2019 BMW 3 Series Interior

All new 2019 BMW 3 series interior - The third-class serial driver of BMW descended from the snow during the cold weather test sessions, is only caught in the camera rope and assumes that the attention with four high-quality doors draws attention. The new sedan will arrive sometime in 2017 and will replace the current F30 model released in 2011. Everything is taken into account, it is still quite a long time from now, but the details are missing, but given a few expectations, it is not completely dark. It is not an exaggeration to say that at this point all the updated style, weight saving, larger dimensions, more power, a new autonomous training function and an M-style performance will appear.

We also know that future models are designated "G20" behind closed doors. The competition between Mercedes Benz C and Jaguar XE is quite severe in the series 3, which is a standard carrier for compact luxury sedans, and BMW needs to withdraw heat with this state-of-the-art machine. In other words, Bavarian vendors are heavily affected, as we can regain control over the past? Find it.

2019 BMW 3 Series Interior
I saw the last of the BMW 3 series and last in December 2016, a prototype was when the spy equipped with an M-gear division athlete. Because the Bavarian standard is approaching the production situation, our undercover spy photos, took a new test Mule you do that thing on public roads. Let's start where we upgraded the headlights. The casing looks thin and wide, narrowing to the swallowing of large twin kidney grids. In addition, the projector looks like a square type of housing, which was probably equipped with two elements for the long phase and the short phase. Overall, we expect those who are already similar to current 5 series in progress. In the back, you look at a typical bimmer of stops that have been folded on the side of the trapezoidal shape. The lower half is red, the upper part becomes clear, the spare light will light up. The overhang Trunk in the normal case will be relatively short squared.

Eventually, I'll look inside the cab. At this point, the infotainment screen appears to have moved into the central console instead of missing the indent, as it was the last time. It appears that the digital equipment is mounted behind the steering wheel with three spokes, but the thin fan is located just below the central console screen. A horizontal layout is expected on the entire board. We're approaching the official debut next year.

I have a third set of photos showing the wild prototype 2019 3, but something interesting when I got a photo. This is not the same 3 series tested in January or August. Not. 2019 BMW 3 series interior - These 3 series have a look on the future for us, but they are stirring elements of the hidden sport M. In short, this is about 95% sure this is a fake preview of the 3 Sports series. Compared to the latest model, the previous fascia is different. While sensors such as eyes above the correct intake are revealed, the air outlets of the corners that are still hidden are now larger and the next three series have a kind of autonomous function that implies that you can have it. It is not surprising to consider the leak control guide. In the 5 series, after a few months, we also offered semi-autonomous functions.

However, there are more than just discussions. In a typical M-sport mode, this prototype offers a low height due to the coordinated sports suspension. If you look hard, you'll find a bigger brake behind the wheel and a side skirt is actually added to the side profile. These side skirts do not look very aggressive, so a slightly different design should be seen when the sport is in front.

In the back, a small lip spoiler was added to the bonnet deck which adds a bit of visual attractiveness to sport M. There is another open sensorics hole on the bottom above the ejection hole on the right, but in fact a diffuser The mic is installed between the outlet hole. You have to look closer to see, but only inside this eviction you will see a single vertical wing on either side of this small speaker. Finally, this is the first time to see the actual escape slots from the next Generation 3 series. Some models are expected to maintain round escape holes, but M Sport obtains these five-way evictions as well as other higher levels. Finally, I will emphasize that this prototype M Sport rotates the official set of rear lamps. That's why the new three series are going well. If Bimmer is already testing variations of the M sport, this means that the basic three series is ready to move into production. It is still expected to be in the 2019 model year, so you may have seen at least three Tests before your debut in late 2017 or early 2018. Quarter in the second half or early third quarter of the 2 2018 year.

2019 BMW 3 Series Interior
Although the duck-clad prototype has not been accurately clarified, all the signs of the BMW are in existence and are explained. The front is a classic BMW fascia, equipped with a kidney grill and sporty (but sophisticated) lines. With a small amountof withdrawals, LED headlights are pulled back into the fender to further broaden the visibility. The front overhang is short. 2019 BMW 3 series interior - Around the back, the tail light sticks out with a circular led element, and the headlights are wide. Naturally, the rear shots also reveal a dual-style exhaust.

2019 BMW 3 Series Interior

It's hard to figure out exactly what's under all the black and white swirls, but it doesn't stand out as being new or even radical, especially when it comes to shape and styling. Critical creases and more aggressive postures are fairly common here, but keep all drag coefficients as low as possible. All of the above will be displayed in the rendering. The body style includes sedans, wagons and 4 Doacupegranturismo. The most interesting feature of the appearance is the relentless rumor that BMW extends the wheelbase to help increase internal volume. However, since BMW has undoubtedly adopted the know-how to cut the mass compared to the current model, the larger dimension must not sacrifice higher curve weights. Both aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced plastics and high strength steels have an important track record.

As mentioned in the exterior section, the expansion wheel base makes more space in the cabin, especially for passengers sitting backwards. The complement to this is the latest Infotainment Guir. Additional smart phone integration options, head-updisplay, and large touchscreen are all safe bets. The next generation of BMW's idrive vehicle control system is a repeat. A digital instrument is used behind the steering wheel, and the speech recognition function is equipped as standard. One of the more exciting features is the advanced gesture control. In the current 7 series, BMW is focusing more on the development of this technology with the advent of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With the gesture control, users can adjust the stereo in such a way that they answer the phone or with simple handmovements that are made in the air. You don't need to touch anything.

