2020 Ford Mustang GT

2020 Ford Mustang GT - At the International Automotive Exhibition in North America in Detroit, Ford taunts the future of Shelby GT500, and at 700 horses, Ford will be the most powerful car connected to the street Ford has ever produced. Some lucky owners of Ford Shelby GT350R for the year 2016 should feel the current regret of the buyer. Launched in 2019 as the model year 2020, the GT500 model will bring back a race car war, battling it with an old rival, Dodge.

Currently, the Dodge Challenger model can be equipped with engines with a couple over 700 hp and a couple of 600 lb-ft. 2020 Ford Mustang GT - Chevrolet also has a fat selection with Camaro ZL1 at 650 hp and 650 lb-ft. But all the cars above fails in comparison to Dodge Challen Ger Demon SRT. At 840 hp and 770 lb-ft of the crazy couple, it's faster than many hypercardic on the straight line. Indeed, the Demon is billed as a racing car, rather than more pedestrian muscle vehicles or toy pieces.

Ford was deprived of the GT500 details. Time 0-60, the machine type (although the photos that should have been leaked in Instagram show a 5.2 liter V8) and if there are more R versions that focus on the play, everything is unsafe. But one thing is certain, in the days of hybrid cars and electric cars, the passionate gasoline engines that have defined the American automobile here to stay.

2020 Ford Mustang GT

2020 Ford Mustang GT

Amidst an awesome declaration about the SUV, a few SUVs and half breed autos in Dearborn today, Ford gave us genuine man auto Drivin' "that we extremely needed: first look at the new Ford Mustang Shelby 2020 Ford GT500. Get ready for the notification, Chevy! What do we know about this so far? Not much, except that Ford promised to pack more than 700 horsepower, making it "the most powerful street-legal Ford ever." I'll bet the compressor. 2020 Ford Mustang GT - The power of demons everywhere must be very profound.

From the mystery pictures today (some of the time great, as here), we see the best retire Shelby has a major, wide-matrix, forceful front covering nearly the whole front of the auto. Interestingly, the design also makes the original lamp of the Mustang generation was not that of the updated 2019 Mustang. However, the last GT500 is a weapon of mass destruction and was made only with 662 CP. We can't wait to see how this naughty Boy makes more horse war power. Your step, Dodge!

Ford Motor Company, at a time of extraordinary public product planning, revealed in early 2017 that car manufacturers will produce the F-150 hybrid, Transit plug-in and Mustang hybrid hybrids by 2020. Then CEO Mark Fields said at the time,  "Ford is committed to being the leader in providing consumers to a wide range of electric vehicles ". However, now Ford has uncovered plans for the Mustang Hybrid 2020, Blue Oval has a three-year hole to discuss an auto that doesn't exist yet.

How can we talk now, three years before the launch? Ford Canada puts ads promoted on Twitter, which sneaks endlessly into my feed. 2020 Ford Mustang GT - Mustang Hybrid is not displayed. But the future gets the attention that stands out. For the Mustang Hybrid model, manufactured by Michigan 2020, Ford promises "V8 power and lower torque ". It's not surprising that the initial advertising campaign for Mustang stresses speed. It's not surprising that Ford will be looking at the outset to condition his audience to connect hybrids to speed. Most people who buy cars do not have direct exposure to hybrids but believe that the ecological/ecological nature of the first hybrids is an inadequate intrinsic performance.

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