2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Price

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Price
2019 ford ranger raptor price - Ford finally revealed the long-awaited event of the new Ranger's Raptor Performance in Thailand. The 2019 Ranger Raptor is equipped with a four-cylinder automatic transmission, with the 10-speed automatic transmission, and a large number of land vehicles. Unfortunately for us, Ford pointed out that the truck you're looking at here is targeting the Asian-Pacific market. There is no mention of bringing him to North America.

The biggest news is the engine. This is a new 2.0-liter engine with two turbo diesel engines with a power of 210 hp and a maximum power of 369 lb. the couple. The turbocharger is sequential and smaller to increase low speeds, and the turbochargers are bypassed when larger turbochargers are used. The 10 steps are automatically removed from the F-150 Raptor. The traction capacity is 5512 pounds.

Outside, Ranger Raptor looks like a mini-raptor F-150. It features a blocked "Ford " grid, an expanded handle, a specialized tire Goodrich, a skateboard and a tow hook before and after. Of course, there are specially made Shock absorbers Fox Racing, independent front suspensions and solid rear axles with Watts Spiral Springs. 2019 ford ranger raptor price - The interior presents Ford's high-performance features, including a support chair with suede inserts, a magnesium-exchanger palette, and a red steering wheel mark.

Like F-150, Ranger Raptor is available in six modes of driving electronically controlled-Normal, Sport, grass/gravel/snow, mud/sand, Rock and Bach-to help you drive almost any terrain. See here for a thorough analysis of the role of all these modes. As far as the utility of the United States is concerned, we have not held our breath. Road & Track spoke to Jamal Hameedi, head of Ford Performance, at the Detroit Motor Show in 2018. He suggested that North America might not receive a smaller Raptor. "For me, the most important thing is now that everyone in the world can use the Raptors," Hameedi told us. "So if it's North America, you have an F-150 raptor, in other parts of the world, you'll get a Ranger raptor.

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor

Ford officially opened the command card for the new Ranger Raptor 2019 in Thailand after announcing the price of the 2018 Bangkok International Motor Show. It will be retail for 1,699 million Bt and will be available for reservations starting today at the show or at their dealers. 5398 mm long, 2180 mm wide and 1873 mm high; 2019 ford ranger raptor price - Raptor Ranger Ford is longer, wider and taller than a regular 4x4 Ranger, with traction front and back up to 1710 mm. Since it is marketed as a land vehicle, the ground clearance is high at 283 mm with an angle of approximately 32.5 degrees. The shift online angle and angle of departure is evaluated at 24 degrees. It is also equipped with a differential electronic lock back.

This is the first high-speed off-road truck produced in Asia Pacific. Ford says they also make a frontal buffer and are resistant to extreme use. The rear bumper comes with a crane-integrated blade with two recovery hooks and a nominal capacity of 3.8 tonnes. The crossing plate is also made of high pressure cast aluminum alloy. It will be equipped with a 17 inch alloy wrapped with tires BF Goodrich 285/70 R17, in conjunction with the new Terrain Management System (TMS).

"We are excited to build our success Ranger story here in Thailand and throughout the region with the first Ranger Raptor, incorporating the famous character " built Ford Tough "Ranger with Ford Performance DNA to establish a new point Reference in off-road capabilities, "said Yukontorn " Vickie "Wisadkosin, president of the ASEAN Ford.

As previously reported, the Ranger will be powered by a new 2.0 liter Bi-Turbo diesel2.0-literhat produces the couple of 213 hp and the couple of 500 Nm. Inside, the Ranger Raptor is equipped with the magnesium snow exchanger mounted on the steering wheel to switch a gearbox Automatic 10-speed. The steering wheel now comes with a "center" sign to make it easier to find the central position at higher speeds. The seats will be wrapped and in Alcantara and will have a greater side for more vibrant leadership.

Another feature is similar to the state-of-the-art Ranger Wildtrak model. 2019 ford ranger raptor price - This unique feature will be the new Easy Tailgate lift, which is an important system of electronic lifting of the lifting bin, which reduces the initial ascent by 66%. Infotainment is ensured through the 3-speaker system equipped with 6-speakers, 8-inch touchscreen, navigation, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and also offers Apple to CarPlay and support Android car. It will come in five colors: Lightning blue, red Race, Black Shadow, white and gray Frozen Conquer.

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