2020 Porsche 911 Release Date

2020 Porsche 911 Release Date

2020 Porsche 911 release date - We have to give Porsche credit to change the table with us with the next 911. No, no, it won't be centered or ventilated! Engine up ahead. He won't sacrifice the backseat. And the shape will not turn into a square. Like most generations 911, the version 992 (now called 991.2 cars) will look much like the 911 it replaced.

No, Porsche changed the table to us by changing itself from hunting to a hunter. Usually, we're people who follow prototypes. The automakers, or more specifically their testers, are people trying to avoid us. Now, with 992 from 911 generation, which will be presented before the end of the year, partly camouflaged prototype that has been bugging me for months near the headquarters of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The subconscious donkey seems to be in the local Auto Zippy wash every time we appear there. How clean would you really need the camo prototype?

You know how we know it's a prototype 911? Because it looks like 911. In fact, it looks very similar to the Porsche 911 which can hide the car in front of the eye.

We hope that version 992 will be slightly larger than 991.2 to replace. But it will not increase thus from the generation 997 to 991 when the wheelbase is extended to four inches. We do know, however, that even the smallest 911 rear-wheel drive will be larger than before because the rear Carrera and all-wheel-drive will now wear the same body width to simplify production. When the Turbo model arrives about a year after the models Carrera and Carrera S, it distinguishes itself from a thicker ass.

It is the Turbo with capital T. The normal model will also be turbocharged as the 991 later. In fact, the new 911 will be supported by a machine that is basically the same as the latter. The twin-turbo 3.0-liter flat six will pull out about 400 horsepower in a standard car (over the current 370). Model S will also get about 30 horses, with a total of about 450. Porsche will offer manual gearbox and dual-clutch automatic, at least for the first few years of operation of this generation. When the model gets a facelift, we expect that Porsche will present all new machines and cancel the manual gearbox, something that had threatened the company for many years. And yes, the old rumored hybrid version is a possibility, although Porsche doesn't have a direct plan to do it. 992 is big enough to accommodate an electric motor and a battery, the company should decide to get on the road. But then, the 991 was also large enough to pack the electrically powered tools, and 911 hybrids never appeared.

If the exterior looks very similar to the current car, the interior is very different from before. On both sides of the speedometer mounted in the middle is a secondary monitor for digital counters that can be configured and/or information that is considered by automakers like the modern driver. The double clutch fat transformer makes room in the central console for the mirrors. That's the way it is. The 2020 911, in the form of a basic coupe, will be released in the market early next year starting from about 100,000 dollars. Prices will increase from there, buyers should prefer the Model S, the SUV or the convertible. And that's before the buyer opens up what will definitely be a long selection list. In other words, it's still 911.