It is completely distracted by the possibility of autonomous driving ability because the gesture control is so cool that it resounds. BMW, this is just one of the few major automakers who claim to be targeting this wild new technology to achieve that goal by 2020, and the next Generation 3 Series is an ideal platform for doing this. I don't know if BMW will be able to hand it over, but in any case, there are a numberof factors ahead of driver-less semi-auto technology. Self parking, lane change assist, automatic brakes and adaptive are already here. Other updates include the morequiet interiors and the usual slew of high quality details and the right options especially for luxury materials.

One of the strengths of the three series is the diverse selection of engine options, and BMW will keep its versatility to the next generation model enough. It means gasoline, diesel, hybrid models and everything is equipped with a turbocharger. The bottom of the food chain has about 135 horsepower and a 1.5 liter three-cylinder of 165lb-ft of torque. It is great to skip trips to the pump, but it looks like the three cylinders will stay abroad. Stateside, we should expect to see a normal slew of turbo-2.0-liter four-cylinder and3.0-liter six-cylinder, both significantly updated. 2019 BMW 3 series interior - After all, it's clear where the industry is headed for drivetrain technology. More power and higher economy are the standard for each product cycle, and the three series do not change.

Since the current 320i is producing 180 horsepower, we anticipate a bump that is slightly below 200 horsepower in 2019. The midrange 340i provides 320 horsepower, so about 350 horsepower is not a problem for the next generation. Hybrid Power options will certainly diversify. Considering that high-tech is increasing utilization in almost all areas, and even in the hostile relationship to current oil burners, diesel vehicles are on the rise.

The charging lead is an m3 that grew up in a race that stuffs a six-cylinder engine of hypertonic power under a fierce bonnet. Currently, the jump to 500 ponies, valuedat 425 horsepower, seems to be almost correct in the case of the 2019 model. The BMD xdrive AWD system is equipped with a RWD standard for each of the three series, so that it is available at the selected trim level. The transmission option includes an 8-speed automatic and a three-pedal manual if there is justice in the world. After all, BMW, in particular, has features such as adaptive, active steering, 50/50 weight distribution, performance-oriented driving mode, and produces expectations in the minds of consumers is known for making the ultimate driving machine.

Even with this new one, BMW will not be able to raise MSRP if they want to stay competitive. Therefore, the price starting at about $34,000 in a turbocharged 2.0-literfour-cylinder engine and a base-model sedan equipped with RWD would remain quiet. From there, more power, more cylinders, AWD, various body styles all participate in the final profit and the price will rise quickly. The mid-range trim level starts at about 45,000 dollars. The options are plentiful-for the price. 3 Series Luxury Goods (high-end leather upholstery, wooden trim), technology (navigation, head-up display), performance (up-size lightweight wheels, sticky summer performance tires, adaptive, Large brakes, carbon fiber trim). As always, the top one is occupied by a rugged M3 with a strong, sharp suspension and more aggressive styling. The price begins at about 66,000dollars.

XE is a direct response to the 3 series, which provides all the bimmer, elegance, and performance, but United Kingdom wind. Options include drive train and equipmentlevel choices. Aluminum is used amazingly to keep the weight down, and the eight-speed automatic gearbox is powered. Speaking of power, the sedan has a 2.0-liter4-pot, 240-horsepower 251 lb-ft, diesel 2.0-liter, 180-pony, 318-lb-ft, supercharged3.0-liter V-6 340 horse and 332 lb-ft. Both RWD and AWD are on the table. The price starts at $34,900.

The classic 3 Series rivals must be in C class. Not only does it offer a normal lineup of four-cylinder and six-cylinder turbo, but a speed-lover can also choose a boosted v-8 as needed. Diesel power and hybrids are functioning similarly in the United States market. In the meantime, C300 's 2.0-liter 4-Dodger offers 235 horsepower and273 lb-ft, while C400 's 3.0-liter V6 provides 329 horses and 354 lb-ft. The interior has state-of-the-art technology and luxurious luxury, and the exterior is perfect for itsdistinctive Mercedes charm. The price starts at $38,950.

At all, there is nothing that can be considered as revolutionary or groundbreaking at all. The 2019 3 series appears to mimic the next step in the segment, but it is a good thing in some respects. The competition here is the best in history, and the pressure to do it is great for consumers. Can argue that BMW has grown a little satisfied with its superiority. 2019 BMW 3 series interior - And now, that's not going to fly at all. Time to bring a big gun. As a performance enthusiast, your eyebrows will certainly increase as the dimensions of the 2019 3 series increase. But that is to be expected. The volume seller here is a luxury sedan with a sporting element, not a sports sedan with a luxurious element. And even with a little more girth, the weight should be reduced, but the performance should be even better. Plus, if you really want something fast, there's always an M badge. It's still too early to come to a decisive conclusion, but things have been exciting. Our spy photographers have found the next generation BMW 3 Series for a new test session. And this time, I was able to take an inside shot. As you can see from the photo, the next three series of interiors have a mix of old and new, with a lot of safety equipment and the latest infotainment.

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