2019 Subaru STi Hatchback

2019 subaru STI hatchback - Is this a preview of the future Subaru WRX STi that matures in 2020? With the springs of the pumped wheels, the details of aggressive design, carbon fibre elements and oversized rear wings, the legionnaires of the WRX fans will surely hope to include us! But based on the fact that the previous car designed by the Japanese automobile company was diluted at the homeopathic level, we do not give our hopes.

We all hope once, only once, the Subaru production machine rises to the concept of its predecessor. After all, he has an international approval stamp for Subaru Tecnica. Did not reveal the weekend in Detroit, but Tokyo Auto Salon (fanatical dream of the JDM aftermarket), the concept of Subaru Viziv Performance STi has no technical specifications.

2019 Subaru STi Hatchback

We know that it will be based on the new global Subaru platform, which supports the current Impreza and is an architecture that will ensure that the vehicle has improved structural rigidity, reduced weight, closer handling and electrification potential. One reason why the car was postponed until the end of the decade is because the Subaru is understood to work on a hybrid 2.0 liter Turbo Boxer 2.0 version, improving performance through an electrical impulse, while reducing emissions of Co2.

2019 Subaru STI Hatchback

2019 subaru STI hatchback - We can talk here about the 250kW/500Nm engine, making it stronger than the current models of 221kW and 407Nm. Hydration in the whole traction system is Subaru (potentially optimised for better use of electric motors), and this new The model could represent a paradigm shift for the famous brand performance STI. Regardless of the situation, the performance of VIM (Vision for innovation) IMS Concept offers impressive levels of eye candy.

Although the car seems to be the only version of the Viviz Performance Subaru Vogue concept revealed a few months ago at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, there are quite a visual theater here to get a wobbling chin. 2019 subaru STI hatchback - The front end has a chin motorsport spoiler inspired to remain planted at high speeds, while the twin side dam has been covered, and stamped with the STi logo, the tip of the hat to the models WRX the STI in the late 1990s and early years 2000. The bonnet Scoop, which is all over again, this time in the state of unconscious and LED headlights is a thin unit, all of these elements create a Butch front-end.

The part of the car also looks very difficult, with the wheel blade preventing the adoption of the angular motif, wrapping deep alloy rims. The side skirt has red stripes that wraps in the front and back of the body. 2019 subaru STI hatchback - The back is just as delicious, with the big rear wings in active operation-this time with a little aerodynamic outline for a good size. It is above the elegant brake lights (borrowed from the new Honda NSX?) and a significant rear diffuser, flanked by a pair of agitated double sockets. We hope to really pray that this amazing concept car is not just a fantasy and that at least some design suggestions will reach the next version of the production of Subaru WRX STI in 2019. Oh, and about the concept IMOR Levorg Viziv you still know?

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