2019 BMW 3 Series G20

New 2019 BMW 3 Series G20 Interior Release Date Redesign
New 2019 BMW 3 series g20 interior release date redesign - As we are keen to launch the new BMW 3 Generation series, we have studied playback as well as spy photos and Sherlock Holmes. With these new spy photos with surfaces, our conductivity showed new interesting details about the future of 3er (we don't have spy photos, but we can see them here). So what did I guess?

One thing I learned pretty much about the new face. So the new kidney grill is big for three series. To be honest, they extend from the center of the passenger seat to the middle of the driver's seat. They're huge. The headlights also combine with them, but they combine them in a much closer way than they are now. They're just kind of connections than having lateral arms that they attach like now. The current headlights themselves also have several square lights inside them. For the front air intake, it appears to be equipped with a M sport package, but I think they are actually BMW m 340i. It is also interesting that you cannot see the air breeder at the front countertop. This is a staple of the BMW 4 series. There are a few small mouths in the rear bumper, but maybe they moved back.

Also, behind them, there is a new new mug and thinner than the current machine. 2019 BMW 3 series g20 - Their global form seems better than the current one, which seems to be a little strange to look, looks more elegant and sporting. There is also a rear bumper, which indicates that this is the M performance model. The blue brake cap also joins the instructions. This new G20-gen 3 series looks pretty good, certainly will be an upgrade that goes beyond this current model. The boy's getting bigger. The G20 3 series looks as big as the E60-Gen 5 series. We don't like it, but I understand why it has to happen. However, it should look good if you handle it better than the current car has a lot of technology. Do not hesitate to contact us.

2019 BMW 3 Series G20

We expect the next generation "G20" BMW 3 Series to appear, but rumors and spy images are full of life. There is no official information about what kind of specifications and options there are in the next 3 series, but there are few sources of information. So let's think about what will be the upcoming series 3 and what it has. First, the next generation of 3er, the new BMW 7 Series, the 5 series, and the X3 is based on the new clear BMW platform is a scalable, low-weight architecture to be built. This is, according to Motor.es, according to specifications, lighter than the current F30-gen car, means to be a 40 - 100 kg low weight. Given the fact that it is lighter, the difference of 40-100 kg is quite high, while we make more luxury and technical sports,

The new model will not be much bigger than the current model. Since the new G20 3 Series report is roughly the same for the wheelbase and the total length of a few millimetres. The back seat and the trunk volume. According to the source, the chassis shape was also said to be slightly different compared to the output pattern, which is a distribution of the 49/51 weight of the axle. Functions such as active steering, adaptive suspension, mechanical tracing of torque, etc. are useful for the distribution of the energy of all wheels.

On the inside, we found that the G20 3 series boasts a completely different cabin than the current F30 car. The new design language of BMW, the new iDrive controller, a new lever change, the electric parking brake, the most important thing, in addition to a whole new digital gauge group, making a new hyphen look. From the Spionale images we've seen, the new Series 3 boasts a new digital gauge, such as the concept of series 8. Actually, this is quite interesting. The most basic version of the new 3 series is said to provide an analog device that can be replaced with a digital screen with a technology still "black panel". 2019 BMW 3 series g20 - The touch screen of the central console is higher than the current model, and the size and resolution are also enhanced.

It is also said to be based on the laser headlights as the first option in this area. Since BMW used the previous laser headlights in the BMW i8, Audi also used the R8. So this technology is not new to the industry. However, it is only used in super-super cars like the two mentioned above. This will be the first application with laser headlights close to the price range of the 3 series. I'm not saying if she's going to America, but we want her. This new generation of generations 3 will be launched in the spring of 2019. I am also keen to launch this new series 3. Center of low gravity, improving chassis dynamics, promising thanks to new technologies. We expect great things, and such a report only increases this.

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