2020 Mustang News

2020 mustang news - Shelby GT500 - Given that Ford gave Michelin a Michelin-cycle refresh in 2018, we thought Ford might take a little break and perhaps test the camouflaged prototype. But reader Eric Cheyne saw the Mustang test in Wixom, Michigan. Obviously, Ford is testing something, but what is it? We know that Ford will soon launch the new GT 500. We also know that Ford is developing a hybrid Mustang that will be available for sale in 2020.

Is this GT 500, Mustang hybrid or something completely different? In front, the prototype giant splitter, blast hood, and the opening of a large grille look as we would expect on the new GT 500. 2020 mustang news - However, in the next Ford official trailer, GT 500 can clearly see these pictures of the Mustang without the large rear wing.

2020 Mustang News

In addition, I have put on more camouflage than I expected, these variants have been confirmed and may become apparent at next month's New York Auto Show. Since it will not be sold before 2020, it is more like Mustang Hybrid. However, the performance-oriented front-end does not seem to take into account fuel economy. According to the reader who sent the photo, it sounded like a V-8 under the hood of the prototype. This is not a turbocharger 4, as you might expect from a hybrid Mustang. Similarly, Ford is also studying RAM Etorque-style hybrid settings to improve V-8 's fuel economy. Obviously, this Mustang may not be a crossover or wingless GT500. It could be completely different. Be that as it may, in any case, we're searching for more data.

Here's something to expect from the Detroit Auto Show in 2019: Mustang Shelby GT500, a car Ford says will be the most powerful street-related production machine to date. Yes, after taking the bracelets off Bullitt 2019 and launching one of the original cars from Steve McQueen's film alongside him for a good measure, Ford decided to go one step further and taunt a more powerful event on the Mustang. 2020 mustang news - You know, for those of you who thought that GT350 wasn't long enough for the car.

This is not a total surprise I suspected that GT500 has been in the works for quite some time, but now we know exactly when we see it. You can see a few pieces of the car in the video above; That's all we have for now. It's about a minute of the deceitful eye of the CGI snake, tight shots from a wing, vents, and mega-low front plane, plus a guest appearance of a vintage GT500.

2020 mustang news - Being a teaser, it's short on any noun except for the promise of 700 horsepower plus his supercharged V8 courtesy. That's enough to be the best 647 CP from Ford GT (again, the last Gen GT500deja did this with 662 CP), and put it in the distance of hospitalization of the Dodge Hellcats, not that the only horsepower is the only measure of a performance machine. But if GT350 is something to the past, it will go around a nice runway and wonderful sound doing so. Maybe it will be this way from now on: For every electric SUV, we have a modern twist on a classic V8 pony car. In the event that this is Ford's concept of keeping up adjust to the universe, we'll take it.

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