2019 Subaru WRX STI Release Date

2019 Subaru WRX STI Release Date

2019 subaru wrx sti release date - This car may have been eagerly awaited for its fans, the subaru wrx sti 2019 which has this nice specs we will discuss. The discussion starts from subaru wrx sti hatchback, engine, price and includes discussion about wrx sti ra. Let's look at this article here. Subaru has some changes in the store for WRX and WRX TSI this year. Both models receive the limited edition Grey series package, limited to 750 WRX and 250 STI. WRX has added the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility standards on all models, while the TSI package uses 5 additional horsepower due to the lessons learned from the tracked RA.

The Subaru WRX 2019 base now comes standard with the infotainment Starlink system of 6.5 inch touchscreen, which supports Apple CarPlay and Android car. Last year, the WRX base has a 6.2 inch touchscreen with no such features. Going on the cutting list, WRX Premium and Limited continue to provide the 7-inch touchscreen. WRX has not previously offered CarPlay and Android car, although they added other Subaru like Crosstrek and Impreza.

Another change to WRX this year is that the active security system of EyeSight is now standard on Premium and Limited models when equipped with continuous variable transmissions; Previously it was a paid option on trimmed Limited. The EyeSight Suite combines adaptive cruising control, forecasting and breaking alerts, as well as help in keeping treads.

As rumored, for WRI STI 2019, Subaru took a lesson from RA Type and applied it as standard. The 2.5 liter turbocharger of 2.5 liters has stronger pistons, a new intake, and elimination system and a computer reprogrammed to increase power from 305 to 310 horsepower. 2019 subaru wrx sti release date - The third gear transmission of a six-speed manual transmission has been adjusted to increase acceleration again, as in the case of RA type.

Subaru WRX and WRX STI 2019 also offer a new package of Gray series. Follow in the footsteps of previous special edition models, such as the BRZ Blue series and the Yellow series. The machines wear the exterior paint Cool Gray Khaki, black badges, black wheels and Recaro seats are adorned with ultrasound. In WRX, the Gray series built on the WRX performance package, plus LED fog lamps and push-start button feature at the sticker price of $37,480, with a purpose. The Gray series of the TSI series also offers Bilstein suspension dampers and Starter buttons, with prices starting at $40,580.

Subaru revived and slightly changed the options for models WRX and WRX STI for the year of model 2018. 2019 cars are coming for sale this summer. In addition to the Grey Auto series, the price is similar to last year's figures, with the WRX price of $28 080 for the basic model with manual transmission up to $34 580 for the Limited variation, while ITS worth of $37,480 and its limited is $42 280.

2019 Subaru WRX STI Hatchback

2019 subaru wrx sti release date - The Subaru WRX STI made a 305 horsepower of 2.5 liters supercharged boxer-four for what seemed forever. Now, after 10 years, ITS Standard has finally gained power growth for the year of model 2019. How much power? You have to sit down for this. Five powers. True, five horsepower intact. Fans of ITS, enjoy.

Most of the power comes from the latest engine of 2.5 liters EJ of the series WRX STI Type RA. This means a new air intake system, a higher flow exhaust system, a stronger piston and a rear ECU. The six-speed manual transmission also receives the third revised RA-type transmission, optimized for faster acceleration.

Along with an updated rolling train, STI 2019 obtains a special edition model "Series. Gray", which, as you have guessed, is present exclusively in the grey cold gray khaki in particular. It also received black-finish rims, painted calipers in silver, black suede inside, power seats with eight-way Bilstein Recaro dampers and rear suspension double collarbone. Only 250 samples are available for sale. The standard price 2019 WRX STI starts at $37,480, while Series. Gray ranging from $39,695.

Subaru builds "volume model", such as Forester and Outback, the five-year production cycle, which means that it can be predicted to introduce completely new model every five years. In the fourth year of the cycle, they interpreted the "BMC ", a funny acronym for the Big Minor Change. This improvement usually includes cost-effective changes that make the vehicle remain contemporary, such as suspension settings, bumper and stops, redesign and improved by infotainment.

However, the "boutique" vehicle, as well as WRX STi, Subaru redesign less frequently, every six or seven years. 2019 subaru wrx sti release date - The first generation WRX lasted six years (2002-2007), and the second generation is seven years old (2008-2014). Subaru presented the current generation for 2015, and auto refreshment last year at 2018. There is usually see Subaru made a lot of changes this year after the mid-cycle refresh, so that's why there are no major changes in 2019 WRX and STIs. (And just to get out, we know a lot of fans who asked for the hatchback comeback, but we don't know when or if it will come back. If you ever come back, we wouldn't expect to see it until WRX appear on a new platform, a few or several years).

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