until the new year. The range will be the most diverse, offering not only new variants of sports, but also the Auto Transit hybrid car plug-in.

Ford Transit Custom Sport 2018

Ford transit custom sport 2018. A commercial commercial vehicle one ton 2018 the new Ford Transit has been revealed that it offers a bold new design, increases business productivity in the UK, and the new interior is taken by the new Ford Fiesta. Transit custom Dimensions van panel belongs to a commercially sized best-seller vehicle and the new Ford models will be available to order later this year at TC Harrison Transit centers in Derby, Peterborough and Spalding with Customer deliveries start early 2018.

Still powered by a 2.0-litre diesel engine ecoblue that changed the game, Ford Transit 2018 has been customized redesigned to provide new features and capabilities are significant, including the new variants ECOnetic van. The standard engine is available in 104bhp, 128bhp and 168bhp, while the ECOnetic variant will provide 30.8 mpg and 148g/km CO2. The choice of diesel Ford Ecoblue made in Dagenham will be available from launch, but in 2019 will also be a hybrid electric vehicle plug-in zero emission (PHEV) custom Transit is sold, probably because of low powered cars are Calibrated to the economy with start-stop and low rolling tires with stamina to save fuel. The custom transit PHEV test will begin with a fleet that started in London later this year.

As before, there are two roof heights, two wheelbases and a choice selection of payloads up to 1,450 kg available for custom Ford Transit, 2018. Varian will include a model of Van, Kombi, and double-cab in vain. In addition, the Transit Kustom Sport series is equipped with 168 HP motor, which is equipped with suitcases marks and exterior casings. Sporting a new front-end design that is bold with a three bar transit grille, a redesigned Ford Custom Ford also provides the driver with an ideal mobile office environment. Inside, there is a partial piece of skin and/or a new Ambosat weave. These cabins have the best in class storage, which offers 25 liters of storage space around the cabin, comfort and better ergonomics, and easy connectivity with 3 SYNC system Information and entertainment with voice commands, or smartphone MyFord Dock for models without a larger screen. Android car and Apple CarPlay are also included.

Ford transit custom sport 2018 - Additional technology includes an intelligent speed limiter that uses the introduction of traffic alerts to automatically limit speed with legal limits. Spot blinds will also help with cross back traffic will also be available along with car braking, fixed line aid and adaptive cruise control. There is no word on pricing, but we expect that the 2018 Ford Transit custom facelift costs roughly the same as the current van, which starts at £25,430. Sign up for your interest. Ford transit custom sport 2018. From today, contacting TC TC Harrison Ford Transit Center.

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