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Mercedes f1 2018 drivers car - Today is February 26th, which means that the World Championship Formula 1 of 2018 is underway. Although there will be no real race until the first round of Australia, today is the first time we can see all the 2018 new cars on track and hopefully we drove as fast as possible. Testing is not the fastest barometer of the fastest, but always a useful indicator for who is most trusted. And when we introduce this, McLaren Fernando Alonso is already in gravel. So what is a new car, like what and what to expect from the Formula 1 championship this year? Here's what you need to know about F1 season 2018.

Mercedes-AMG F1 W09: Last week, Mercedes launched the car in the hope of taking the fifth cyclist championship and the fifth builder. Called Mercedes-AMG F1 W09 EQ Power +, this new car looks a lot like W08 last year in addition to adding Halo and fine sharks. However, it is not surprising, because Mercedes says it is about more evolution than a car last year than any other. It's not a secret that last year's Mercedes F1 car was fast, but it's often considered "diva" when it comes to a certain path. While the fastest car of the year, W08 has proved to be uncomfortable to be set up in the first half of the year 2017, and 2018 cars are trying to remedy most of these problems. Mercedes f1 2018 car - While other teams have become much more extreme, it is important to remember that Mercedes has the fastest car in 2014 until 2017, so there is no need for a dramatic review.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport picks up the 1 2018 Formula car at the Silverstone International circuit in the UK. The champion appeared called F1 W09 EQ Power + "The most advanced engine" ever conceived and predicted that this machine would be the fastest Mercedes-AMG F1 machine ever. It was described as the evolution of racing cars last year, which driver Lewis Hamilton led to a fourth consecutive title. Mercedes f1 2018 drivers car - The most important modification is the addition of the protection in the Halo cockpit, according to the new F1 rules, accompanied by the neglect of monkey seats and high T-height. But it maintains the general design principles of model 2017 W08, with the same axle distance and slightly increased connection angle. This color is based on the color of 2017, with a sharper line. There are also four of them one for each championship that Hamilton has earned.

The new EQ power unit and its name is distributed in the future model electric Mercedes, is also developed to cope with the new regulations limiting the number of components of the power unit can be changed for each driver on Season without a penalty grid. "The biggest challenge we face is raising our resistance limit with the challenge of competing only three engines per championship driver and two ERS systems," said Andy Cowell, executive director of Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains. "This is an expansion of 40% contrasted with the separation that equipment needs to do this year contrasted with a year ago. We center around attempting to enhance equipment existence without losing execution. " The group additionally attempts to enhance the impetus bundle of a 1.6 liter V6 with two electric engines, in addition to ignition effectiveness and decreased equipment rubbing. Mercedes f1 2018 drivers car - Hamilton came back to the 6th season with Mercedes-AMG and joined the Valtteri Bottas group in Finland.

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