2019 Subaru STi Horsepower

2019 Subaru STi Horsepower
2019 subaru sti horsepower - Impreza has become the most famous Subaru car for decades. This is also a car that started the cramps of high performance sedan gracefully WRX and WRX STI. During the year, things change and two high-performance versions of the Impreza model become independent models. It also means that the Subaru is no longer required to update the machine together with the usual model. This happened a while. Even though the Impreza was completely revised last year, WRX and WRX know remain unchanged. Subaru even said that both machines are unique machines that require a development cycle.

Although it became clear that the new WRX would not be launched soon, it appears that the car could be disclosed with the Subaru WRX 2019. Like the usual Impreza, the new WRX will most likely use the same platform as the new Impreza. The car will benefit from a rigidity increase of 70-100% and a lower weight center. However, WRX will receive the custom-made equipment, new engines and upgraded interiors. The end result should be a model far superior to the previous one. The price is more likely to persist roughly the same as before to stay competitive.

The Subaru WRX 2019 will truly remain true for its origins, so it will still be based on the Impreza. 2019 subaru sti horsepower - On the front of the machine will benefit from a larger Impreza body and a lower end. If we had to guess, then a hood along with a front splitter was already in the moment. The vehicle must also receive wheels that are larger than the base model, with wider flashlights on the front and new headlights. The end result will look like the current evolution of the car than the others.

2019 Subaru STi Horsepower

2019 Subaru STi Interior

So far all WRX versions do not have the interior to match their European rivals. It's not going to happen again. The machine will get a new dashboard with a much better look than before. The materials will be far superior, and together with the WRX equipment upgraded over the Impreza stock, it should be quite impressive. We expect standard sports seats with larger side rollers, new tools clusters, Subaru infotainment systems that are larger than standard and, in addition, it is possible to add additional manometers to the new dashboard to stay at the root.

As I said, WRX Subaru 2019 will receive new elements of operation. Will get a new shock, arc and brake. While the new Impreza has been optimized for comfort, the WRX model will be optimized for high-speed comfort and leadership, and the suspension will have to cope with even more power. The engine under the hood of the 2019 WRX will likely remain a two-litre four-way unit. 2019 subaru sti horsepower - It remains unclear whether the Subaru will stick to the current FA machine.

If they wish, then expect a model of car 2019 to provide around 268 horsepower today and an actual couple of couples is more than enough for most. The 6-speed manual may remain standard, while the full traction system can be upgraded with new electronic differences, similar to those of the new TSI. Besides, CVT will probably disappear. Instead, Subaru can develop dual clutch transmissions for use in all their future models. Unfortunately, this has not been confirmed, but it would be logical to replace the old CVT technology with something that is not only more modern, but also more reliable and more entertaining.

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