2022 HONDA INTEGRA - Info and Detail Review


The New model of Honda INTEGRA has been exposed. This body size is slightly longer than Toyota Corolla, and the two models belong to the same level of competitors.

The wheelbase has reached 2735mm, which is longer than Corolla, which is expected to bring more spacious riding space.

In the rear part of the car, the dart-shaped taillights on both sides are more fashionable and dynamic, with typical characteristics of the Honda family. The rear shape echoes the front face, and the large-sized diffuser looks sporty.

Honda INTEGRA can be equipped with optional black shark fin antenna, rear radar, panoramic sunroof, black exterior mirror, black door handle, black door trim, rear wing, blackened headlamp, headlamp with ADB, bright black front Grille trim, front windshield without camera and anti-collision sensor, front windshield with rain sensor, exhaust pipe trim, bright black rear bumper lower trim, 18-inch dark gray rim, and white high-position brake lights.

In the power section, the declaration information shows that Guangqi Honda INTEGRA is equipped with a high-power 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 134kW. The engine is matched with a CVT transmission with a curb weight of 1363kg.

As a model that led the sporting spirit of Honda, the first generation of INTEGRA was born in 1985. The previous models are known for their powerful performance. Although there is no Chinese name after domestic production, Honda INTEGRA will still give full play to this.