2022 HONDA CR-V Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid


Recently, Honda has launched new products very frequently, and the new Civic and style have attracted much attention. Honda’s main SUV model CR-V is also about to usher in a new generation. In terms of power, there will also be various forms of fuel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid.

The new Honda CR-V is expected to be released in 2022, and is expected to adopt a 7-seater design. The rendering of the front of the car has two designs, one is a mid-grid similar to the Honda Accord The grid style, the other adopts the brand-new Binzhi design style, looks very atmospheric, the side shape is more stretched, and at the same time does not lose the sporty style. The tail is expected to adopt the popular through-type taillight design, which looks very fashionable. This time it is a major facelift, which is worth looking forward to.

The air intake grille with polygonal structure is adopted, and the interior is blackened, and it is integrated with the shape of the front of the car. It is matched with the LED headlights to form a certain visual impact, and the sense of integration is very strong. On the side of the body, the new car has rich lines, the through-type waistline design is tough and sharp, and the slightly protruding wheel eyebrows and side skirts are strong and domineering, creating a concave-convex visual effect as a whole, which looks more handsome and neat. The blackened wheel eyebrow design increases the visual area of ​​the tire visually and looks more powerful.

From the side view, the rim size does not look small, and it is expected that the aspect ratio of the tire will increase after the actual mass production. For the rear of the car, the designer did not make drastic changes, especially the taillights of the current models are still retained.

In terms of power, it is the new Honda CR-V will still provide fuel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid models in the early stage, and a pure electric version is expected in the later stage.